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Gondar : security disrupted as civilians killed in a funeral event incident

Narrative from Amhara regional gov’t says a clash between individuals in Gondar was deliberately escalated in a way to make it appear violence between followers of Muslims and Christians  

Gondar _ Muslim _ Christian _ Ethiopia
A picture from the incident in Gondar. A group of people are seen holding a blood stained Jeans. (Photo credit : Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council Social Media page)


An unspecified number of people are reportedly killed in Gondar following what the government described as the escalation of an incident that involved a fight between two individuals who happened to be followers of Christian and Islam regions. 

Unconfirmed social media reports say at least three people are killed, and an unspecified number of people are wounded and are said to be hospitalised. It is unclear whether the injuries are life-threatening or not. 

The incident happened during the funeral of Sheikh Kemal Legas. Apparently, an individual who wanted to pick up a rock for the funeral from a nearby place of Christian worship got into a fight with another individual who disallowed the rock to be taken. It then escalated to something bigger and spread to the city from the Muslim funeral place. 

Gondar _
One of the victims purportedly from the incident in Gondar is seen soaked with blood

Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council shared a brief update on its social media page.  It said “What is happening in Gondar is an attack on Muslims, disrespecting Mosques and destroying properties. We condemn it.” 

The social media update from the council claimed that a hand grenade was thrown and three people were killed. 

Amhara region peace and security office head, Desalegn Tassew, told Amhara Media corporation that an incident involving a clash between two individuals was escalated to something bigger, and given a religious character.

He added that for those who escalated, the identity of the group is unspecified,  the incident had a mission [ to create a religious conflict in Gondar city], and the security in the city was disrupted.

Authorities claimed that the situation came under as the youth groups from both religions coordinated with security forces in the city of Gondar. 

Desalegne Tassew added that security forces are instructed to take serious measures against anyone interested in restoring chaos in the city. 

The region’s communication affairs have issued a statement regarding the development but it did not give more details about the incident that turned out to be bigger to the point of disrupting the security situation in the city – which is said to be targeted for a long time now by forces who intend to bring about a security problem in the city. 

The statement from the Amhara region sees an incident in Gondar as part of multifaceted internal and external attempts to attack the Amhara people. 

It called on residents of  Gonder to be watchful and stand on guard of peace and stability in the city. 

Ethiopian Muslims have been organising street Iftar events, religious in nature,  in many cities across Ethiopia and a considerable number of Ethiopians from outside the Islamic faith have attended these events. 

For many Ethiopians, from a conversation on social media platforms, the street Iftar events represented success stories viewed from the trajectory further enhancing the move to end the religious divide that could lead to the political problem in the country. 

In recent years, authorities have been reporting sized illegal trade in fire arms in the region.

Ethiopia has been experiencing challenges due to groups aspiring to radicalise ethnic and religious differences in the country. 


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  1. This is just disgraceful and should never be condoned. Those who perpetrated this shameful crime should not be anyone else except unruly punks who grew up unattended. They must those rowdy eyal-al-souqs reared and went astray like alley dogs. Are they those Fanos we are being deafened with this or that undeserved attributes? I don’t need to be reminded that such scumbags are not the majority among my noble Amhara neighbors or Christians. I know them first hand. I had the chance to spend my formative years with both of them. I have friends who belong to these two groups and I have no doubt whatsoever they will stand at the gates of hell to protect me and I will do the same for them without an iota of a 2nd thought. These are unruly punks and I am sure my noble Amhara neighbors will deal with them in the only way they understand. I am saddened to my core. That country is reeling from the inter-ethnic fracas that proved to be deadly to innocent citizens and the last faceoff it needs is a religious one. How dare you punks! How dare you!!!!!

  2. Subject: “Gondar : security disrupted as civilians killed in a funeral event incident”, April 26, 2022

    Humble Commentary, 26 Aug 2022
    Ethiopia is going down the drain leaving behind its legendary “chewannet “
    It seems the legendary story that there is always an end to everything is glaringly being applied to Ethiopia.
    What a sad ending that would be.

    The French seem to have insight as a consolation when they said: “C’est la Vie “
    (*) Footnote
    Needless to say, if one wishes to disagree with the statement regarding claim of ancient history of Ethiopia one is free to disagree without consuming energy in tantrum.

  3. I am saddened and share condolence to my brothers and sisters in Gondar city. This is a crime on Ethiopian unity. I don’t think that such unhuman act does represent noble Amhara people, both Christians and Islam. I am quite sure that they will solve it soon.

  4. Very sad indeed. RIP victims of government henchmen. Abiy said that he is worried by the rising Amhara nationalism but when Amhara were daily slaughtered and ripped off their wealth and belonging by Oromo OLF Shene for Four years under his rule, he never mince words about it.
    Amharas, Orthodox or Muslims daily slaughter in Wollega by Oromo extremists and terrorists OLF Shene never bothered PM Abiy, the Oromo, Protestant and Muslim extremist dominated Abiy PPO coalition government were quit as a mouse for the very long four years.

