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Churches burned in Silte zone of South Ethiopia, at least three killed

Security forces in the Silte zone reportedly failed to stop the attacks on churches and the killings of Christians


A day after the tragic incident in Gondar where a reportedly escalated clash between two individuals from Islamic faith and Orthodox Church followers claimed 14 lives, according to the government, at least three churches were blazed with fire. 

According to EOTV church TV, the perpetrators were what it called radicals [apparently from Islamic faith]. They broke into Rufael Church in Worabe , and vandalised it before they set it on fire.  They also burned St. Gabriel and two other churches. 

Apart from the burned churches, at least three people are reportedly killed from the church. The Diocese of Silete sent a letter to the Ethiopian Orthodox Patriarchate on Friday with a message to request the government to  provide protection to the remaining churches in the Diocese and the followers of the Orthodox Church.  

Protestant places of worship in the same locality were also attacked. 

The Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia on Friday said the destruction of churches and other  places of worship in the Silte zone of Southern Ethiopia as a pure criminal activity. It is unacceptable in any religion, it added. 

His Holiness Abune Mathias, patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church , released a statement expressing his sadness over what has transpired in Gondar and the Silete Zone of South Ethiopia. 

He described it as something embarrassing for Ethiopians in the face of the world.  Saying that  “Fire could not be put out with fire,”  he pleaded for restraint.  

His Holiness also called for religious leaders to diligently work on shaping the generation. His message for the government is that it has to deliver on the responsibility that it took from people and from God. 

“My heart and mind has been in pain because of the horrifying things that have happened in Ethiopia,” he said.  He called for the restoration of peace. 

The Ethiopian government was warning that any attempt to spread religious violence in different parts of Ethiopia will not be tolerated. 

Government is claiming that it has controlled moves to instigate similar attacks on churches in other parts of the country.


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  1. Oh just an other tragedy in the Oromumma theatrics of the fake Ethiopian wannabe lead secret OLF agent aka Abiy’s Ethiopia. Every week and everyday, since the butcher Abiy and his OLF cohorts have assumed the helm four years ago, Ethiopians have witnessed bloodbath after bloodbath. His OLF cadres are stealing properties and land in Addis Ababa which they did not work for, did not toil for or earned an honest penny for, just looters. Shitmeles Abdissa is sitting on millions of hectares of undeveloped land in so called Oromia. Why can’t Shitmeles show us the brilliance and genius, the can do attitude and hardwork ethics of Oromummua by making one, just one city, or town in Oromia worthy of living. Why not make Nekemete a rival of Addis??? Oh we forgot, is it because YOU WILL KILL AND DISPLACE MILLIONS OF NON OROMOS AND END UP WITH A S****TY TOWN WHERE THE OROMO FANATICS AND MILITANTS DO NOT RAISE A FINGER TO WORK???????????????

  2. Abiy and the Oromuma finger Merera Gudina OFC, OPDo gatherings are all responsible for inciting violence and divisions among peaceful Amhara people

    • Hey bro,
      Call the Amharas anything but peaceful. But what amazes me the most is :
      1 You reside in the beautiful / agriculturally rich part
      Of the country, yet they roamed around near and far lands disrupting stability in other ethnic groups.
      2 despite your illusions of being civilized, you basically brought nothing tangible to these other communities unlike the Europeans that came to other parts of Africa. Mind you you believe your are the whites of Ethiopia and others are the savages
      3 why not just take care of your own in Amhara instead of causing suffering to others

  3. This is another savage act by another gang of scabs. Both Holy Scriptures of both major religions prohibit all vile acts on places worship and holy books. 99.9% of those harmonious and glorious people respect and follow that eternal rule to the last word. But as in everywhere there could be some scumbags, the lowest form of human refuse from the bottom of the barrel that are willing to violate that sacred rule. These are eyal-al-souqs that grew up unattended, stray dogs hostile to their own breed. Oromos have such dogs among us. Amharas have them! Tigres have them! Afars, Somalis and every other group of people have such rejects among them. There is a golden rule that has been etched in the unwritten values of co-existence. In all localities the majority has the responsibility to safeguard the wellbeing of the minorities living in its midst. That is what our people are known for. That is how I know them. I am sure our upright brothers and sisters from Silte region will deal these scumbags with telling blows once and for all. I’m sure my Amhara brothers and sisters will do the same with those scabs among them. The regime seems to be powerless and possibly inept to be able to catch such savagery before they take place. These are demons, gangsters of the third kind. They could be unpredictable and have proven to be a scourge that cannot be fully eradicated throughout the history of humanity. They still wreak havoc even in the most powerful nations in the world. In the old country demonic gangsters do not kill citizens for drugs. There is no drug turf warfare. Not yet! There they kill innocent citizens just because they are from different ethnic groups or profess different creed. That is what makes it very troubling. There is widespread rumor blaming those in the government echelons aiding and condoning such barbaric acts. The government has to come clean on this one. The reality is the current regime has proven itself to be the better organized and most powerful institution in that country. That comes with the responsibility of protecting the citizens. Talk is cheap. Everyone is asking ‘show me the money!’ If the current leaders are not up to snuff then others with no dictatorial ambitions or tendencies should get the lot. As far as the opposition, don’t start with me on that one. It is disgracefully splintered beyond imagination. It needs a huge box of Kleenex to clean itself before mumbling and jumbling about provisional/transitional this or that. Nuff said!

  4. As if our beloved Ethiopia isn’t hurting enough.. as if innocent lives aren’t being lost daily.. Let alone by the hands of our own people. I yearn for the day our people can live a day in peace, free of internal animosity amongst one another and hand in hand.


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