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Ethiopia arrested 76 suspects in connection with Eid Al Fatir celebration incident


Groups who attempted to incite violence at the Eid Al- Fatir celebration in Addis Ababa have a clandestine mission they received from internal and external enemies of Ethiopia, says the Ethiopian government

Eid al Fatir _ Addis Ababa  _ suspects
The Muslim community in Addis Ababa celebrating Eid al Fatir at Addis Ababa Stadium on May 2, 2022 (Photo credit : EBC)


Ethiopia’s Security and Intelligence Task Force on Monday announced that it has arrested 76 suspects in connection with violence during the 1443rd Eid Al Fatir celebration in the capital Addis Ababa. 

It said the suspects were the key players in the incident that marred the celebration. No civilian deaths were reported, according to a statement from the government. 

However, some security forces sustained injury although the number was unspecified by the Task Force.  

What the Task Force described as “individuals and groups with a mission to incite violence outside of credence of the religion” incited violence outside of Addis Ababa Stadium, where Eid Salat was organized,  near the Red Terror Martyr Memorial Museum. 

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Reports from state-owned media said properties were damaged and security forces hurt although no specification is given. 

“Members of the Muslim community headed to the place of celebration in an unprecedented manner and commotion started soon after the celebration was started,” the task force is cited as saying. 

Furthermore, it said that the security and the task force are investigating the cause and that the result of the investigation will be made public. 

For the Task Force, those who attempted to incite violence came to the place of celebration with vengeance and hate and had a clandestine mission from internal and external enemies of Ethiopia. 

It saw them as part of the group attempting to destabilise Ethiopia by aggravating conflicts and violence in different parts of the country. 

Some of the suspects carried emblems of radicals, and placards that could incite violence, according to the statement from the task force. 

Meanwhile, the regional states released statements condemning what they say attempts to destabilise the country under the cover of religion. 

The Afar region stresses that any unjust and inhuman action, irrespective of who the perpetrators are, should be condemned and that the perpetrators brought to justice. However, it said, wherever a problem arises it is expected to solve it in a calm manner and in good faith in a way that pleases Allah rather than aggravating it. 

The Prime Minister,  organised an Iftar evening, especially with those migrants who returned from Saudi Arabia sometime over a week ago, invited religious leaders from different Christian congregations for a lunch at the palace. He reportedly had a conversation with them on ways of mitigating religious violence in the country. 

Ethiopia _ religious leaders
Ethiopian PM hosting religious leaders for lunch in the National palace (Photo : EBC)

Last week, a religious violence that started in a funeral place in Gondar claimed at least 14 lives and over 118 sustained injuries according to a report from authorities in the region. The incident triggered large-scale violence in different parts of the country, especially in Silte where about four churches were burned and three Christians were killed in a horrifying manner. 


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  1. The demonic Wahhabis have been standing at the gates praying and dreaming for the opportune time to go in and stir things up along the religion line. Boy, did our boys from Gondar give them that dreamed up day right on a silver platter!!! But they will not succeed. They may have found some who will be willing to sell their souls to the devil. Wahhabis of our days are not like their predecessors. These ones come with deep pockets bulged to the brink of bursting at the seams with petro dollars. Numerous investigative reports have documented it. The Wahhabis have their hands in the terrorism of these days. The old country would be the ultimate trophy for them if they become successful which will never happen just for the fact that the citizens of that gem of the colored know better about these ghouls they see standing at their front door. They know the Wahhabis that when they are among them in that country they say ‘neehna Muslimeens(we are all one Muslims)’ but when they are on the other side of the Red Sea they will be told ‘you are abd’s(niggers), wosak khadameen (filthy servants)’. Please don’t misread me. By Wahhabis I mean those among the tribal chiefs who are fanatic adherents of that extremist version and not the ordinary citizens in their countries.

  2. Humble Commentary, 3 May 2022
    One of the ANCIENT Countries on the Globe is hatching to destroy itself, by itself as an experiment.
    It had enough of ONE ETHIOPIA.
    Ethiopians, the well known wise people on the Globe, are etching to see what it looks like to have a disintegrated country.
    It will have it on NO RETURN basis >>> NO wai, wai, wai wai….. for a country that has “GONE WITH THE WIND”

    Now the SHOW is starting to show us how Ethiopians react in an atmosphere of terror & NEVER TO SEE ETHIOPIA AGAIN. NEVER. NEVER. HOW DO GALLANT ETHIOPIANS REACT????? The world is awaiting to see the limit of PROUD GALLANT Ethiopians to save themselves and their country.

    DEAR READER: HOW DO YOU FEEL BEING AT THE EDGE OF THE CLIFF? >>> to prove your valour. ha ha ha ha ha ……..YOU ASKED FOR IT. THE END


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