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Ethiopian MP warns in a viral video message, “The massacre in Oromia region will continue unless a radical change is made” 

Hangaasa Ahmed, Ethiopian Member of Parliament, accuses authorities in the Oromo region of Ethiopia of coordinating the massacres in Wollega. His viral live video on Facebook got more than 400,000 view and 50,000 comments 

Hangaasa Ahmed Ibraahim _ wolllega massacre
Hangaasa Ahmed Ibraahim, Member of parliament. (Photo : FB page of Hangaasa)


An ethnic Oromo member of the Ethiopian Parliament is asserting that the massacre of innocent civilians in the Oromo region of Ethiopia will continue unless a radical change in the power structure in the region is implemented. 

Hangaasa Ahmed Ibraahim, who is himself prominent for releasing video messages with a radical ethnic Oromo nationalist sentiment before he became a member of parliament following the last Ethiopian Federal Election, is making claims that there are two “Shane groups.”

He made further claims that one of the “Shane group,” which he calls “Sabotage Shane” – is the one that is carrying out the massacres in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. It is carrying out the massacre in Oromia, the Benishangul Gumuz region, and Gambella region. 

This group, according to Hangaasa Ahmed, is organized by authorities in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.  

He went further to make claims that the government in the Oromia region of Ethiopia and the Prosperity Party office in the region coordinated the massacre, and that he could support his claims with concrete evidence.  

Mr. Hangaasa Ahmed posed the question to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed saying “Dr. Abiy, are you waiting for them [those whom he says are carrying out the massacres] until they enter the palace.” 

He said  that the massacre in the Oromo region of Ethiopia will continue “unless Oromia regional state president [without calling Shimeles Abdissa], Oromia Prosperity Party head, and Oromia Police Commissioner are removed from their position.” 

However, Mr. Hangassa seems to be absolving the other OLF Shane group from the massacres in the region.  

There had been a controversy between Abiy Ahmed government and Oromo Liberation Front group over disarming the latter’s rebel forces after they were invited to enter the country from Eritrea, where they had been operating when the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) was in control of the Federal government. 

About a year or so ago, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) that is under the leadership of Dawud Ibsa declared that it has parted ways with the military wing of the organisation and that it will not be responsible for it. 

The group is now calling itself “Oromo Liberation Army” and operating in the Oromo region of Ethiopia – mostly in the areas where there have been strings of massacres against ethnic Amhara civilians living in the region. 

The Federal government and regional authorities in Oromia call the group  “Shane”

In the past two weeks alone, close to two thousand ethnic Amhara have been massacred in two separate incidents in the West Wollega part of Ethiopia. 

About two weeks ago, more than 1500 ethnic Amhara were massacred, including children and women, in Tole Kebele of Gimbi area. 

And this week, well over 300, as reported by local sources, mostly ethnic Amharas were massacred in the Kellem Wollega

The latter was reported by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed himself. He said it was a ‘retreating’ Shane army that carried out the attack. 

Hangaasa Ahmed  is not alone. Taye Dendea, who is State Minister for the Ministry of Peace, took it to facebook to call for accountability in the Oromo region of Ethiopia following the massacre in Kellem Wollega, which happened exactly two weeks after the massacre in Gimbi.

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  1. It is true there are two Oromo Terrorist groups. They are the Oromo radical OLF Terrorist and that no one knows but for and except PM Abiy Ahmed and the Oromo Prosperity Party that named them as “Shene”.

    But who is going to believe this man? After so many hatful and ignorant speeches against Addis Ababa residents? He is trying to save the top of the Genocide leader and create the usual Orommuma stupid confuse and convince tactics. Of course he knows if his fake cry flies neither Abiy or Shimeles will go to prison and the Orommuma plan to kill every Amhara in Addis Ababa and Amhara regions.

    So far No Oromo terrorist group has ever come out to claim that name but every Amhara Genocide crime evidence in Wellga, Addis Ababa, Gojjam, Gonder, Wello andShewa points out to be committed by PM Abiy Ahmed, Shimeles Abdissa and the Oromo Prosperity Party members, Oromo, polices, militias and Especial Police Forces.

    “Shene” aka Bread as named by PM Abiy is PM Abiy Ahmed himself, Shimeles and all the Prosperity Party and Oromo mafia savage groups.

    Each Amhara Genocide operation is followed by instigative speeches with clues and messages as encouragements to slaughter every Amhara young or old and by removing all law enforcements ahead of the attack.

