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Secret Negotiation between Abiy Ahmed’s gov’t and TPLF to take place in Tanzania : report

African and western diplomatic sources based in Addis Ababa cited regarding TPLF and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government secret negotiation 

TPLF _ Abiy _ negotiation
PM Abiy (left) and Debretion Gebremichal, TPLF chairman ( right) ( Photo : File)


Weeks after unconfirmed news regarding secret negotiation between Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in Nigeria, a new report indicates that the talk between the two parties is going to take place in Tanzania. 

Le Monde, a French News  source, said, in a report published on Thursday, “behind the scenes” negotiation is organised between the Federal government and TPLF forces. It is planned to take place at the end of June in Arusha, Tanzania. 

The source cited “several African and western diplomats” to report that the discussion could start by the end of this month. 

The negotiation is said to be behind doors and both parties will be represented by a team of five negotiators. The negotiation aims, a negotiated ceasefire. 

Humanitarian deliveries and resumption of social services in the Tigray region, including electricity and banking, among other things, constitute agenda items for the talk. 

According to Le Monde, TPLF is to renounce claim over Wolkait area of Gondar which is used to call as “Western Tigray.”  Le Monde cited unnamed diplomatic sources in Addis Ababa  to report that  “the Tigrayan leadership gives the impression of gradually abandoning its claims to Wolqayt.” 

The TPLF, however, says that the report is “mendacious.” 

In a message shared on social media, Getachew Reda, TPLF spokesperson, said  :

“An article by a French newspaper #LeMonde apparently claims, quoting unnamed Addis-based diplomats, that discreet talks will be held b/n Tigray and Ethiopian authorities and the former has “abandoned their claims to Western Tigray”. These are mendacious claims,of course. While we will officially address these claims soon, let me set the record straight on the question: it is the declared intention& position of the government of Tigray to reclaim every square-inch of Tigray’s territory by every possible means available- peaceful or otherwise; and soon!” 

Earlier this week, press secretary in the office of the Prime Minister, Billene Seyoum, described reports of unconfirmed clandestine talk between Abiy Ahmed’s government and the TPLF as “disinformation by local media.” 

However, former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, who is now serving the African Union as special envoy to the Horn of Africa, said there have been improvements in the indirect talks between the TPLF and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government. Mr. Obasanjo said that the talk is now better than what it was six months ago. 

When Ethiopia’s Minister for Finance, Ahmed Shede, presented a draft budget for the next fiscal year at the Ethiopian Parliament, he said that one of the assumptions taken into consideration when preparing the budget is that there will be no war in northern Ethiopia. The Tigray region itself will be getting 12 billion Ethiopian  birr from the budget. 

Since the TPLF is firmly administering the region, despite the fact that the Ethiopian parliament designated it as a terrorist organization, it will be administering the budget to be released from the Federal government. 

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  1. By all means peaceful this senseless war must come to an end. It all started by stupid individuals for utterly stupid reasons. Debre said ‘I’m gonna hold an election in the region whether the Election Board certifies it or not.’ The Federal Government through Birtukan bint Mideksa led Elections Board told Debre ‘No you can’t and if you do it will not be certified’. Yes I can! No you can’t! Yes I can; no you can’t! The nonsense argy-bargies went on for months. Then it escalated into ‘He is about to invade me; No I am not; Yes you are; No I am not! Then suddenly kaboom! Missiles started raining on Bahr Dar and Asmara! The showy election did not make milk and honey rain from the skies of Tigray but bombs were; artilleries were!; disease and starvation were!!! Rapes and deaths were!!!! Someone may try to tell me that the loss and thorough destruction are justified because they resulted in the process of protecting principles. Principle? What principle? Someone may tell me that it was all worth it because they resulted in the process of protecting freedom. Now you are mocking me with that. Was there freedom as we know it in Tigray? When was that? It was and still is a stupid conflict started by highly educated men who never learned anything and turned into nincompoops. I hope and pray that both sides have finally started getting their marbles back and working!!! Insha’Allah!!!!

  2. Just listen to this guy., this Getachew thing. He still mongers wars. But you know what? Why not? He is not the one doing the fighting, dying and who will lose limbs and eyesight. He and his buddies will direct the bloody war from their comfy rabbit holes. His beer gut and lard behind keep ballooning from fillet mignon while the citizens starve for lack of even a slice of stale bread. These despots are said to have sent their close relatives out of the harm’s way before the war they triggered started. For those upright and noble people of Tigray, what a predicament!!!

  3. Who cares about Vodka Getachew??? It is doubtful even if TPLF remnants consider him relevant anymore. His 15 minutes of fame was up long time ago. And who trusts the Abiy regime at this point? This buffoon’s 15 minutes of fame also has only few seconds left in it.

    Can Borkena abandon reporting on these frivolous personalities who do not amount to a can of beans to the needs of all Ethiopians. Abiy himself is an individual who has wasted his political capital and the lives of hundreds of defenseless victims, orchestrated and witnessed the displacement of millions of helpless victims. It is outrageous to consider these over inflated balloons of ego maniacs worthy of the time and attention of Ethiopians across the beautiful nation. These fools do not even know what they are doing. These self appointed despots think of themselves as lager than life figures in the lives of Ethiopians. They are not. To quote one of the Greatest US presidents of all time, President Ronald Reagan, “government is the problem, not the solution”. Nowhere that adage is truer than as in the case of Ethiopia, both the TPLF and PP of Abiy the Terrible are the fundamental problems in Ethiopia, and the so called government of Abiy is nothing but gloom, destruction and disenfranchisement on steroid. Yes PP and TPLF are the problem, not the solution to Ethiopia’s illnesss.

