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Ethiopia arrested 280 suspects in connection with Gondar incident 

Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council said over 20 were killed in what it described as “terrorist attack from radical Orthodox followers.” 

Gondar _ Islamic Affairs _ Ethiopia
Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council leaders during a press statement on April 28, 2022 ( Photo : EIASC)


Ethiopia’s Federal Intelligence and Security Task Force on Thursday announced that it has arrested 280 suspects in connection with the incident in Gondar which happened on Tuesday this week. 

The Taskforce depicted the arrest as part of a move to take measures against those whom it described “as working to help anti-Ethiopian forces” under the cover of the religion. 

Suspects were, according to the Task Force, involved in the violence and attempted to aggravate it. And there were plans to launch an attack targeting religious institutions and individuals with the aim to broaden the scope of the violence

It said, in a statement sent to state-affiliated media, there have been moves to instigate religious violence in different parts of the country with the pretext of the incident that happened in a funeral place in the central Gondar zone that involved Christians and Muslims.  The goal was to cater to the interests of ant-Ethiopian forces. 

“Those forces whose attempt to bring about a crisis failed due to the age-old shared values have been playing religion as a playing card in order to incite discord that could lead to violence between followers of different faith groups,” the task force claimed. 

Furthermore, it said that anti-Ethiopian forces, internal and external, had attempted to instigate ethnic-based hate and spread it to plunge the country into crisis. 

The task force is also claiming to have adequate information about those who are working from behind, including those who are using social media vying for more violence in many other parts of Ethiopia, and that it will continue to take measures. 

The statement also recalled that there is a legal provision to hold those who are spreading false information on social media responsible. 

The Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council on Thursday called for the submission of information ( photographic, audio, or video) on the attack in Gondar. The council announced on its social media page that it has formed a task force, and those with information could forward the same body. 

The statement from Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council shared on social media on Thursday, takes a different look at the same incident. 

Unlike the security task force, the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council made claims that the perpetrators of the attack were radical Orthodox Church followers.  

And it said that over 20 Muslims have become martyrs and hundreds have been wounded.  The statement did not talk about those killed from the other side. 

From social media conversations, the incident in Gondar shook Ethiopians to the core. 

The National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) and Ethiopian Citizens For Social Justice Party, both opposition parties represented with a single ministerial appointment in the Federal cabinet, asked the government to investigate the Gondar incident and bring the perpetrators to justice. 


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  1. How came the government has not caught one arson in Oromia zone when hundreds of Orthodox Churches and Mosques were deliberately set on fire from the start of Abiy OPDO misruling of Ethiopia some while parishioners and worshippers are still inside?

    Suddenly 280 are caught when it happen in Amhara region? Who is the catcher and who are the arrested? I wonder if they are opposition to the unelected Prosperity Party groups. Abiy came to Amhara region few days ago and suddenly this incidence happened. What a coincidence? Does that rhyme with what Abiy swore to make Amhara regions like Mogadishu?

    Those 280 people must be studied and searched if they are opposition to ODPA and ODPO.

    Amharas cool down and make soul search. Do not get exited and become victims to Abiy and OPDO plot. Do not allow or give your enemies an ammunition to distract you. Keep politics out and keep you cool with your Amhara families regardless of religion differences.

  2. There are many Ethiopians paid by foreigners to spread terrorism in Ethiopia.
    Terrorists: Merara Gudina, ofeco, Jawar, mujib amino, Ahmed in jebel, Many paid women journalists including maza Ahmed, Meskerem, Justice Maza must be arrested, shaleka Dawit, Dishtagena singer, ….many are paid by foreigners. Many in government also. Mekelakya and Any government put people to work, if you can’t pay them, give then incentive such as, reduce tax, ginh housing, gibing meals, etc. To stop Ethiopians from being paid by foreign agents to destabilize the country. What good is getting rid of tplf if replaced by the same type? Shame on the government playing games instead of arresting terrorists and putting people to work.

    • You’re a sick person. Basically all Muslim advocates in your sick mind are terrorist. You Amharas are the the biggest most sophisticated terrorists but your domination of the majority is coming to en end.

