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Ethiopian Human Rights Council links recurring massacres to gov’t inaction

 OLF Shane armed groups continue to attack civilians because Ethiopian government and Oromia regional state failed to take action to stop the attacks, says the council  

Ethiopia Wollega Massacre


Days after hundreds of civilians were massacred in the latest string of attacks in the Oromia region, the Ethiopian Human Rights Council released a statement highlighting prevalent killings and kidnappings. 

The Council recalled that it has been calling for the Federal government of Ethiopia and Oromia regional state to take appropriate action to end frequent attacks by armed groups, mainly OLF-Shane. 

It said the attacks in the region are continuing because both levels of government did not work to resolve the security problem in the region.  It said the security issue in the region did not get the attention it deserves. 

To demonstrate the attacks are still continuing in the region, the council shared information about the latest incident which it said was gathered from residents from the area who managed to escape the attack. 

On December 3, 2022 – The militant Shane group entered Anger Guten town of Gida Yana district in East Wollega Zone in the early hours of 5:30 a.m. where it massacred many civilians.  The council unspecified the number of casualties.  

Most of the residents in the city are said to have fled to the nearby jungles. Only vulnerable groups ( children and elders ) remained in the town. And they are fearing for their lives that the militant group might return. 

What is known about the latest attack in that town is that OLF -Shane was heavily armed. From other reports, Oromia regional state special forces were involved in the attack against civilians. 

The Ethiopian Human Rights Council noted the recurring and prevalent nature of the attacks by the armed OLF Shane group in the region.  

The recent kidnappings of Dangote Cement Factory employees in Adea Berga ( only 100 kilometers west of Addis Ababa), the attack on long-distance truck drivers in the Metehara area in East Shoa, attacks in West Shoa and Wollega are some of the security incidents that the rights group highlighted in the statement. 

The attacks bear a character of ethnic-based ones in some places and in others communities without discrimination are attacked, according to the statement. 

In the past five years, ethnic Amhara subsistence farming communities have been targeted by radical groups and thousands of unarmed innocent civilians have been massacred including women, elders and children. 

Government authorities – both from Federal and Oromia regional levels of government – are yet to remark about the latest incident. 

The Oromia regional state has been making claims, for about three years now, that the OLF -Shane is not in a position to pose a security threat. 

Ethiopians are increasingly expressing frustrations and disenchantment about the repeated failure of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration to protect civilians in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.

PM Abiy Ahmed made two public appearances in the past two days ( one of the occasions was actually to inaugurate public-funded parking in Addis Ababa) and he never mentioned the security incident that claimed hundreds of innocent civilians in Oromia. 

The Ministry of Government Communication Services did not issue a statement either. 


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  1. of course, this is one way of implementing the oromuma movement, which has been aggressively carrying out its objectives directly or overtly since the 1500’s when it started migration from the south. OLF and OFC are simply peaceful-looking facades of this whole drama. Abiy is the shadow conductor from behind. The masterminds are sitting in sedan suits in USA and Europe and laughing the whole time. The tplf did its assigned job and is now also laughing with shane goons. The whole play would have been OK if only innocent civilian lives were not lost – but then this is allowed in the gedda chronicles.

  2. Abiy Ahmed will never mention the savagery Genocide against Amhara in Oromia Zone, Ethiopia because he is part of the killing. Even when he is forced to address the security incidents and Massacre of 3000 Amharas in one day and hundreds everyday for the last 3 plus years of his misrule, it is only to minimize and normalize or accuse and blame the victim.

    His callous behavior and allowing Shene Terrorist to grow that far and claim them as scary fighters that no one can see or touch them points all the fingers at Abiy himself. Without Abiy Shene would not have touched one Amhara soul and no single Amhara live would have been lost tragically and barbarically by coward Oromo Shene that did nothing for 50 years until Abiy picked them out of Eriterea desert and gave them arms and sophisticated weapons.

    The aim is to change Ethiopia into Orommuma Gada Irreecha pagan worshiping and destroying the old glorious faiths, the Orthodox and Muslim religions and Amharas and those who share the same values with Orthodox and Muslim religions.

    When the Saudis have dropped and updated the Wuhabi Muslim religion (created by Abdul Wuhab) that existed only in Saudi Arabia because it was a creation of Abdul Wuhab, those foreign mercenaries in Ethiopia are creating havoc among Ethiopians Sufi Muslims.

  3. The latest news is that the federal defense forces have been deployed in the restive areas of western Oromia and residents are saying peace has finally arrived at their villages. The killings and uprooting carried out on innocent citizens only show the fact that those who did it are a collection of run of the mill criminals. They did that not because they are strong but it shows they are not that brave to fight battles. They have been committing horrible crimes from the position of their weakness. In the world we live in where highly efficient and rapid fire guns are widespread it will not take an army to carry out mass killings on unarmed innocent citizens. Two, three miscreants with their fully loaded AK47’s can walk into a village and murder hundreds of unsuspecting peasants who were busy tending to their small farms so they can provide for their families. The latest report by Ethiopian Human Rights Commission(EHRC) accuses two groups as the sole culprits; Shane and Fano. It alleges that both these two groups have committed gross human rights violations including killings of innocent citizens. It is an act that needs to be universally condemned. Bigots there and here among us have been itching to start an all out bloody conflicts between the two pillars of the nation, Oromos and Amharas. They have failed in their task since the 1970’s and should not be allowed to succeed now. One way or another this cruel and demonic act should be brought to an end. That is because these two groups of people have a combined population of close to 70 million and will not be a walk in a park. It will make Syria and Yemen look like just a cake walk after a lavish birthday bash. It is not funny, okay!!!!!

  4. The so called ‘OLA’ is an organization supported by outside enemies of Ethiopia. The members are mostly recruited to be the uneducated unemployed and with no skills of any kind to make a living so they joined OLA. They are programmed with false narratives so that they have become the worst savage killers of the innocent civilians. They move around in groups between villages and towns and when they thought or have been given information that the residents may have been from a different ethnic background, then that is enough reason for them to circled around mostly in the middle of the night and suddenly stat to go house to house for their inhuman savagery killing on the unsuspecting innocent civilians. Some of those who are able to run they may for a while hiding in the bushes for days with out food. But the weak ones who can’t run away from those killer beasts are the elderly, mothers with children and infants and some with disabilities are to be decapitated their throats be slit and their human body to be left cut open and they bleed and die.
    The pictures are very very difficult to look at for any normal human being from any part of the world.
    But the “OLA” operates with the worst ruthless evil savage baby killers that they should not be allowed anywhere on this planet. Sometimes I ask my self how do they do that? How do they allow themself to kill day after day innocent babies. Don’t they know that those babies.are created by A God who created the whole universe. There will be truly a judgment day for Gods children massacred by the messengers of the Devil.
    The government Ethiopia should do everything in its power to wipe out those evil criminals to protect the children who happened to be bor in Ethiopia. What’s going on in the Oromyia region should not be allowed anywhere in this world. And it should be Documented In detail so for future generations in Ethiopia and other places as well for studying to learn so this kind of crudity should never ever happen again anywhere specially in Ethiopia a country with very diverse ethnic groups that have lived in peace for a very very long time. The past decades we have witnessed the ugliness and the dangerous outcome that the Ethiopian people had to suffer because of by allowing Political parties to organize based on their ethnicity rather than forming in Difference of ideology and having to compete each to come up with a
    better planning for all the people.


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