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OLF Shane kidnapped Dangote Cement employees in West Shoa, Ethiopia  

Dangote Cement management has confirmed that employees are kidnapped in Adeaberga district, central Ethiopia

Ethiopian News  _ Dangote Cement
OLF Shane gun men seen in unspecified location in the Oromo region of Ethiopia ( Photo : file / SM)

Last updated on December 04, 2022 8:20 P.M. Toronto Time

At least 30 Dangote Cement employees are reportedly kidnapped by armed groups in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.  

An armed group that calls itself, Oromo Liberation Army, is said to be behind it. 

According to a report by BBC Amharic, which was published on Thursday, the incident happened in Adea Berga district of West Shoa – in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

It happened on Wednesday around 6:30 a.m. as the employees were traveling on a company bus.  They also said that the whereabouts of 17 employees are unknown at this point. 

An anonymous source told BBC Amharic that the buses were traveling to a site in the area where Dangote Cement obtains input for its production. 

Dangote Cement plant is located about 100 kilometers west of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. 

 BBC said that residents and sources that are believed to be close to the matter have confirmed that not less than 30 employees were kidnapped. 

Dangote Cement management also said that they were working on getting details about it – the source added. 

The factory has a big share of Ethiopia’s cement market 

In 2018, Dagonte Cement factory country representative, Deep Kamara, and two Ethiopian employees were killed.

A radical ethnic Oromo nationalist group, a designated terrorist group which the Ethiopian government refers to as OLF- Shane,  is extensively operating in east Wollega and West Shoa areas of the Oromia regional state. 

For more than two years, the regional state has been making claims that the militant group is weakened to a point that it could no longer pose a security threat in the region. 

The group has killed tens of thousands of innocent civilians in the region in the past four years. The victims are mostly ethnic Amhara.  

The group has continued to target innocent civilians. This week alone, dozens of civilians have been killed in Kiramu and Wollega areas. 

At least 60,000 Ethiopias are said to be in a dire security situation in Wollega as the group is said to have surrounded several villages and districts in the region. 


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  1. These miscreants don’t deserve to be called Oromos in any form or fashion. The only thing Oromo in them is they happened to be born to Oromo parents. These are bigoted vagabonds who never hesitated to kill anyone including Oromos. They are duplicates of these murderous gangs The Blood and Cribs that have turned their own neighborhoods unlivable in major cities here in the USA. As Cribs and Bloods are a disgrace to the black race so are these demons in Oromia as they are a disgrace to me and my Oromos. But there have been questions that have been nagging me about these hoodlums since we started hearing about them. From the photos we see about them they don’t even look guerrilla fighters. They seem to be well fed and generously clothed. It shows they have been getting substantial outside help. Who is that outside help? South Sudan? No. Kenya? Not even! Sudan? May be but not plausible. Egypt? Most likely but still too remote. Djibouti? Don’t even think about it! Then who else? Since these are roaming vagabonds with no liberated areas under their constant control taxes from residents would amount to be just chum change. Then who else? There is only one possible source left. To me the suspect lies with in the government structure itself. These bandits never fought and won even a single engagement with the government forces. All what they have been doing is killing innocent poor farmers just because they are not Oromos and Oromos who tried to defend their neighbors. I don’t think they will survive once the conflict in the Northern part of the country is solved and the government starts shifting its enormous resources on these bigots. Again these are a disgrace to me and my Oromos and please don’t call them as such. You can and should call them Cribs, Bloods and MS-13 all day long and all night long but not Oromos.

  2. What is Abiy Ahmed government holding when Shimeles Abdissa and the Ethiopia will be transformed into Cushtic Orommuma wannabe are plunging the country into another civil war, chaos, and mess?

    Abiy has lost every support from every Ethiopians including many decent Oromos. The country is boiling in unrest and lawlessness and people are on edge.
    The Oromo Orommuma Blood Sucker Terrorist with their Blood soaked flag are running around creating havoc and violence and disturbing Addis Ababa students and residents while Abiy Ahmed, Shimeles Abdissa, Adanceh Abebe are looking for innocent people to abuse, jail and arrest.


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