  3. I now do not know what to make of the current regime. I am not sure if the root of its incapacity to avoid such broad daylight shameful act of utter savagery is its ineptness or indifference. I’m not sure of it. No this is not a spontaneous flare up but a calculated and well planned assault meant to kill innocent citizens. It seems to me that the regime is either careless or content to see the making of ruthless and lawless thugs(warlords) among the two major ethnic groups. I don’t fully blame the sitting government for Debre and his hooligans since they have been around and riding on the backs of those noble people from Tigray for more than 40 years. What shocked me to my core is this barbaric religious violence took place in the city of Gondar. I and many of us have been deafened with the glorious history of that city and its environs days in and days out. I don’t see any of being civilized in this one. From history books I have read in earnest for the last 3 decades about the old country including the one written by one of my favorite countrymen historians, Obbo Bahru bin Zewde, I had come to know that that part of the country had once descended into bloody chaos for more than a century in the period called the era of princes(ruthless warlords) until the Barentu Oromos came on to the scene. It seems to me that darkness seems to have descended once again on that region. But the problem now is there are no Oromos to play the pacification roles this time around since they themselves are preoccupied with their own bloody violence of all sorts perpetrated by thugs born and raised in their midst. But, a big but, I am not giving up on my noble Amhara neighbors. I’m sure there are level heads among them just like there are many among my own Oromos. Those level heads should take the lead and deal such hooligans with telling blows once and for all. There should not be any excuses and justifications for such savage acts. Holy Scriptures and places of worship are eternally untouchable.

  4. But in the middle of all this senseless bloodshed coupled with calamities caused by nature(drought), Good Ole USA is busy doling out hundreds of millions dollars in desperately needed aids destined to the beleaguered. Its Chargés D’affaires Ambassador Tracey Ann Jacobson was in the regions hard hit by violence and drought consoling the bereaved and the suffering. Then this begs us all to question where are those two self acclaimed ‘superpowers, those two neighborhood bullies from Moscow and Beijing? No, no they are not sending wheat, rice and hard currencies to help those desperate people. No sir! They have been sending proven tools of death and destruction. Debre and his murderous rogues would be very proud to brandish Russian invented and Chinese/Egyptian knockoff AK-47’s in your face. Debre’s self anointed beast of burden(Hee Haw!!!) in some joints in my own Oromia would be excited to bust a move for you dangling his AK-47’s. Those good old days of bolt action guns in the hands of my Itu clans are gone and replaced by super efficient AK-47’s. The country is awash with these not M-16’s. After all this goodwill and boundless generosity by USA, the response is all thankless. I am not surprised. Since the middle 1960’s and particularly 1974, decency seems to be too hard to come by from that country. It has become a country where blaming others for its own folly is a routine copout. Even this savage act that took place in the supposedly most civilized city is being blamed by the inept officials and others on outsiders when in reality it was its own stray eyal-al-souqs who committed it. And this is not funny, okay! That Allah Blessed country does not need inter faith conflict. It has its hand full with inter ethnic conflict already. This is the occasion when we should all stand together and tell those stray dogs ‘how dare you?’ This is a crime that deserves a fast tracked justice in a court of law. This is something I have been saying all along. Those Wahhabi demons with deep pockets have been standing at the gate salivating and itching to go in and stir things up even more. What better tool can they get better than this savagery from the historic city of Gondar? This is when I feel totally helpless. This incidence has pummeled me with a hard and sharp bolo punch in the stomach. I thought I will never live long enough to hear such demonic act but now it has become a routine! O Almighty Our Creator! Most Gracious, Most Merciful to Those Who Have Mercy For Others, I’m Down On My Knees Begging You!! Please Save That Blessed Country!!!

  5. When will the Ethiopian Defense Force clear Prosperity Party, led by OLF-Shane sympathizer and enabler PM also Chairman Abiy, from active OLF-Shane members that are masquerading in PP as Ethiopian members of parliament, government, military, civil service and security apparatus?????????

    Oromumma startegey : How to govern by idiocy: to realize Oromumma pipe dream first we will appoint 100 % of all positions in the civil service sector with Oromumma aka PP cadres. End result chaos and failure.Blood shed!!! If Oromumma fails in so called Oromia, as seen in Wolega bloodshed and displacement, Shashemene torched city, we Oromumma cadres will make sure there will be chaos in so called Amhara region, starting with Gondar.

    Remember astute reader, when Oromumma Abiy’s war with TPLFs DebreSaytan began, there was no war in Gondar, there was no war in Afar, there was no war in Wollo. Only a genius colonel and startegician like the fake Colonel, the fake PhD, the fake PM, the fake Ethiopian wanna be closet OLF, Abiy could have managed to expand one war from one tiny region of Ethiopia comprising no more than 5% of the population and with a land mass 1/6 of the Somalia region in Ethiopia to Gondar, Afar, Wollo, Northern Shoa and elsewhere. Moreover, the political hack and butcher aka Abiy, pretended to be pro Ethiopia and for all Ethiopians all this time. What a dunce!!!!What a sham!!!! What a sociopath!!!!!! What a psychopath!!!! What a butcher!!!!!


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