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Ethiopia : Air Force carried out another airstrike on military targets in Mekelle

airstrike _ Air Force _ Ethiopia
Unverified images circulating on social media purportedly shows scene of facility after air strike


The Ethiopian Air Force on Wednesday carried out another airstrike on what is said to be military targets in the Mekelle city, capital of Tigray regional state where TPLF leaders are believed to be planning military operations. 

An industrial engineering facility that was believed to be used as maintenance and production for military supplies is among the targets, according to a citizen report on social media.  

The targeted air strike today is the second one in less than a week.

TPLF mouthpieces and supporters accused the government of  targeting civilians in the air strike. 

A  brief statement from Ethiopia Current Issues Fact Check on Wednesday said there was an air strike on Wednesday, but it targeted “TPLF arms production/manufacturing and armament repair sites. “

Furthermore, the Task Force said, “The ENDF’s surgical operations are aimed at destroying illegal caches of heavy weaponry and armaments at selected sites that the terrorist organisation has turned into military facilities.”

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front is intensifying military operations in South Wollo area of the Amhara region, after controlling much of North Wollo areas of the region for several months now. 

Sources in South Wollo told borkena on Tuesday that there is heavy fighting in the areas South of Wuchale including in the area of Haik Estifanos Monastery.  
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  1. Cockroaches are cockroaches and they must be gotten rid of with disinfectant spray before they infect the rest of Ethiopia.

  2. Terrorist TPLF is notorious for deceits and lies. Of Couse it has to lie to hide its Terrorist group evil deed. It is a group that cowardly, indiscriminately and purposely slaughter, rape, maim and destroy innocent and unarmed Amhara and Afar women, children and elder people. This coward lazy terrorist group is ransacking and looting Amhara and Afar hospitals, schools, churches because it is a coward, immoral band of thievery Terrorist group.

    If this story is true, it is long overdue. It is a welcome news to many innocently murdered Ethiopians and more of needed to be done because TPLF is causing many massacres, looting and destruction to Afar and Amhara regions. This Terrorist groups has no boundary between politics and innocent human lives, faith, law and morality. Such kind of groups will never able to exist for on day if it were in Europe or America.

  3. Hey Everybody! Listen to me! For my sake I find myself beholding you all! Today I made a sacred decision to run as a democratic or republican, depending on the demography of the community, to represent you in the US Congress beginning 2023. In me you will have a dedicated servant who will be your voice. I will fight for your right to found the Republic of Zangaro which will be the largest region to be carved out of the present day Abyssinia which the Neftegnas and Neo-Gobenas call Ethiopia. You will not need to shed your blood for it to become a reality. I will do it all for you. On my first day at The Capitol I will submit Resolution Zangaro in declaration of its founding. Trust me that, in the absence of Neftegna and Neo-Gobenas members, my resolution will not face any filibuster. It will be smooth sailing. There have been thousands Zangaroyans being massacred daily for the last 150 years and you have been crying your eyeballs out all along. Just yesterday 155,625 Zangaroyans were butchered in Western Zangaro by fascist Neftegnas and Neo-Gobenas. Now you will have someone who will wipe your tears forever in me. To make my election a success I urge you all Zangaroyans who now live in other states to move to my joint in time for the ballot day which is scheduled on November 8, 2022. