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Unidentified gunmen killed Dagonte Cement country representative in Ethiopia and his secretary

Dagonte Cement factory manager in Ethiopia and two of his Ethiopian staff members are killed ; the Command Post is claiming that it is hunting down the gunmen.

Mr. Deep Kamara
Source : The Ethiopian Reporter

May 16,2018

Deep Kamara, manager of Dangote Cement Ethiopia, is reportedly killed. He was killed this afternoon near the cement factory in Adaberga district about 85 kilometers west of the capital Addis Ababa.

Mr Kamara’s secretary and driver have also been shot dead. The secretary is identified as Beakal who is survived by three children and the youngest is only one year old, according to Addis Standard.

The news source claimed that it spoke to sources from the locality by phone and the sources are cited as saying that Mr. Deep Kamara and the two Ethiopian staff ( secretary and driver) were killed as they were driving in the locality of inchini near the factory.

The source added that the Mr. Deep Kamara was respected in the community and is named as “Gallatta” in a community event organized in September 2017.

The identities of the gunmen is not yet established.

Fana Broadcasting, a government affiliated media source, reported that the “Command Post“, a body that is in charge of the state of emergency in the country since February 2018, issued a statement confirming the killings and it claimed that it is hunting down the gunmen. The Command Post also requested cooperation from the community.

The owner is expected to arrive in Ethiopia tomorrow.

Dagonte cement factory was commissioned in Ethiopia in 2015 and is the leading one in terms of volume of production in the country.

The factory was attacked during the height of anti-government protest in 2016.

From the report by local media, there was an ongoing conversation between the management of the factory and the local community. Oromo regional state was apparently part of the conversation.

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