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Oromo Liberation Front Armed wing continues carnage in Wollega

Ruling Prosperity Party Authorities in Oromo region say officials who cooperated with Oromo Liberation Front will be investigated

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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government this week has been claiming that it destroyed military training facilities of the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist party armed wing – Shane. 

From trends in the past three years, government claims of strong military action against Shane comes at a time when the radical nationalist group undertakes massacre against innocent civilians, mostly farming community members from Amhara ethnicity. 

This news story is not different. 

Citizen reports of fresh attacks against ethnic Amhara civilians communities in the Wollega region of Ethiopia are emerging. Well over 100 civilians might have been massacred. 

It happened in Gidami district of Wollega earlier this week. 

The regional state in the Oromo region , where the periodic but ceaseless massacre takes place against Ethiopians, is claiming that it is investigating details of the level of damage in the Wollega.

As was the case in the past, there appears to be involvement of government officials in some form in the latest OLF – Shane massacre against civilians.  

Amhara Media Corporation (AMC) cited Oromia region Prosperity Party Office public relation office head, Getachew Gabissa, who confirmed that there had been “extensive damage in Qelem Wollega, west and east wollega zones. ”

Mr. Getachew added, based on AMC report, government officials who are believed to have connection with the terrorist group (Oromo Liberation Front – Shane) will be investigated and held responsible in accordance with the law. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has lost significant support due to his inability to protect civilians from continued military attack by OLF radical groups. 

Over the weekend, Ethiopian activists took to social media to criticise lack of action on the part of the federal government in the Afar region of Ethiopia too when the TPLF is undertaking a mechanised military attack in parts of the Afar region. 

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  1. Since Abiy Ahmed came to power three years ago the daily Amhara bloodshed in Oromia has neverstopped.
    PP it’s leader Abiy, Shimeles Abdissa has never addressed it as even a small worry. Or never given protection or shown any remorse except dismissing the cries of the living once and claiming to have destroyed OLF Shene. Yet the claim contradicts itself when more people kept getting slaughtered and while the number of OLF criminals kept growing along the viciousness.

    Abiy and all PP including the so called Amhara PP officials should be sued and held accountable for the systematic Genocide of AMHARA massacre, loss of properties and livelihoods and sufferings that is happening at their watch.

  2. Shimeles Abdissa and his jungle bodies can’t sleep unless they drink innocent Amhara and Orthodox Christians blood.
    Amhara patients is worn out.
    It’s time to enough and end to getting slaughtered by Oromo OLF jungle blood thirsty vampires. .
    Vampire Shimeles and Abiy teach your jungle vampires to work and farm instead of being lazy thieves.

  3. Prosperity Party is the brain child of the ruthless monster EPRDF and TPLF murderous regime. Enough! Amharas! No more Dying, sufferings, getting robbed, displaced and expecting for the rule of law to be implemented because there is none. PP unjust law is bushmen’s jungle law.
    PP leaders and Shimeles Abdissa are fixated in Bushmen mentality. They want your demise and extermination. You are the only one to save your families and you can do that with some challenge!!
    Depend on yourself and Amhara brothers and sisters for help!!
    The continuation to the slaughtering of Amhara will never stop. The quota has not reached to 0 or few hundred yet. Right now is Wollega then Benishangul and so on will continue unless Amharas take serious action!!!
    The government ears are deaf or acknowledging the carnage except the dead body counts piling up and number of fleeing from Wollega to scape the bloodbath contradictions to the government’s account.

    The government in Ethiopia for the last 30 years has been a murderous criminal regime. It is the government’s hidden hands that are ethnically cleansing by murdering innocent Amharas for fear of not wanting to share power with the majority number Amhara.
    Amhara must organize and devise a way to save itself. They should never listen or accept any government talks that is designed to prolong the death and sufferings of Amharas.

  4. We are seeing objects for sale online which may be stolen Tigrayan/Ethiopian artefacts, including manuscripts, crosses, etc. If you find such objects, I recommend you upload the information to the INTERPOL Stolen Works of Art Database #culturalheritage @cathyDAndrea99

    Amhara and eritreans are looting and saling our pricelss relics , but it doesn’t mean that other ethnic members are not involved in this crime. A huge price is gonna be payed for every criminal act . Eritreans are sponsoring this war for the past 30 years intentionally or unknowingly. Many know about this war before it broke out .
    Fanos are terrorists and eritreans troops are endangering Afar people and fighting in Afar to fuel hostility between the people of Tigray and Afar. Eritreans out of Afar and rest of ethiopia. Fanos are terrorists !

  5. As you all know, the Abiy government is led by the OLF elite. Ethiopia will not be stable as long as the Egypt emissaries (the so called “Liberation Fronts”) like OLF and TPLF etc. exist or run the country.
    The solution, as practiced by other countries, the steps are very simple:
    1) The citizen of Ethiopia including farmers, workers, merchants, students, teachers, etc. (excluding Politicians or Political elites) need to draft a New Constitution for our country to be exist as one.
    2) The politician (Political elites and Parties) need to draft their political programs in accordance with the New Constitution and run for election.

  6. That is the only way to go Ayele

    I fully agree with your suggestion and I sure the vast majority of Ethiopians from North to South and from East to West including Oromos from Showa, Wollega and Harare Qotus agree and go for this peaceful solution.

    Draft a new Constitution by inclusive and participation of every citizen.
    Down with OLF, Tplf and Egypt plotted, until Ethiopian drafted Constitution.


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