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The TPLF’s Terrorist Occupation Was Collective Punishment Against Ethiopians

TPLF _ Ethiopia _ Hybrid war
Ethiopians protesting against mainstream media outlets like BBC and CNN for disinformation regarding the conflict in Ethiopia (Photo : screenshot from RT video)

By Andrew Korybko
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The TPLF’s crushing defeat on the battlefield resulted in the liberation of the Afar and Amhara Regions that were previously under their occupation over the past half-year. The world is now realizing the extent of the war crimes that this terrorist organization committed during that time. China’s Xinhua quoted official Ethiopian sources who reported that approximately $5.7 billion worth of damage was inflicted on the Amhara Region, including the destruction of 1,466 healthcare facilities, not to mention widespread vandalism against water, electricity, and transport infrastructure. 

The outlet also cited official data claiming that over 1.9 million schoolchildren can no longer study after the TPLF damaged more than 4,000 schools in the Amhara Region. More than 1.8 million people have been displaced from that region and the Afar one as a result of the terrorists’ occupation, which has left 8.3 million people food insecure too. This devastation isn’t the fruits of an organization that’s allegedly committed to “democracy”, “human rights”, and “justice” like its US-led Western allies claim, but the direct result of a terrorist group collectively punishing Ethiopians. 

It’s therefore not without reason that the ENDF’s tactically halted its counteroffensive outside the Tigray Region. Not only are the authorities wisely avoiding the TPLF’s false flag “genocide” trap that they warned about, but they’re also prioritizing the recovery of the liberated regions from the terrorists’ brutal occupation. Furthermore, they’re compiling evidence of the TPLF’s war crimes and sharing it with their international partners like Russia. Ambassador Evgeny Terekhin pledged that his country will contribute to Ethiopia’s rehabilitation efforts after becoming aware of the full extent of the damages. 

It can also be presumed that Ethiopia will share its findings with China, India, Turkey, and the UAE, which are also among its most reliable partners, in order for them to contribute as well as thus make the country’s recovery a collective effort of the multipolar community. Those of its partners that participate in this process will also likely raise wider awareness of the TPLF’s war crimes in the Afar and Amhara Regions which resulted in the widespread devastation that their countries would by then be helping Ethiopia recover from. This could go a long way in further reshaping international perceptions.

As it stands, the US-led West is waging an intense information warfare campaign against Ethiopia as part of its broader Hybrid War on that civilization-state as punishment for its balanced foreign policy. The average news consumer is being incessantly fed fake news about this conflict that reverses the roles of the TPLF and ENDF by deceitfully misportraying the former as “liberators” and the latter as “occupiers”. They’ve also been lied to when it comes to the completely discredited allegations that the ENDF is carrying out a so-called “genocide” against the Tigrayans. 

The reality is that the only genocide that’s taken place in the conflict is that which the TPLF committed against the locals in the Afar and Amhara Regions that it occupied over the past half-year as proven by the widespread documented destruction and far-reaching humanitarian consequences thereof that were reported by official Ethiopian sources after those regions’ recent liberation. The Ethiopian diaspora is doing an amazing job informing the world about the truth of this conflict through their viral #NoMore hashtag campaign, but their efforts would be amplified if Ethiopia’s partners took up the torch too. 

That’s already happening to an extent as evidenced by RT’s latest report about the US-led West’s fake news campaign against the democratically elected and legitimate Ethiopian government. Considering Ambassador Terekhin’s pledge for his country to contribute to its historical partner’s rehabilitation efforts after becoming aware total extent of the damage committed by the TPLF during its occupation of the Afar and Amhara Regions, it can therefore be expected that more such reports will eventually follow and thus greatly facilitate the noble efforts that are presently underway to share the truth about this conflict with the international community in order to counteract the US-led West’s fake news about it. 

