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Zelenskiy says “The voice of Ethiopia, the African Union, all of Africa is very important to us” 

Zelenskiy, president of Ukraine, wants security and digitalization cooperation with Ethiopia 

Zelenskiy _ Ethiopia


A day after the Ethiopian Prime Minister announced his phone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the latter confirmed the story. 

In an official Telegram message he shared ( which was edited around 12:02 P.M. local time),  Mr. Zelenesky said “It is necessary to create a platform for dialogue with African countries. The voice of Ethiopia, the African Union, all of Africa is very important to us.” 

Mr. Zeleneskiy also said that Ukraine is “interested in developing bilateral relations with Ethiopia in the fields of security, digitalization and others.” 

During the phone conversation whose initiator remained unclear, the Ukrainian President talked about the food that Ukraine sent to Ethiopia. 

He said “As part of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, Ukraine sent almost 300,000 tons of food to Ethiopia and another 90,000 tons of grain as part of a separate #GrainfromUkraine initiative.” 

The grain supply from Ukraine is mostly wheat and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has been making claims that his government was able to export wheat for the first time in the history of Ethiopia. 

The phone conversation between the leaders of Ethiopia and Ukraine is said to be the first one in the history of the two countries’  bilateral relations. 

In the telegram message, the office of Mr. Zelenskiy  wrote : “During the first phone call in the history of bilateral relations with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali, I told him about Russia’s unilateral withdrawal from the Black Sea Grain Initiative, illegal blocking of navigation, and shelling of Ukraine’s port and energy infrastructure. We discussed preparations for the Global Peace Summit. I invited the Prime Minister to visit Ukraine.” 

In a message tweeted on July 20, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said he discussed bilateral and international matters of mutual interest with President Zelenskiy. 

“I held a phone call with President  @ZelenskyyUa today to discuss bilateral and international matters of mutual interest as well as the means and ways of bringing peace between Ukraine and Russia,” he tweeted.


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  1. Just look at what that thug in Moscow has been doing lately. He has been burning the bread of poor countries by torching grain silos of Ukraine. He has closed the shipping routes in the Black Sea so not a single gram of wheat will get out. This demon is acting so erratically that it is worrisome. The war he told others and his citizens would end in a matter of one month has been dragging on for more than 17 months now. It is estimated that close to 40,000 Russians have lost their lives in a senseless war this mugger started. He is not threatening Poland. This ruffian is losing his mind and I am really worried about him. Hitler was said to have ordered the torching down of Berlin when he finally realized that the war he started was lost to him and the Allied forces were there at his doorstep. Luckily he did not weapons considered to be of mass destruction. He did not think twice to take his own life after he ordered to wiping out of every German in that city. But this goon is sitting on a pile of nuclear arsenal and am afraid there is no another Brezhnev close by the snip the command chain from him. It will be up to the level head Russian people to show his right place to this mad man.

  2. What a delusion, the little mice commenting on the deeds and misdeeds of the elephants! They are listening, um, um.

    We have the delusional Abiy Ahmed, begging for a bit wheat, and then spoke of being a mediator, a peace mediator!

    We have also here, Abiy Ahmed’s little fellow ethno-narcissist, Ittu Aba Farda, who continuously writes nonsense.

    Why don’t you write about the war in Ethiopia, about you fellow ethno-narcissist turning all of Ethiopia in to a war zone.

  3. If the latest news of a drone attack on Moscow is true my hunch is the ruffian in the Kremlin might have done himself to justify his next move on a democratic neighbor. He may resort to a massive air attack on Ukraine resulting in total destruction. He is doing that already but on a smaller scale targeting apartments, schools, hospitals and every civilian quarter you can imagine. Such burn’em, torch’em warfare by the thug may push the victimized people to the limit of their patience. That is why I feel as this war declared and started by the thug in Moscow drags on may end up spilling over the borders of the victim nation and trigger an all out confrontation with a treaty bound nations. This demon is sitting on mountain high of nuclear arsenal and as he once told his own citizens they would rather die rather than being disrespected(losing their honor). That is a photo copy, copy and paste statement from Hitler’s final order. This goon is becoming more and more worrisome by the minute. Like I said before there isn’t another Brezhnev or Alexei Kosygin around to nip the command chain beneath him. This is kind of troubling.

    • They talk of malignant narcissism, yours, Ittu Aba Farda, is a class in its own!

      Such grandiosity, such inflated sense of self, such break from reality, it is beyond amusing.

      It is hard to say now if you have any grip on reality, you have completely lost it.

      Ittu Aba Farda, the little Ethno-Narcissit, from nowhere, making himself out to be a central figure the war in Europe. . .


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