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Ethiopia says it shot down plane with arms supply TPLF rebels, war started again

The incident happened as the TPLF leaders officially restarted the war by shelling Ethiopian Defense Force positions 

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The Ethiopian Air Force on Wednesday said that it has shotdown a plane that came from the direction of Sudan airspace. 

” A plane that is believed to be from our historical enemies who have been working to weaken Ethiopia and supporting Ethiopia is shot down by the brave Ethiopian Air Force while entering our airspace from the direction of Sudan,” the Air Force said, as reported by Ethiopian News Agency. 

Major General Tesfaye Ayalew is cited as saying that the plane was trying to head to Tigray through Northern Humera, a border town  the TPLF has been attempting to take control of so as to control the route to Sudan, and was attempting to deliver firearms to the TPLF.

The size of the plane is unspecified. It is unclear how many crew members were on board the plane or if there is any survivor. 

War started again 

The news about the plane came at a time when the Ethiopian government announced on Wednesday that the TPLF has officially started war in the Eastern Front in the area the TPLF considers as “South Tigray.”  State media did not say if the TPLF forces were pushed back to the Tigray region. 

TPLF’s latest round of war was expected for a long time.  Former US Ambassador to Ethiopia, Tibor Nagy, tweeted about TPLF’s war effort. He said : 

“Rumors circulating that #Tigray war will restart. Who in their right mind wants a new conflict with so much death, destruction, suffering and devastation!? Especially when there is a road to peace – as rocky as it is. #Ethiopia needs peace and stability to achieve its potential.”

Why the war that the TPLF started and sustained is described as “Tigray war” is questionable. 

There were reports in the past that the TPLF had been attempting to coordinate with forces in Sudan and Egypt. 

Last month, the European Union envoy to the Horn of Africa and US Envoy to the Horn of Africa  led diplomats from several western countries and headed to, with permission from the Ethiopian government, Tigray where they spent about five hours with the TPLF rebel leaders. 

There had been accusations in the past that the United States and its western allies tacitly support the TPLF group – diplomatically, politically and militarily. 

After losing dominant power in the Federal government in 2018, the TPLF has been preparing for war. It has plans to forcefully retake Wolkait, the part of Gondar that it incorporated to Tigay after 1991, and Raya, and declare “Independence” – for which it seems to have support from Egypt and western powers. 

The army is ready more than ever to defend the sovereignty of Ethiopia, Defense Statement sent to state media out said. 

This week, TPLF chairman Debretsion Gebremichael and Getachew Reda, spokesperson of the designated terrorist group, published article on The African Report highly criticizing the African Union and that the proposed peace talk will not be a success. 

Last week, a video footage of the TPLF leader, Debretsion, engaged in mobilisation for war was circulating on social media. He was warning that anyone who is not arming and fighting for Tigray will not have an equal right in Tigray. 


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  1. Ittu Aba Farda,

    I thought you raised your white flag? What wrong with you commie? Fear Allah and be nice to me man! Come on!

  2. I am very angry and sick to my stomach that bloody conflict has erupted again in that part of the country. I agree with Ambassador Tibor very sadly wondering who in his/her mind would choose another round of senseless bloodshed for the already besieged people and destroyed region. I am not terribly surprised by Sudan’s current regime repulsive behavior since the generals riding on the backs of their people badly need distraction.

  3. Subject: Subject: “ Ethiopia says it shot down plane with arms supply TPLF rebels, war started again” August 24, 2022

    Humble Comcer, 24 Aug 2022

    This is humble concern about the LIFE of humble, hard working people of Tigray. War is not going to enrich and make happy the people of Tigray. On the other hand, PEACE will definitely enrich the hard working people of Tigray– in every aspect of LIFE.

    Personal heart-full grudge and revenge for the loss of ambition will NOT bring back an iota of the last dream. That is gone, with the wind, in the direction to the entrance of top most leadership of Ethiopia in-line with the historical phenomenon of leadership by Kings and Emperors of Ethiopia. Unexpectedly, we now have the youngest of youngest, unknown, ordinary Ethiopian appearing in front of the Historical DOOR to become the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. That was a crashing BLOW — whose effect NEVER to heal — upon a top-notched scholar of the highest doctrate degree of philosophy. It was the biggest and deepest loss — that can never be forgotten in one’s LIFE.

    THAT IS WHAT IS HAPPENING IN ETHIOPIA IN THE YEAR 2022. The effect of such a loss upon one ordinary human being is beyond expectation i.e. the sacrifice of thousands and thousands of ordinary people in a country for the benefit of one ambitious person for a loss of dream. Unbelievable as it may sound, countless ordinary young people are ordered to give their LIVES, whether they like it or not. Failure to do so makes them alien to a country that they were born-in !!!! In fact, they are warned of harsh consequences, down the ‘road’!!!!!!

    One can’t help musing about the history of one gallant human being called EMPEROR YOHANNES of TIGRAY, defending ETHIOPIA, with his Life, in its hour of need for its Life. Indeed, glorious times evaporated, and attention to history becoming useless. Wow! Wow! Wow!

  4. All this because the west doesn’t want peace the region.
    The US ambassador to Ethiopia and all other western politicians are hypothetical and should look into their own biased position in their effort to keep the terrorist TPLF continue as a menace to the rest of peace loving Ethiopians.
    If the west has an iota of truth in their meddling with Ethiopian,why not openly pressure TPLF to disarm and free the people of tigraye it is holding as hostage????
    I hate the hypocrite ferengi coming out to express their fake concern for africans.
    Let us hope,the future leaders of this old country keep the ferengi at a safe distance.

  5. @ Warisugly: Please do not generalize saying “the West doesn’t want peace for the region”. I am Swiss, hence “West” (well actually “North”) and want nothing more that there is a peaceful, respectful co-existance between the People of Ethiopia.

    • QUOTE: “peaceful, respectful coexistence between the People of Ethiopia.” by Tomcat UNQUOTE


  6. This is the perfect incidence where you say ‘atta-boy’ ‘go get’em tiger!’ This may not be the first run by a foreign element trying to fly in military equipment to Debre and his group. He and his rag tags seem to be the best bet for those that want to harm that gem of the colored and send it asunder. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had managed to sneak in such weapon laden flights already. We should remember that Debre and his group are in a desperate situation. They will take any marriage to whoever proposes provided the dowry includes guns and ammunition.


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