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TPLF stole 570,000 liters of fuel from WFP warehouse in Mekele: UN 

Stéphane Dujarric, spokesperson for UN Secretary General


The UN on Wednesday said what it called “Tigrean forces” [ a reference to TPLF forces] stole 12 trucks of fuel from the World Food Program warehouse in Mekelle.

Stéphane Dujarric, Spokesperson for the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, told journalists in New York that the Tigrean forces , in the morning of August 24, “forcefully entered” World Food Programme Warehouse in Mekelle and “stole” 12 track tankers of oil  ( 570,000 liters).

“These stocks of fuel would be used solely for humanitarian purposes with the distribution of food, fertilizers and other emergency relief items,”  he said. 

The spokesperson added that the “loss of fuel will impact humanitarian operations. ”  The U.N has condemned “looting or confiscation of humanitarian goods on humanitarian premises.” 

The World Food Programme director,David Beasley,called the incident “OUTRAGEOUS and DISGRACEFUL.” 

He demanded the return of the fuel. 

He said is a twitter message : 

“Hours ago, Tigrayan authorities stole 570,000 liters of fuel for @WFP operations in #Tigray! Millions will starve if we do not have fuel to deliver food. This is OUTRAGEOUS and DISGRACEFUL. We demand the return of this fuel NOW. ” 

During its military operations in the Amhara region of Ethiopia last year, the TPLF “looted” USAID warehouses. It was the USAID itself who claimed that way following criticism that aid organizations are feeding TPLF forces.

It remains to be seen whether more supplies of fuel will be requested for “humanitarian operations” or the TPLF will give the 12 trucks of fuel back to the WFP. 


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  1. May I suggest what is going on here? UN/WFP is complicit in the “theft”of fuel. 1/ UN agencies and USAID, State Department have unreservedly been complicit in Tplf crimes. 2/ The reason UN/WFP is reporting it as “theft” is purely for public relations purposes. 3/ Interestingly, the “theft” took place at a time when Tplf is waging war against Ethiopian government. This does not require a nuclear scientist to decipher. What it tells you is the condescending attitude of western agencies and nations toward Africans.

  2. Subject: “TPLF stole 570,000 liters of fuel from WFP warehouse in Mekele: UN”, August 24, 2022

    Humble suggestion, 25 Aug 2022
    For the sake of decency, may we change the word “stole” to read “utilized” ?
    After all, Ethiopian decency and grace in communication is well known with admiration and respect. Why fall into the gutter?
    Let us not add to the delight of those rude societies who denigrate the AFRICAN PEOPLE.

    Sincerely caring for the image of the HONEST, DECENT, RESPECTFUL, BLACK AFRICAN. PEOPLE that NO rational person around the Globe would deny.

  3. Nobody stole anything. My homeboys Debre and his comrades just took back what WFP had borrowed from them during the last two years. In fact UN and its agencies have borrowed 9,650,000 liters of gasoline since November, 2020.
    That was what my hommies told me this afternoon.
    Hey Ittu, did they tell you where they got all that gasoline from?
    They have huge underground refineries(the world’s first and only) scattered throughout the region.
    Where do they get the raw petroleum from?
    From the international waters of the Red Sea which is connected to the refineries with pipelines buried 3 miles underground.
    Whoa! That is some technology stuff.
    Yes, my hommies are the ones who have the technology.
    How so?
    Because they are the ‘gold race’, not ‘golden’ but 24 carat gold. My Oromos and their Amhara neighbors are made of the rusty ferric oxide. That is why we don’t which way is up!
    So my hommies told me they ain’t thieves. This is all false accusation by the UN secretary office and my hommies will get Stéphane Dujarric fired soon. How dare he call the ‘gold’ race thieves?
    Btw, my hommies also told me they will be on their way to Addis/Finfine and march into Addis/Finfine by the end of next week. This time they ain’t nothing stoppin’ us now, they told me!!! Then they return my Oromos to where they come from, Madagascar. Amharas will be tossed away to their place of origin, The Philippines. Afars will be repatriated to Oman because they are Dhofaris and Somalis to where they came from, Socotra and the Maldives. Case closed.

  4. Why not force TPLF to return the loot unless it is planned.
    UN/WFP is blind to see TPLF crime, looting, destructions and atrocities that was brought against Amhara and Afar people.
    Now after crying to get unfettered access for delivery of food and supplies the UN has delivered Trucks to lorry TPLF fighters into Afar and Amhara Zones. But what can a Truck can do without having fuel and who can be better than the
    UN /WFP to do that job?

    So is the reason to steal fuel from the UN/WFB that is feeding TPLF? what for? Is that because TPLF and Tewdros Adnahom used their magical relationship with the WFB/UN?

    TPLF has been supplied with a daily flight from Sudan and Egypt caring ammunitions for the upcoming invasion of Amahra and Afar land and people but could not fly fuel and therefore it needed UN/WFP’s long standing relationship help to supply on time? Didn’t Abiy Ahmed claimed to bring down THE SAME plane just few days ago AT Mekell, in Sudan and at the border? Hmmmm what Abiy the magician can do…… He is the only one with split tongues.

  5. But seriously it makes me wonder why this official and his organization decided to bemoan the theft of fuel and food aid inventory at this time. Debre and his rag tags have been stealing cans of sardines and boxes of crackers for years going back to the 1980’s. Even right after the current conflict erupted there were hundreds of trucks fully loaded with food and medicine with full tanks that never made it back. To Debre and his cabals stealing is not just a onetime violation but it has been habitual they will not give up. For most part they have been very crafty. That is why it has been extremely difficult to trace those $30 plus in US dollars that were pilfered from the nation’s coffers in less than a decade between 2000 and 2018. There should be a sequel movie made to ‘How To Marry a Millionaire’ titled ‘How To Steal Billions’ starring Walrus Getachew and Beer Gut Debre with supporting roles by Amhara and Oromo actors as their beasts of burden.


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