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What Lessons Can Be Learned From The TPLF’s Crushing Defeat On The Battlefield?

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is flanked by his comrades and security during his visit to the battle front in show in mid November 2021

By Andrew Korybko

Debretsion Gebremichael, the leader of the terrorist-designated Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), declared that his group decided to “withdraw” in the interests of “peace” from the neighboring Afar and Amahra Regions that it was occupying since the summer. What actually happened is that the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) delivered a crushing defeat to the TPLF on the battlefield after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed recently went to the front lines to lead the national war effort. The terrorists’ top representative is desperate to spin the latest developments in the most self-interested way possible since he knows that the TPLF’s time is almost up. Quite a few lessons can be learned from all of this:

Political Disputes Must Be Settled Through Political Means

The TPLF’s political disagreements with PM Abiy’s reforms should have remained just that, political disagreements, and should never have been exploited as the basis upon which the most influential faction of the former ruling party began a terrorist campaign against their own country.  

Ambushing The Military, Slaughtering Civilians, And Weaponizing Aid Is Textbook-Style Terrorism

The TPLF’s ambush against the ENDF’s Northern Command in November 2020 was an unprecedented act of terrorism against the state, as was its subsequent slaughtering of civilians and weaponization of foreign aid shipments in order to manufacture famine-like conditions in parts of the country. 

Conspiring With Foreign Powers Is Treasonous

The TPLF is suspected of conspiring with Egypt and its American ally in its blind pursuit to return to power, to which end it appears to have agreed to the quid pro quo of subsequently “Bosnifying” this ultra-diverse country along its many identity dimensions if its treasonous campaign had succeeded. 

Information & Economic Warfare Characterizes The US-Led West’s Hybrid War On Ethiopia

The TPLF was assisted by the US-led West’s information warfare campaign comprised of false “genocide” allegations and fearmongering about the capital’s safety, which occurred in parallel with efforts to deter foreign aid and investment into the country so as to worsen everyone’s living standards. 

Ethiopia Was Punished For Its Balanced Foreign Policy 

The US couldn’t accept Ethiopia’s balanced policy of pursuing equally excellent relations with the West and China since Washington wanted Addis to curtail and ultimately cut off ties with the latter as part of its zero-sum demands in the New Cold War between these two superpowers. 

The Ethiopian People Proudly Support Their Civilization-State’s Unity

Ethiopia is more than just a country, it’s a civilization-state with millennia of shared history among the diverse members of its population, who proudly support its continued unity in the face of externally exacerbated divide-and-rule plots driven by treasonous tribalistic terrorist forces like the TPLF. 

The Ethiopian Government Embodies The Will Of Its People

There was no way that the democratically elected and legitimate Ethiopian government could have withstood this foreign-backed terrorist onslaught had it not enjoyed the genuine support of its people, who rallied in support of November’s state of emergency and volunteered to the front in droves. 

Patriotism, Civilizational/National Unity, And Leadership – Not Drones – Turned The Tide Of The War

It’s become fashionable among some in the US-led West to claim that drones turned the tide of the ENDF’s anti-terrorist war, but this was really due to the Ethiopian people’s patriotism, their strong support for civilizational/national unity, and PM Abiy’s decision to lead the war from the front lines. 

Sudan’s False Claims Failed To Provoke A Wider War

Another means through which the US-led West and Egypt sought to advance the TPLF’s objectives was by provoking a foreign conflict between Sudan and Ethiopia after the former ridiculously alleged that the latter invaded it and slaughtered several soldiers, which was a failed attempt to spark a wider war. 

* The Diaspora Made All The Difference In Correcting International Perceptions About This Conflict

The ultra-intense information warfare component of the US-led West’s Hybrid War on Ethiopia was successfully countered by the Ethiopian diaspora’s in-person and virtual activism of organizing peaceful protests and viral hashtag campaigns to get the truth out across the world about this conflict. 

* Corrupt UN Elements Were Instrumentalized By The US-Led West For Hybrid War Ends

Despite losing the information war, the US-led West continued to actively destabilize Ethiopia by instrumentalizing corrupt UN elements for Hybrid War ends through those officials who were expelled from the country a few months back and via the Human Rights Council’s hyper-politicized investigation. 

Debretsion’s UN Outreach Is A Desperate Last-Ditch Attempt To Save The TPLF

The TPLF leader’s letter to the UN lying about the reasons behind his terrorist group’s chaotic retreat is a desperate last-ditch attempt to misrepresent them as equal to the Ethiopian government in the hopes of encouraging their US-led Western and Egyptian allies to pressure the ENDF to stop its operations. 

Ethiopia’s Planned National Dialogue Will Peacefully Resolve All Political Differences

Seeing as how the war has neared its end, it was very timely for State Minister Redwan Hussien to declare that Ethiopia’s planned national dialogue will peacefully resolve all political differences, including through a potential referendum for amending the constitution. 

Ethiopia’s Diaspora And Their Foreign Allies Will Ensure The Country’s Post-War Economic Recovery

The patriotic Ethiopian diaspora can be counted on to invest in their country’s post-war economic recovery, including by simply revisiting their homeland to support local businesses during the Great Ethiopian Homecoming, as can that country’s close Russian, Chinese, Indian, Turkish, and Emirati allies. 

The US-Led West’s Hybrid War On Ethiopia Prompted The Revival Of Pan-Africanist Sentiment

The Ethiopian diaspora’s #NoMore viral hashtag movement that began after the latest intensification of the US-led West’s Hybrid War on Ethiopia prompted the revival of pan-Africanist sentiment by popularizing the need for Africans to unite in the face of shared threats to their safety and sovereignty. 

PM Abiy’s Medemer Concept Proved Its Legitimacy 

Critics who questioned the legitimacy of PM Abiy’s medemer concept have been disproven after its pro-sovereignty, anti-imperialist, and pro-diversity principles greatly contributed to this civilization-state’s victory in the war, which paves the way for his philosophy to continue shaping Ethiopia’s future path. 

The US-led West and their Egyptian allies arrogantly thought that they could exploit TPLF terrorists to “Bosnify” Ethiopia as punishment for its pragmatic balancing act between the American and Chinese superpowers, only to end up having their entire Hybrid War plot backfire by turning that targeted country into a modern-day example of anti-imperialist and pan-African principles in practice. The Ethiopian people, their diaspora, armed forces, allied militias, and leadership are responsible for saving their ultra-diverse civilization-state from its externally exacerbated existential crisis. The entire world will now associate Ethiopia and its people with proud resilience in the face of unprecedented pressure. 

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