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Ethiopia: Hundreds massacred in Fresh attack in Qelem Wollega 

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed confirmed story saying “…citizens living in Qelem Wollega, Oromia region, have been massacred” by a “retreating” radical oromo nationalist group – “Shane”

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Google Map of Ethiopia and the region. Spot showing Dembi Dollo Air port area is part of the Qelem Wolllega zone where a fresh massacre of ethnic Amharas took place on July 4,2022


Barely two weeks after more than one thousand ethnic Amhara were savagely massacred in Tole Kebebe of Gimbi district, Wollega region of Ethiopia, a new report of the massacre of civilians, mostly ethnic Amhara is emerging. 

An opposition party, Balderas, on Monday reported that at least 200 ethnic Amhara community members are massacred in Robit Gebeya, Qelem Wollega area of Ethiopia. 

The incident happened today in Mechara Lemlem Kebele, according to the source. 

The military wing of the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist, Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), which the Ethiopian government calls Shane, is behind the attack, as has been the case since Abiy Ahmed took office in 2018 following the resignation of Hailemariam Desalegn. 

The Federal government and Oromo regional government have admitted on different occasions that there have been some elements within the government structure that facilitate the massacre by cooperating with the OLF “Shane. “

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has confirmed that the massacre in Wollega has happened, and he painted it as a hallmark of the defeat of “Shane.” 

In a statement he shared on his social media page,( in Amharic and Oromo language), he said “The Shane group who is retreating as a result of attacks from security forces is attacking citizens in West Wollega while retreating. Citizens in the Qelem Wollega zone in Oromia region have been massacred.” 

Furthermore, the Prime Minister expressed condolences and said “we will follow this terrorist group to the end and eliminate it.” 

State media, including Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate, did not give extensive coverage to the story at this point in time. 

What made news coverage is the status update from the Prime Minister. And it has become very usual for state media outlets to make his status update news contents on a regular basis. 

Ethnic Amhara living in Oromo and Benishangul Gumuz regions of Ethiopia have been targets of politically motivated massacres. Thousands, including children and women, have been killed since Abiy Ahmed became Prime Minister. 

When what the government calls “Shane” massacred thousands about a fortnight ago, Ethiopian opposition parties and Ethiopian  Human rights Commission demanded the Ethiopian government to ensure that adequate security forces are deployed to the areas where radical armed ethnic Oromo nationalist groups operate to ensure the safety and security of citizens. 

As it turns out, the massacre happened again. And the Prime Minister says the “Shane” did it when it was retreating. 

But the incident still happened in West Wollega. It is unclear as to where the “Shane” group retreated to. In fact, there had been a recurring  massacre in Qelem Wollega too. 

Prime Minister Abiy did not disclose it.  Usually, he does not remark about massacres. Today, he was the first official to report about it. 

The Federal government, through the communications affairs ministry, announced soon after the attack about two weeks ago, that it is bracing for more attacks “because of the dam filling.”  


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  1. PM Abiy Ahmed and Prosperity Party Must STEP DOWN!! NOW!!

    Before appearing in the International Criminal Court the Orommuma head Abiy Ahemd and Prosperity Party fascists have intensified the 45 years old Amhara Genocide and ethnic cleansing plan to kill more people of Amhara ethnicity.

    Genocide outside of Addis Ababa in Wellga and remote places of Ethiopia and Amhara ethnic cleansing in Addis Ababa are all going hand in hand as part of the same Orommuma Genocide operation under the cover of building the city and planting Abiy’s RED-fingerprint blood trees.
    By producing his own version of unjust laws out of his toe nails PM Abiy successfully and systematically run the Orommuma Genocide operation both in Addis Ababa, Oromia, Wellga, Amhara Zone and remote places of Ethiopia for 4 years.

    Through massacring and systematically impoverishing Amharas by throwing them out of their homes on the streets and into the woods for wild hyenas to be eaten alive, destroying houses, destroying farm lands and displacing and scattering them all over place he has exposed millions of Amharas for diseases and deaths. More land and wealth from Amhara is and still is being robbed and given and kept by and to Orommuma Genocide criminal and beneficiaries.

    The main Orommuma goal is to exterminate Amharas and to rob more Amhara land and wealth!!!

    PM Abiy is not only inept but also a bigot radical ethnocentric dictator and instigator of hate and crime. He must STEP DOWN IMMEDIATLY before sending the country into the worse chaos.

    He never adopt the rule of law and protection of the country he swore to lead. He is the cause of Amhara Genocide and sliding the country to lawless Orommuma murderers, robbers and criminals using force and weapons for silencing, abusing and repressing Amharas.

    Abiy Ahmed feeling so comfortable for getting away with slaughtering millions of Amharas decided to stage the RED FingerPrint show wearing Whit T-shirt to the world while digging dirt and planting his fingerprinted, trees of Amhara blood on the day of morning for over 1600 slaughtered Amharas in one night in Wellega, Oromia Zone ETHIOPIA!!

    By doing so and not even fazed by the worse news ever in Ethiopia, Abiy showed up as a happy, calm, comfortable and tranquil with his security entourage standing up and watching him and the other Genocide accomplice Shimeles Abdissa digging dirt and planting Blood Ashara trees, This by itself speaks volumes and sends a very clear testimonios message and acceptance for being the players and facilitators for the more than 1600 Amharas slaughere in one night, 8 hours Genocide operation in Wellega, Oromia Ethiopia.

  2. Such savagery will not let up as long as these bigots among us here in the Diaspora continue to be directly or in disguise the sounding board and propaganda platform for the demons who carry out the killings. We hear them saying those who commit such repulsive crimes against humanity were once college graduates and students and were forced to flee for their lives because Abiy was coming for them. We are told these demons have no choice but to be so cruel to innocent others. For that reason they tell us Abiy must be asked to return the Nobel Peace Prize he was rightfully bestowed upon by the Norwegian Nobel Committee in 2019. These bigots go to the extent in showing off videos and photos of military parades by these murderous units on their Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. Add to that the suspected crucial support they get from those in the regional government institutions, their bloodletting ain’t gonna go anywhere.

  3. The only way to stop Genocide is by bringing the horrific news out to the whole world to know what is happening in Wellga Ethiopia under a ruthless bigot PM Abiy Ahmed. No hiding, no diverting attention, no trying to hush anyone from speaking the truth will work. Let the Criminals, Genocide enablers and Genocide perpetrators cringe and suffer!!!

    Those who want Genocide to go on are trying to run right and left hoping they will divert attention from this heinous crimes against Amhara People. They are not a bit concerned about the lives of over Millions innocent people massacred in Wellega, Oromia Ethiopia but dying to save murderous Abiy Orommuma regime by being extensions of the Orommuma Amhara Genocide perpetrators.

    One need to do soul search if there is any before shifting the blame. Those savage Genocides armed to teeth by Egypt, TPLF and Oromo Prosperity Party are in Wellga away from God and civilization, deeply entrenched in greed, crime and hate for Amhara.

    Unless the International Community, the United Nations intervened Abiy Ahmed and the Orommuma savages are in executing stage of Genocide trained and plotted now and before 45 years ago.

  4. Having said that I want to bring to the attention of my dear brothers and sisters in our Diaspora to be always aware of your surrounding when going to crowded places. I say that in light of the recent shooting spree here in the USA and now to certain extent in Europe. That includes when you congregate at places of worship. I am not telling you to panic but be apprehensive of your surroundings at crowded places. And when you see something suspicious say something to authorities right away. By that you may have saved lives including your own. May The Almighty Our Creator protect you from the savage acts of these demons!!! Insha’Allah!!!


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