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What is known so far about Ethiopia’s renewed war?

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) started war this week after “stealing” 570,000 liters of fuel from the World Food Programme, as the latter claimed

TPLF forces are seen marching to the war front


It is official that the Ethiopian government has started the war again this week after about five months of Humanitarian cease-fire.  It was started as the government of Ethiopia was demanding the TPLF to return fuel “stolen” from the World Health Organization. So what is known so far? 

  • It has been over four days since the TPLF started fighting the Ethiopian government.  On August 24, the Ethiopian government announced that the TPLF ended the humanitarian ceasefire that was introduced in March this year 
  • The government and rebels were meant to meet for a peace talk in Kenya this month ( as announced by U.S. officials ). Just two days before the Tigray-based rebels resumed fighting against the Ethiopian government, Debretsion Gerbemichael, who is the chairman of TPLF, published an article on the “African Report” tarnishing the image of the African Union as a neutral mediator.  The organization made its intentions clear when it said that the peace talk will fail. 
  • About three weeks before the war, a US special envoy and the European Union special envoy led a delegation of Ambassadors from Canada and many European countries to Mekelle where they met and discussed with TPLF leaders for about five hours. 
  • The TPLF forces have advanced further in the southern direction and taken control of Kobo town which is in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government on Saturday said that the TPLF opened fighting on Kobo from different directions using a “human wave” strategy, and has also infiltrated forces into town with the aim to start an urban battle. It also said that it ordered the withdrawal of forces to avoid heavy civilian casualties in the town. 
  • Video footage circulating on social media showed residents of Kobo crossing the river leaving their homes behind and heading to Woldia town. 
  • The TPLF has confirmed that it took control of Kobo. Information that emerged on Sunday indicated that the Ethiopian Defense Forces is engaging the TPLF forces in Kobo again. 
  • On Saturday this week it looked as if the TPLF was capable of advancing to Woldia town to the extent that students at Woldia University had to vacate the campus ( as reported by DW Amharic). There were also reports that the TPLF had control over Robit – a small town between Kobo and Woldia. The distance between Woldia and Kobo is about 50 kilometers. 
  • The TPLF started the war with the aim to break what it called “siege of Tigray.” 
  • Apart from the Amhara region, the TPLF forces have also invaded the Afar region of Ethiopia. 
  • Several regional states (including Afar, Amhara and Oromia) have issued statements condemning military attacks from TPLF – which they call a terrorist organization – as designated by the Ethiopian Parliament
  • Earlier this week the Ethiopian government announced that it downed an Antonov plane ( which was said to have come from the Sudanese air space) while delivering weapons to the TPLF forces. 
  • The Ethiopian government has also announced that it has carried out an airstrike on selected military targets Mekelle and other parts of Tigray. The TPLF accused the government of attacking “kindergarten.” 
  • The TPLF dominated federal government and Ethiopian politics for nearly thirty years before they lost power in 2018 following a pervasive and defiant opposition. 
In the video above, TPLF forces are seen marching to war singing and dancing. The TPLF leaders tend to think that “war is like a cultural play” ( video : from the twitter page of Nafyad Wakjira)


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  1. Dear Borkena,
    Please raise the point and discuss the possibility that TPLF may now be armed with drones. The information released by EAF does not discuss what took place between 20:28h and 21:14h every though there is a footage shared of An-26 on the tarmac (footage from Bayraktar TB2 is the guess). What was unloaded, what sort of weapons. It is common sense that drone capability would be top on the list of weapons to acquire.

    • we dont know what TPLF has received by Sudan and Egypt or what they captured by ENDF but is seems bot good

      but I doubt TPLF has drones

  2. The pattern is so familiar – first Tedros of WHO insinuating, then western press ganging up with false narratives, then US and EU officials of all sorts threatening and shouting, then little press like Garowe and ratties twisting things, then getachew reda boasting, then a few remnant tplf loafers marching in disorder, then their allies (thieves) in US and Europe rolling in the streets….isn’t it all familiar? And still, the Ethiopian Gov has not nudged a bit. CIA must be wondering what is happening to the toolbox they learned in the dirty school. Wake up, western goons, times have changed.

  3. Watching the video just leaves me in distraught and utterly dejected. Look at the faces of those gullible and bamboozled young men/women. Look at those faces pummeled by all kinds of unfriendly weather elements and compare them to the faces of the leaders of the TPLF. Walrus Getachew’s face is so shiny and well buffed and so is beer gut Debre’s. These young men are being marched into a wild fire just ahead of them while Debre and his cabals are shooting breeze chillin’ in their rabbit holes. What these young men/women deserve is smart phones in their hands busy talking and fussing with their friends near and afar. What they deserve is going to schools carrying shoulder bags filled with text books but not AK47’s. They don’t deserve anything less than what their contemporaries enjoy in peaceful and stable countries. When I watch this video I start asking myself how many of these naïve but worked up youths have already perished at the battle fields ahead of them. And you can count on it that none of them are Debre and his cabal’s close relatives. Tedros’s neither for that matter! They are just chilling here among us, Europe, Down Under, Dubai, Doha and even in Kuala Lumpur(They may be watching over their ‘uncles’ fat bank accounts there). It is very upsetting to realize how daily heavy drilling of military training and propaganda have numbed people’s Allah given thinking mind. That young man will not think twice to pump bullets in your head if you say Debre has got it wrong. I don’t blame him/her because there is light to shine around them. It is all dark and he/she is completely boxed. They will do anything for Debre and his cabals. If his commander orders them to walk through a heavily mined field so to open up a corridor for their peers behind them, they will not think twice about it. They walk on live mines and be shredded to tiny pieces with nothing left of them for dignified burials. They rush into ujuum in human wave frontal assaults. They do anything to ‘please’ their leaders. Debre and his predecessors are/were not the first ones to create fanatic followers. Stalin had done it in the 1930’s molding millions of ‘Young Bolsheviks’ and Mao had tens of millions ‘Young Red Cubs/Guards’ during the dreaded cultural revolution that sent tens of millions to their deaths, all murdered by firing squads or well planned starvation.

  4. Tigray People need peace and development like other peoples in other parts of Ethiopia. But how? they will rushed by TPLF If they refused and ask for humanitarian right. USA and European Union and AU All know this. We are in the world with advanced technology. They can see even what TPL doing. But always logging for political agendas leads many people hunger, displaced, death etc. but why????? they are human being. because of 5-10 persons why millions flow to war/fire????? why they don’t asked? please the world leaders bring peace for ETHIOPIA and don’t hidden the truth.

  5. The war was not started by TDF. Ethiopia & Eritrea forces begun amassing forces in both N and S of Tigray in provocation. Simply put!!


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