    The recent dangerous speeches of the Orommuma leaders, Pm Abiy Ahmed, Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba, are few of the recent memories.

    Such cruel messages as to go ahead with the Genocide on Amhara is deliberate because The Oromo Prosperity Party knows how they have trapped the defenseless, unrepresented, and voiceless innocent Amhara Farmers and children in Oromia Zone after so many pleas to leave that blood bath hell called Wellega, Oromia, Ethiopia.

    This time there is no escape from facing justice for Million of Amhara Genocide victims in ICC. PM Abiy and Prosperity Party Government is producing Genocide like flies everyday.

  2. This MP is livid and speaks from the heart and out of utter frustration. It shows this a majority which has been silent in that region and also here in our Diaspora that detest violence against innocent citizens. The majority of my Oromos are adherents of non-violence and for lack of platforms their opinion is drowned by the loud mouthed bigots running around like wild predators. I have said this many times before. This savagery has no indication that it will go away soon given the leeway bigots have secured in that country and the direct or direct encouragements they get from their college professor fans and advocates in leadership roles here among us. These bigots and advocates here among our Diaspora were posting photos and video clips of military parades by those goons and captions that go like ‘now the oppressors have met their matches in the only way they understand’. These are well read college professors, lawyers and advocates in leadership roles. Even today they don’t talk about these massacres in Tole and nearby places but they are running around telling the media in the West and overseas that thousands of Oromos are being massacred by Abiy and his neftegna militia. They don’t show an iota of decency to step back and condemn the massacre in Tole. It shows they walk around with hearts of stone devoid of even the slightest humanity. Some of them even make bogus claims on steroid that go like ‘Abiy’s Fano militias just killed my grandma who was 82 years old at her hut in Southern Oromia’. And you will see a number of expressions of sympathy by the gullible readers. These connivers do not behave this way just for nothing. By posting such lies and other outrageous claims to accumulate audience call it followers or whatever which translates into some nickels and dimes from the platforms. These cold hearted bigots don’t give a flying hoot if their behavior incites others in the old country. They don’t give a damn if those upright and harmonious peoples both in Amhara and Oromia regions slaughter each other to the last human being. All what they look after is the chum change they earn from these social media platforms. It is that Nero’s philosophy of make money whether others are dead or alive.

  3. A sickening society of cesspool, full of sociopaths, psychopaths, multitudes of subhuman herd devoid of humanity, a scintilla of functioning brain cells, afflicted with deep-seated, psychotic self loathing and inferiority complexes of unimaginable depth, the mother land whose womb has spawned, the cursed and the damned from hell weeps in shame and utter disgust.

  4. This reminds the saying of “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” by Edmund Burk. Kudos to people and politicians like him. Chances are there are many good people, who know or see or sense something amiss, who are still silent unlike him for political and publicity reasons . I doubt Abiy is personally involved it or plotted with for simply reason that he is not fool enough to hijack and fail his own rule and legacy, but definitely there are some powerful among the inner circle figures of the organization, in government machinery and law enforcement who are involved in these sabotages
    and heinous crimes. As I mentioned before , these deadly conspiracies have been going for couple of years in Oromia region with no accountability and nor end in sight

  5. By now this concerned MP might have presented his ‘conceete’ evidence to the appropriate committee in the parliament. It would be duty bound on him to tell us his findings sooner or later. He sounds to be 100% sure that there are two groups with only one of them doing the killings. Then what has the other group been doing? Just chillin under a giant acacia tree? I will be eagerly waiting to hear the ocular proof for that. From this video it is evident that this ellected official is more than upset. I also read fear in him, not fear of his colleagues but the savage group itself. The group has proven itself to be mercilless to those Oromos it sees as traitors because they work for or collaborate with the governnent. It has killed hundreds of local Oromo government officials and employees and thousands of security/militia forces of the Oromia region. I hope the government is providing him with the appropriate security to protect him and his family from these goons roaming out there.

  6. Very funny and troubling to see Hangaasa showing concern for victim of recent terrorist attacks which he used to promote. That is a 360 degree shift from who he is and what he really believes when you come to Ethiopian politics. Is he afraid of something right now after injecting lots of hate on young Oromo men and women, or is he not getting the attention he was looking for? He has gone above and beyond to disrespect Ethiopia and our society in general. Most of all he lucks wisdom to be a politician. He is wild and showed us who he really is and we saved lots of videos he recorded while insulting our country Ethiopia for long time. All I can say is that people like him will not last long due to their own nature. I can’t believe he is now elected official with such a great background on “love and unity”

  7. “I also read fear in him, not fear of his colleagues but the savage group itself. The group has proven itself to be mercilless to those Oromos it sees as traitors because they work for or collaborate with the governnent. It has killed hundreds of local Oromo government officials and employees and thousands of security/militia forces of the Oromia region. I hope the government is providing him with the appropriate security to protect him and his family from these goons roaming out there.”

