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Another genocide situation in Wollega area reported

Ethiopian government has not yet remarked about what is said to be a genocide like situation in Wollega. Oromia special forces are reportedly involved 

A grieving women from Wollega area. Many of the displaced people have lost families members, in some case multiple family members. ( Photo Source: SM)


A genocide-like situation is reported in the Wollega area of Ethiopia.  East Wollega, Horo Guduru and Kiramu areas have been experiencing an ongoing security crisis situation whereby militant ethnic Oromo radical groups who call themselves as  Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) had been massacring unarmed civilians.

A report from local media, on Saturday, said OLF -Shane ( as the government calls it) and Oromia region special forces jointly opened fire on local militia who were armed by the government to protect communities of radical ethnic Oromo militant groups.  It happened near Angur Guten town in the East Wollega zone of Oromia regional state.  The town was reportedly relatively peaceful from other parts of Wollega. 

A resident from the area told Ethiopian Media Service that over 180 civilians have been killed in the ensuing exchange of fire.  The victims were mostly civilians.  The informant who spoke to EMS said he himself lost his brother during the attack. 

Residents plead that the Ethiopian government rescue them before it is too late. 

What makes the situation different at this time, based on testimonials from the residents, is that the Oromia region special force itself opened fire on residents.

There have been, however, reported that a considerable number ethnic Oromo civilians have also been targeted by militants. In Kiramu, East Wollega, over 50,000 Ethiopians are said to have been displaced. 

Earlier this week, the militant group kidnapped  Dangote Cement Factory employees and journalists in Adea Berga District – only about 10 Kilometers west of Addis Ababa. 

Ethiopian Federal government has not yet remarked on the situation which many describe as an organized and subtle genocide to exterminate ethnic Amhara from the region.

In fact, a group of individuals who were reportedly heading to contact the Ethiopian Human Rights Council in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa were arrested by Ethiopian Security Forces. 

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has been criticizing the government for not stepping up security arrangements to protect civilians in the East Wollega and Horo Guduru areas where there have been frequent massacres targeting civilians.  

It openly criticized that the government response to the security problem is not one that matches the magnitude of attacks on civilians. 

Tens of thousands of Ethiopians have been massacred by the Oromo Liberation Front military wing, which the party disowned for over a year now. 


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  1. ይህቺ ምስኪን አማራ – ዬትኛውን ኦሮሞ ጨቁና እና በድላ ነው – ይኼ ሁሉ ግፍ የሚደርስባት? ጥቂት ስግብግብ አማራዎች – ከዘመናት በፊት ላደረሱት በደል – እሷን ማሰቃየት ምን ይባላል?

    የአማራው ሚድያስ – እንዴት ተራ ሚዛናዊነት እንኳን ጎደለው? ለምንድነው – ኦነግ ሸኔ – አማራን ብቻ የሚገድል እያስመሰለ የሚዘግበው -እና- ኦሮሞዎችን ሲገድል እና ስያፈናቅል የማይዘግበው?

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    የዚህ – “ደም አፋሶ – ደም ማቃባት” – ዘመቻ ዓላማ – ኢትዮጵያን አናግቶ እና ኢትዮጵያን አምሶ – ኢትዮጵያን የማትወጣበት አዘቅት ዉስጥ ዘፍቆ – ኢትዮጵያን አድቅቆ -የጠላት ራት ማድረግ ነው!

  2. This is horrible and grotesque situation . Why target innocent civilians, women and chilldren? Aren’t freedom fightiers and real men supposed to take on government agents and armies head on? But again this reminds me of what happened to some unluckily Somali minorities living in Hawaday in Oromia back in 20016 while OLF and qeeros agitating conflict against Somali people and government. They killed many innocent civilians, women and children with machetes and poured on others hot water thereby killing alive or disfiguring their bodies. . It i is horrible and barbaric act even to imagine.

  3. Why are you writing in Amharic? Who is your intended audience? Tell that to the butcher in chief, Pastor Ayalkebet, aka “kibew”. The fool and fools surrounding him think by showing useless “mega projects” like “inauguration of parks” etc. they can distract people.

    Nobody cares!!!! This is an individual who had the support and good will of hundreds of millions in Ethiopia and abroad, only to squander it all for a nebulous, fuzzy, unrealizable grandeur of illusion and delusion of oromumma. Why Ethiopians expect from the cadre class anything different is mind boggling. Look at the past history. Cadre class of Marxist-Leninist Derg: end result bloodshed, poverty, war and displacement, same with cadre class of EPRDF-TPLF, same with “kibew’s” cadre class of OLF-PP or EPRDF2. NOTHING CHANGED!!!!! THE SAME FILTH, THE SAME VAGABONDS, THE SAME OUTCOME!!!!! NOTHING CHANGED, ALL THE NAMES, THE FACES AND THEIR LABELS.

  4. Millions of innocent lives lost, Billions of wealth lost, and peace, rule of law, security and justice is gone in Ethiopia under Crime Minister Abiy Ahmed with evil intention in his mind.

    This inept,, good for nothing individual masquerading as PM is a danger for peace and innocent humans live that must be pulled out of his position before the whole country goes into chaos and hell.

  5. Shocking! shocking !Shocking!…
    ETHIOPIA The NOBLE THE “TCHEWA”; The Human Caring ETHIOPIA, is turning into wild, cruel, savagery, NEVER seen and never heard about in the history of ETHIOPIA.
    Are there CARING, SENSITIVE, GENTLE ETHIOPIANS REMAINING on the surface of the Earth ?!?!?!?!
    What we are seeing — from safe distance like Europe, America, Australia, Asia — is the GREATEST MADNESS on the surface of EARTH.
    We call it a CURSE. But then, what did we do to justify such a cruelty and shear madness– never heard and never seen before ?!?!?!?!?
    Is this THE END of ETHIOPIA.????????

  6. No doubt and clear as crystal Amhara Genocide is well designed, supported, and encouraged by Ethiopian Government.

    No single OROMO MASS MURDERER TERRORIST aka SHENE who massacred and looted Amhara is caught and brought to justice. That is a very clear signal for the involvement of Abiy Ahmed blood soaked government.

    For every Amhara PM Abiy Ahmed regime is not a legitimate government that respect the rule of law and security of its citizens. He is in disguised as a PM but a truly Shene, Amhara massacrer that must be charged with millions of Amhara Genocide crime!!


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