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The Great Ethiopian Homecoming Is Crucial For The Country’s Democratic Security

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Andrew Korybko

By Andrew Korybko
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The Ethiopian government invited its global diaspora and their friends to return to the first’s homeland over the holiday season, which it says would represent a Great Ethiopian Homecoming. This isn’t just a slogan but a policy of tangible substance aimed at bolstering the country’s “democratic security”. To explain, this concept refers to anti-Hybrid War tactics and strategies that comprehensively counteract externally exacerbated conflicts within targeted states. They can take military, economic, social, media, financial, and other forms. The purpose is to defend the targeted state’s democratic system from unconventional attack by foreign adversaries, including those that take advantage of domestic proxies. 

The US-led West’s Hybrid War on Ethiopia is multidimensional and relies heavily on manipulating foreign perceptions about this conflict. The aim is to turn the Ethiopian people against their government by dividing and ruling them through propaganda, including that which worsens their structural stability such as by scaring away investors. That second-mentioned element is achieved through the false claims alleging that the ENDF is carrying out “ethnic cleansing” and even “genocide” against the Tigrayans. This is intended to pressure them into curtailing and ultimately closing their businesses there on the false pretext that remaining active would “support a genocidal regime that’s on the brink of collapse.” 

The military aspect of the conflict decisively shifted in the ENDF’s favor after Prime Minister Abiy went to the front lines to lead the war effort last month. The national forces’ subsequent successes discredited the false claims that Addis Ababa was “surrounded” and “about to fall” to the TPLF. Nevertheless, the average news consumer across the world might still have had their perceptions about the war disproportionately shaped by the initial impressions that they were exposed to by the US-influenced Western Mainstream Media. Some might still seriously believe that the capital is “threatened”, Ethiopia is “unsafe”, and “genocide” is being committed there. 

Therein lies the strategic importance of the Great Ethiopian Homecoming when it comes to Ethiopia’s democratic security policy. Not only will the diaspora help support the national economy, but they’d also show the world that their homeland is safe enough for upwards of a million of them to return on short notice for the holiday season like the government plans to have happen. This could then influence those foreign companies that might have been scared by the US-led West’s fake news campaign to consider leaving Ethiopia into rethinking the wisdom of that option. That would help counteract the US-led West’s forthcoming pressure on them not to assist with Ethiopia’s post-war economic recovery. 

Additionally, the organically emerging soft power dimension of the Great Ethiopian Homecoming should also be analyzed. The diaspora is expected to share experiences from their trip on social media, which will show their non-Ethiopian friends that everything that they heard about that country from the Mainstream Media was a lie. They’ll see for themselves through their Ethiopian friends’ pictures and videos that Africa’s second most populous country is peaceful, people are enjoying their lives, and there’s no credible risk of it collapsing. Many Westerners might never have realized that their media would lie to them like that, which might inspire them to see everything in a completely different way. 

Taken together, the Great Ethiopian Homecoming is a democratic security masterstroke. It’ll help the country’s local businesses at a pivotal moment, embolden foreign investors to resist external fake news pressure to curtail and ultimately close their businesses there, and show Westerners that they’ve been egregiously lied to by their own governments about everything related to this conflict. These outcomes will greatly strengthen the common cause of national unity, therefore dealing a powerful blow to the US-led West’s Hybrid War destabilization campaign. Through its Great Ethiopian Homecoming, Ethiopia might even pioneer a creative democratic security solution for other victimized African states to follow. 


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  1. An honest account and perspective on the ingenuity of Ethiopians (both at home and the diaspora) in defending their country against the ugly hybrid war declared by the US-EU-UN unholy alliance.

  2. Many Ethiopians are still puzzled by the western support of a thuggish group over the presumed friendship between USA and Ethiopia (al least to most people, not me). What is the motive of the west? It is frightening to gues what they want. We don’t have that much trade with them. We may not need their so-called aid any more. We want dignity more than a lousy life under white supremacy. Why don’t they leave us alone what is wrong with them??????.

  3. That s why we said biden dosen t fit to lead the USA. What a shame for state department Blinken what ever his name who asked to exile the PM Abiye . also ordered all Americans to leave ASAP . To fly on ETHIOPIA not safe a federal aviation adm. what the heck these state department people smoking out there


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