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Ethiopian government confirms that Dessie and Kombolcha cities freed from TPLF terrorists

Dessie _ Kombolcha
Dessie city. Picture was taken in May 2029. (borkena)


It has been at least two days since the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) terrorist groups have been entirely dislodged from Dessie. Some residents of Dessie who were displaced and staying in Debre Berhan town started returning to the city via Woreilu in West Wollo. 

Today, the Ethiopian government officially announced in a breaking news report that Dessie and the industrial Kombolcha cities are under Ethiopian forces. 

Also, the Ethiopian forces have taken control of Bati, Kersa, Gerba and Degan to the East of Kombolcha along the route to Asayta. 

Phone communication and power are yet to be restored in the cities from where the TPLF forces are dislodged. 

Tens of thousands of residents of Dessie and Kombolcha as well as those displaced from Woldia, Kobo and Wuchale areas were displaced again. Many made it to the capital, Addis Ababa. Others were stranded at DebreBerhan where they were supported mainly by the local community in the city. 

Dessie was captured about a month ago after a fierce battle. There are reports that the TPLF forces destroyed public infrastructures and looted personal properties, as was the case in many other cities and towns it controlled in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia. 

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  1. It is expected!!! Wonderful news!! Now all those caught or surrendered fighters must be punished for all the cruelly raping of minor innocent children, elders, monks and women.

    Claiming to have been forced to join the fight should not be the reason for feeling sorry for TPLF despicable and horrific crimes and murders on Amhara and Afar people by travelling in truck loads . Now they are sorry for themselves and for being caught. If they get another chance they will happily do it again. They are trained to look sad, remorseful, lie and put the blame on the terrorist TPLF leaders but they were happy to come belligerently into Amhara and Afar regions knowing well to do all kinds of horrible crimes.

  2. No doubt every bit of property the terrorists seized will be reclaimed soon, perhaps within days. That will be only the first step to create peace across the nation, resume rebuilding the economy and vigorously continuing with economic development, and concurrently hunt down remnants of the terrorists until they are eliminated. The second step should be to arm law abiding citizens across the country so they would defend themselves against future threats; perhaps re-establishing the “kebele’ administrative framework set up during the derge era by overcoming the negatives associated with the kebele framework. And the third step should be to identify all supporters/members of the terrorists throughout the county, including those working in government offices, to rehabilitate them if possible but failing that getting rid of them however way feasible; continued participation of citizens in this effort will be essential.

    Big than you to governments that stood on the side of Ethiopia, such as China, Russia, India. And to Africans across the continent. Shame on America and white allies of Europe and Oceania for being on the side of evil; they are never to be trusted again in the future. The danger Ethiopia faced from within and without has brought the people closer as happened during the Italian invasion of Ethiopia; this positive development must be capitalized to build a better Ethiopia for all, except enemies from within, taking lessons from China.

    Africa should learn from Ethiopia’s experience too. A key lesson is realization that the tradition of colonialism that robbed the continent of her resources is still alive among the white population of the world, and to remain vigilant that the history of colonialism under any guise (such as human rights, democracy, etc) will not be repeated. The whites colonized Africa under the guise of civilizing the ‘natives’ by spreading the gospel of christian-ism on the surface but followed by land grabbers, murderers, exploiters hiding from behind. The modern version of that history is to use ‘human rights, democracy, freedom, anti-terrorism, etc’ as fronts. Wake up Africa and similar others to guard against modern day evils.

  3. I am cool with this. But I am not yet ready to break my baklava over the return of Dessie yet. PM Abiy still owes me a few more cities. He owes me Weldiya, Adigrat, Aksum, Adwa, Mekele and the entire region of Tigray and I need them back pronto. I won’t rest well until he puts that glorious town of Adwa in my pocket. Adwa was and will remain to eternity an the inspiration for every colored man/woman on the good earth that reminds us all that once we are united it is nothing can stop us now!!! In unity we have the strength to face up any foreign or domestic bully and show him who is in charge. It was at that Adwa that my Barentu grand cousins faced up to the European imperialist bigot, spat in his face and beat the tar out of him. That was where they paid the ultimate sacrifice and left an enduring legacy and inspiration for all freedom fighters since then. Thousands of them had stayed behind buried 6 feet under there. Descendants of soldiers under the command of Tekle of Gojjaam asking their Adwa back in their pockets. Descendants of soldiers under the command of Alula are screaming for their taken away Adwa. Descendants of those soldiers under the command of Mekonen, the grandson son Guddisa, are still fuming to the fact that their city of Adwa has been desecrated by the human refuse of the TPLF leaders. Descendants of those gallant patriots under the command of Dinagde are screaming for their city Adwa back in their pocket!!! Descendants of those soldiers under Baratieri’s worst nightmare Balcha are demanding their Adwa back in their hands. They are all telling PM Abiy to take back their sacred city he surrendered months ago and they want it back by hook or crook!!! It is not negotiable! Period, all said!!! Ok tiger! Let’s go!!! Go get’em!!! You’re doing good so far and no slacking off is allowed!!!

  4. There is another news today from here in the USA which I found so exhilarating to me. I read the news about the mayoral election result at the city of South Portland, Maine. That city has elected the first black person as its mayor. That person is not only black but also a Muslim and a Somali American. Also that person is not only black, Muslim and a Somali American but also a woman. Wait a minute! They were not done yet. That city happens to be inhabited by more than 90% white people. Our precious sister’s name is Deqa Dhalac, Mayor Deqa Dhalac, that is. I hope members of sisters and brothers of the Somali Diaspora will read this comment by this beyond-repair Afro-centric and deliver my deeply heartfelt congratulations to my/our Sister Mayor Deqa Dhalac on her ground braking, trail blazing election. The news of your election has made my day. I’m good now! I’m good for a month!!! Here is the link of the news about her election:


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