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Ethiopian Prime Minister speaks from Dessie, Kombolcha area. (Watch Video)


In his latest video message, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed declares victory in Dessie, Kombolcha and Bati area. He is speaking from the area.

He said most of South Wollo areas are freed from TPLF Force and that the operation will continue in North Wollo.

From what PM Abiy said, TPLF forces were unable to take out their loot from Kombolcha and Dessie. They did not withdraw from it as organized fighting units as well.

In the video, paratroopers are seen – an indication that the operation in Dessie and Kombolcha was probably a “surgical” one, as the Prime Minister called it before.

Watch video below

Video : embedded from Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. Just Free Thinking
    One can’t help musing: Who benefits out of all the destruction?

    WE KNOW WHO. We know very well. OH! YES, WE KNOW WHO.
    But we prefer to be away, far, far, far away and witnessing the liquidation of human beings our RACEand destruction of our beautiful countries.

    All is displayed on our giant TV screen in the comfort of our living rooms and all the nourishment on our side, in foreign Countries.

    Yes, we are enjoying the freedom in foreign countries that we cannot have in our own birth place. Strange!!!

    YES, in view of lack of reasoning, we find happiness in blaming some body up there in the so-called heaven, completely ignoring the so-called rational thinking offered by our host countries.

    We are happy. Time is up to go to our tranquil beds, assured that there is TOMORROW. (For renegades, that is). Happy Dream .

    Post Script:
    If you find the above to be frivolous, please throw it in your gutter.
    Happy safe living far, far, far away from a pLace used to be called ‘HOME’. “CRY, MY BELOVED COUNTRY” Alan Payton.


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