It’s crucial to draw attention not just to the TPLF’s war crimes during that time, but also its Hybrid War of Terror on Ethiopia that preceded the hot war that it provoked following the terrorist group’s surprise attack against the Northern Command in November 2020. Prime Minister Abiy elaborated on this in a several-hour-long speech that he gave to his country’s parliament later that same month where he documented the TPLF’s terrorist-driven divide-and-rule tactics against their own people in the two and a half years prior to the aforementioned surprise attack.

In brief, he talked about how they’d pit different ethnic groups against each other in order to create a series of crises aimed at facilitating their planned return to power after sabotaging PM Abiy’s reforms. As dramatic as this sounds, it’s actually just a continuation of what the group had been doing during its 27 years of ruling the country, albeit maximally intensified for the purpose of destroying the country if they weren’t able to successfully recapture control of it through these treasonous Hybrid War means. It would be extremely useful if Ethiopia’s partners eventually drew attention to this as well.

This is crucial to do since the world must become keenly aware of exactly what sort of forces the US-led West is supporting in the conflict. The TPLF is the complete opposite of “democrats”, “freedom fighters”, and “humanitarians” as proven by their widespread collective punishment against the residents of the Afar and Amhara Regions that they occupied. These facts contradict the Mainstream Media narrative about the group which seeks to reverse the roles of the TPLF and ENDF as was earlier explained. It’s the ENDF, not the TPLF, that are truly democrats, freedom fighters, and humanitarians. 

It would be useful for the Ethiopian government to consider sharing its findings of the TPLF’s war crimes with the African Union and United Nations in order to raise maximum awareness of them among the international community. These highly publicized efforts would ensure that their reports receive the greatest amount of media attention possible even though it should be taken for granted the US-led West will automatically dismiss them as so-called “fake news” simply because those facts contradict the fake news narrative that the TPLF’s patrons have been propagating since the conflict began. 

Nevertheless, those sincere observers who care to actually listen to what the Ethiopian government has to say, read its reports, and pay attention to the follow-up work that its Russian and other partners do in this respect (both in the media and reconstruction spheres) will realize that the Ethiopian people are indisputably the victims of the TPLF’s collective punishment. This foreign-backed terrorist group savagely destroyed the northern part of their own country during their six-month spree of war crimes. Those who support the TPLF are partially responsible for its crimes against humanity. 

All the positive progress that’s recently been made in ending the war and exposing the TPLF’s countless crimes was made possible by the Ethiopian people, their armed forces, allied militias, and leadership. They united in the face of the existential threat posed to their historically diverse civilization-state by that foreign-backed terrorist group and ensured that it wouldn’t ever succeed in erasing Ethiopia from the map. This fact discredits the false narrative that they were “irredeemably divided” since they all ultimately rallied around the anti-imperialist legacy of their ancestors to save Ethiopia once again. 


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  1. I don’t think too much faith should be placed in Russia or others. Ethiopians have won this war by themselves; the weapons supplied by Turkey etc have no doubt been paid for by Ethiopia.

    It is true that western media coverage has been disgraceful, simply repeating lines from the US government and the TPLF. However, I think the Government should make more effort to encourage reputable news organisations to visit the war zone and report the truth, rather than just banning them. News organisations and “hotel journalists”; TPLF has shown how it is possible to manage and manipulate the news agenda, and the NoMore campaign has shown that it is possible to fight back.

    It’s not a case of persuading the United States to change its policy, but of making it impossible for them to put their plans into action.

    • I agree with you 100%. The government should avoid being seen as hostile to these western media outlets. They strive on sensationalizing their stories and this war is one of them. That is how they operate. Complaining about their uneven handedness should be left for us readers. The government should encourage reporters from these major media outlets to go in the conflict areas now liberated by the government forces and their regional allies and see the destruction and lootings left behind by Debre’s hooligans. May be that could open up their eyes.

    • I very much agree with your last statement. Even if PM Abiy and his government were amenable to letting Western Media access the war zone, I doubt that their reporting will be any different. The US accuses China and Russia of biased and ideologically or politically motivated reporting, God knows how much of it is done in the West!



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