    The cause and effect for the rising Amhara nationalism is came as a result of Oromo Government cadres demonization and mischaracterizing of the great Amhara history, the feeling of abandonment and been targeted for the daily slaughter, displacement, robbed them of their farms, houses, live stock or cattle’s , money and rights and privileges as citizen.

    People of Gonder regardless of religion or politics differences will mend their relationship and continue to live in harmony as always been. The news itself become shocking because Gonder and Amhara (Christians or Muslim) are not known for extremism and radicalisms as Wollega and Arsi.

    Leave Gonder, Amhara Christian or Muslims and Fano alone. They are the exemplary of peace and harmony!!!!

  5. The current hysteria is definitely a set up in order to cover up what Abiy, Adanech Abebe and Shimeles Abdissa are working on to control Addis Ababa.
    They have dressed in Addis Ababa Police uniform and brought 50000 Oromia Police to Addis Ababa. As if Addis Ababa has not unemployed youth problem and there is no one in Addis Ababa that deserves to get that job those Oromo cadres are giving Addis Ababan’s job to their Oromo base that they count on for abusing Addis Ababa youth and hide the evidence.

    The see monkey see monkey do OPDO has no capability to reform itself and avoid TPLF dreadful mistakes. Addis Ababans or Ethiopians will never be controlled by gun, police, threats, and weapons. The already fragile economy can collapse in seconds if people rise up and block every economical venues. Including blocking roads, boycotts and mass protests. No prison or gun can control and silence angry protests. By then the military and police might join their people’s agony and demands and sufferings.

  6. This was to be foreseen by any honest person keen on the politics of Ethiopia. I am afraid the dehumanization of the Muslims of Ethiopia and the denial of Ethiopian Christians that the Muslims are equal citizens to them will eventually lead to many more bloodsheds. If you need any evidence of this denial , look no further that this story right here: cordoned reports are 21 dead and rapes and property destruction widespread. Yet this site minimizes the incident as a fight btwn two guys who happen to be a Muslim and a Christian. During the last January religious celebrations where one person was killed near Addis, you called it a massacre against Christians by Oromo.
    Muslims are not less than you on neither numbers nor bravery and will eventually be fed up of the r oppression. When that happens, keep in mind that people here at Borkena played a role in fanning the flames of hate that will result in many more massacres on both sides

  7. Menem medebabek ayesefelegem akerari tsefegna chirtianowch sera now. Yehen gize leyla bota bihon social media techenanqo neber. Eza akababi betedegagami now yezih ayent sheber miseraw

    Ina lillahi wa ina illahi rajioon

    Allah Merhim

  8. Totally hypocritical.
    Fight between two guys, what a joke.
    This is Islam phobia by the extremists trying to terrorize the muslims in the country.
    No more first class and second class citizenship.
    I know you will not post this.
    But if it was the other way round you would have a feildday all over social media.
    Then expect say us to believe the fake news

  9. This is BS!!! coming from none other than the imbecilic Abiy and his Oromo militants. Readers look at the first comment from the PP cadre, butcher Abiy apologist and Oromumma fanatic, ITTU ABA FARDA!!! Here this fraud and enemy of justice , accountability and reason writes

    “This is just disgraceful and should never be condoned. Those who perpetrated this shameful crime should not be anyone else except unruly punks who grew up unattended. They must those rowdy eyal-al-souqs reared and went astray like alley dogs. Are they those Fanos we are being deafened with this or that undeserved attributes? I don’t need to be reminded that such scumbags are not the majority among my noble Amhara neighbors or Christians”.

    The only scumbags here are the Abiy clique, his Oromo militants and the idiotic PP cadres like Itu Aba Farda who are trying so hard and failing miserably at creating chaos in all over Ethiopia to realize their impossible pipe dream of Oromumma.

    The great thing here is for the true Ethiopians to stay focused and unperturbed. The Abiy regime is desperate, and imploding from inside. Any logical person would immediately surmise that a hand grenade, if involved, would come from none other than the government itself. The foolish cadre here inadvertently pointed his own fingers at himself, the Abiy clique and the new its our turn to rule Oromo fanatics. No sensible Ethiopian would fall for such cheap and lousy gimmick. It is not even original. Masters of the Oromumma fanatics,TPLF used to play this cheap and dirty game on innocent Ethiopians for the past 30 years. So desperate Oromumma PP cadre, try harder!!!

    What is sad here is the unscrupulous and psychopathic nature of the closet Orimumma fanatic, Abiy whose undershirt, socks and bedsheets have all one word written on them using innocent blood of defenseless Ethiopians : OlF!!!