  4. Negotiations by themselves are positive but they should be transparent and in the best interests of the country. The US has been calling for a negotiated cease fire and peace which appears to be in favor of the TPLF. Considering the alleged indirect role or hands of pro-TPLF US figures such as Mrs. Susan Rice in the state department, the Biden administration is not a credible and impartial partner for peace and stability in Ethiopia and the horn.
    The Abiy government `s recent crack downs on the Amhara region are thought to be smoothing the way or removing the possible roadblocks to its negotiations with the TPLF. The idea of negotiation with the TPLF are unpopular in the Amhara and Afar regions which have borne the brunt of the TPLF push into the center.

  5. It is beyond me how and why poor Tigrayan people still stuck with this politically and morally bankrupt organization of TPLF . How can they still trust these mendacious and crooks of the likes of Getachaw Woraw so long? It is truly mistry thing to say the least. He still believes he would eeturn back to Ethiopia and rule and rob blindly while promising for tigraina to dream about a world cornocopia and plentiful that exists somewhere in next door or within their borders as they ate dying for starvation and an age old poverty

  6. The TPLF is not the only political force in Tigray. Therefore, the other parties such as the Tigray Democratic Alliance of Dr. Aregawi Berhe and Arena Tigray of ato Gebru Asrat should take part in the negotiations.

  7. The Unelected election Cheater Mendacious Dictator, PM Abiy Ahmed and Abiy’s personal loyal puppet and political servant with O, IQ when it comes to loyalty and priority of his job, to protect and defend Ethiopia and Ethiopians Field Mashal Berhanu Jula!

    Stop Terrorizing, BOMBING FANNO HOUSES AND Murdering Amhara People!!
    STOP Abusing and holding innocent Fanno elder parents, family members prisoners and hostages !!

    Respect Amhara People and Amhara Zone’s rights just as you are protecting and respecting the Oromia Zone even though Oromia Zone is washed in Amhara Blood, Sufferings, and Tears.

    Take the Abusive hatful Criminal Oromia Special Forces and Commandos OUT OF AMHARA ZONE NOW!
    Only the Amhara Police, Special Force, Fannos and Amhara Militias shall operate and protect Amhara people, not the Oromo Zone, ethnocentric and hatful Oromos forces.

    Free all innocent Journalists including the over 8000 Amhara Fannos and Political prisoners you abducted and kidnapped by going to houses in the middle of the Night just within the last few weeks!!

    Free ALL Amhara FANNOS!!!
    Free innocent Fanno Antehen abducted after being set free with bail
    Free Journalist/Historian TADIOS Tantu
    Free Teacher/Artist/Journalist Meskerem Abera
    Free Journalist Solomon Shumeye
    Free Journalist Meaza Mohamed
    Free the Balderas Political activists Mr. Sintayehu Chekol
    Free Amhara Militias!
    Free Amhara Special Forces!
    Free Mr. Gedu Andargachew!!! Where is Mr. Gedu Andargachew??????????


  8. Hey Fellow Countrymen/Women! I am talking to y’all diehard, who like me are beyond-repair lovers of the gem of the colored called Ethiopia with its upright and glorious. Someone just called and told me that there is a shift that rattled all these bigots who have been deafening us with ‘liberation’ this and that. I am not mentioning any names. You can’t open my mouth on that one even if you use industrial pliers. He bigots! Eat your hearts out!!! Nananananana!!!!!!

    Now some of you may have been wondering why I call the old country we all left behind ‘gem of the colored’ and its people ‘glorious’. First and foremost I am a black man. Okay? Who said I am a Sami? You want to know why I used those flattering terms for that country. You really want to know? If I start explaining to you why, it will go on and on, and on with proven facts all day long and all night long until you faint. I’m afraid I will overload this esteemed website!!! For now I’ll leave you with this earth shaking screaming. Shifting! Shifting! Shifting!!! And it is not that shapeshifting you may be wondering about! No sir! No ma’am!!! This one is alive and well. Ooooooooweeeee!!! Shhhhhhhhh!!! Don’t mention any names.

  9. The Orommuma project is running Terrorism, Violence and Genocide in order to decrease the number of Amhara population and to steal and incorporate additional Amhara land into Oromia Zone.

    While Shimeles Abdissa is pardoning and releasing over 4500 Oromo criminals from prisons, Abiy Ahmed on the other hand has sent Oromo Special Force into Amhara Zone to indiscriminately round up, abduct, kidnap, shelling their houses in the middle of the night, imprisoned and murder every innocent Amhara starting from elders to young and to toddlers.

    Right now Abiy Ahmed has imprisoned well over 10000 innocent Amharas (Journalists, artists, teacher women, Fannos, Opposition party members) while some are taken out of Amhara Zone to Oromia Zone prisons.

    Therefore the so called releasing Oromo criminals in Oromia Zone can be suspected as the usual continuation of the dirty Oromo Politics. It is to have more place to fill the prison with Amhara people and tell they are Oromo prisoners!!!

    Each Oromia prison must be examined for illegally prisoning Amhara people out of their perspective Zone. The world must be told with loud voices, and worldwide protest including by very well descriptive signs to show Abiy’s and the Orommuma fascist crime against Humanity and Amhara People!!!


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