    Ittu Aba Farda, you did not listen well, sorry to bring this up. He actually claimed in the video, it is the government itself, and even called out Shimeles Abdissa y name, that is committing the crimes. He even said the whole structure of the PP apparatus in Oromia must be disintegrated for peace to reign in that area.

    How did you arrived at your unique conclusion from that statement???

    But let’s go back and try to dissect into further details.

    1) he identified two groups I) Shene ii) Sabotage Shene
    2)he claimed Sabotage Shene is run by PP and Shimeles Abdissa
    3) add the comment by the former Oromia police General Kamal? where he said, the Sheen group he believes is not beyond the government’s control, but there is a hidden desire or intent by the government to use this group as a scare and terror group to achieve something
    4) the PM was very defensive and attempted to put his thumb on the scale of justice by chastising legislators not to talk about which laws from the book to charge the group, he claimed that is not their job
    5) great but as the executive branch of government, Abiy himself must know his limits and just as he claimed the legislators need to be trained, he needs to be trained not to interfere in the judiciary branch. He needs to be taught not to put his thumb on the scale of justice. After all, it is his security force, his police that kidnapped journalists, General Tefera Mamo. After all it is his security apparatus and police force that rejected the courts decisions and refused to accept bail set by judges.
    6) if there is anybody that needs training and education first, it is none other than PM Abiy himself. Here is the first lesson: separation of powers, therefore, Mr. PM, Pastor, sir, leave the judiciary branch alone, and lift your interfering thumb off the scale of justice.
    7) after you get educated, PM, then you can refer to the training the new legislative branch members need.
    8) also when you go to parliament, understand that you are a guest in their house, theoretically and in a functioning democracy, you are not even in a position to lecture and dictate to the legislative branch members. So work on your tone, your demeanor, be careful of the choice of words.
    9) go back and see how Emperor Haile Selassie addressed the Shengo i.e. the Parliament in His day. And He was the Emperor. He even bowed His head to greet the legislators. Please have some manners and try to lead by example.
    10) look at how PM Endalkachew Mekonen entered the Shengo, how he greeted the legislators. Be an example. Try to build the culture of democracy by example. Inadvertently, displaying mannerisms that reflect an air of arrogance, self entitlement, a display of “ I know it all” do not reflect maturity, wisdom or high caliber at all. It is also counter productive.

    So adding all these up, the possibilities include
    1) an exclusively government controlled so called “Shene” group
    2) an exclusively TPLF-OLF controlled “Shene” group
    3) a “Shene” group with mixture of two ie where some PP members are involved.

    Most people think a Shene group covertly supported by PP is the most likely possibility. The evidence all point in that direction. The questions to follow would be:

    1) would Abiy and his PP allow the rule of law to have supremacy and hold those responsible in their own PP, including Shimeles Abdissa, to be vetted, and if evidence surfaces, hold them accountable before the law?
    2) would Abiy and his PP, attempt to understand the importance of Separation of powers, and do not interfere with the legislative and judiciary branches of government and let the facts and evidence direct the nation to the next phase in this saga?????????

    All these remain to be seen. In his speech to the parliament, PM Abiy Ahmed, pleaded for Ethiopians to understand that “Ethiopia is climbing a tough, uphill, and steep journey “. He pleaded for those capable to help push upward or prevent a downhill slide.

    Almost everyone will help support the call. However, the PM and his PP, must also ensure that when individuals and forces are identified by the public as a threat to the peace and security of the nation, when calls for accountability are screamed in the legislative branch, on media, by the public at large, HE MUST ALLOW FOR THE CHECKS AND BALANCES TO PROCEED.

    He must refrain from getting involved in unconstitutional, dictatorial, and repressive actions. He must not protect criminals or law breakers in his PP, no matter the depth of friendship or ties or risk to his political status and influence from being held accountable. In fact the more Abiy attempts to cover up or hoodwink the public, the less influential and acceptable he becomes to Ethiopians.

  8. Amharas should go back to their own Country/Region.
    Other regions are not safe for them.
    They need to live where they can be safe.

  9. Amharas should go and live in their country/region.
    Other regions no longer safe for them.
    They do not need to cry all the time.


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