    Day by day, the more this desperate clown tries to hoodwink Ethiopians, the more he reveals his vile, vapid and inferiority complex plagued Oromoumma fanaticism and grandeur.

    • Sir,

      I want to remind you that Borkena was created so dignified discussions will take place between participants. If my calling those demons in Gondar ‘scumbags’ is what sets you off then I can tell you this for fact. If Borkena was not a family show you could have seen me calling them the worst of the worst names. That is because I don’t consider them Amharas but those who might have been born to the upright Amhara parents but grew up sideways refusing to grow upright the whole time. If you want a dignified conversation with me or other participants on this platform you need to clean up your potty mouth. Otherwise I will report you to the dear editors of this website.

  10. Occam’s razor is a philosophical razor that can help to cut through otherwise complicated and foggy looking maze. The reader is advised to stick to simple facts and sequence of events.
    1) April 22 the butcher and despot Abiy visits Seqota in Amhara region on the eve of Ethiopian Easter
    2) April 23 Orthodox Ethiopians celebrate Easter
    3) April 26, the Abiy regime tells Ethiopians, in Gondar there was a a clash between Christians and Moslems.

    Abiy and his Oromo militant cadres further yap their loud mouths about the involvement of a handgrade.

    In a few days, Abiy and his sycophants and the Oromo militants will blame this on Fano and will attempt to perpetrate their hidden agenda.The problem is that Abiy is becoming desperate by the minute and becoming 100 % untrustworthy, unrealizable,and utterly incompetent. In addition the barbarism and mendacity of PP, the idiocy and delusions of Oromumma fanatics are becoming crystal clear and 100% transparent to all Ethiopians.

  11. We are very disturbed with what happend to our muslim brothers and sisters in gondar. We pray to allah this chaos will end with out any further damage.
    This cahnnel covering the story is good but it contains some misinformation. The first thing is the place where stone are taken from(the river) is far from where the church is located you can see the map if you want. From this you would understand the cause of the clash is not taking stones for burial.
    The second thing is the disturbance didnt start between two guys rather the muslim communty was surprised by the attack of those terrorists if it was a clash b/n 2 people only from where did the bomb came from. It is a deliberate attack and all what happend was planned by the terrorists. I’m not saying this by my own rather there are a lot of informations in photos and videos indicating that. So when you cover a story first try to see all the informations and be partial. Thanks

  12. Silly fight between two guys went out of proportion. Enemy of Amhara keep your filthy breath because Amharas are one and Amharas are known for respecting each other and solving any problem in a civilized and peaceful manner unlike the savagery Oromia zone.

    How about those hundreds and thousand of Churches and Mosques and Christians and Muslim Amharas daily massacre in every part of Oromia region? How many radical extremist Oromo murderers have been caught?

    Justice for Amhara! Oromia region is washed by Amhara Muslims and Christin blood with no accountability and justice!!

  13. Since the middle 1970’s the old country has gone through continuous destructive conflicts and deadly natural disasters. Some of the conflicts came and disappeared but others continued with ebbs and flows costing thousands of innocent lives. The most devastating ones were/are ethnic related call it ‘liberation front’ this or that. There were killings and destructions carried out by religious extremists but not as wide spread as the ethnic ones. When these flared up level head religious leaders had stepped in and were able to nip it in the bud. We see them trying to do the same this time around too. These level heads are Oromos, Amharas, Afars, Somalis and from all other ethnic groups. Extremists who have been waiting for an opportune time are once again being denied the fodder they try to grab away. Hats off to the farsighted level heads over there. But the reality here among the Diaspora is to the opposite. Bigots among us are fanning the flames of hate by using ethnic pejoratives in their satanic utterances. For them Amhara is all one group of haters. For them Oromo is is all nothing a group of bigots. They use words so vile I don’t know if they have any sense of humanity in them. I don’t think these hate filled individuals had the chance (I call it privilege) to live among other ethnic groups other than theirs before they moved here. They get high from spewing incendiary poison from their comfy homes here among us, I call upon those level heads among to come together and rein in on these potty mouthed bigots. That includes editors of all websites. Let’s not tinker around with freedom of speech this or that. It is a proven fact that pejoratives have cost and are still costing innocent human lives over there. The shameful act in Gondar was an isolated case and kudos to the level heads over there it is under control now. The demons who carried out the killings and destructions are said to be behind bars. They should never see the sunlight outside the prison gates ever again. Let’s not forget the eternal golden rule. Every majority in every society and locality has the responsibility and burden to protect minorities living in its midst. That has been the case in the old country up until the 1970’s. I have my own take for the reasons which I mentioned on several occasions in the past. Again, I call upon all level heads and editors of website to deny the means for these faceless and shameless bigots among the Diaspora.


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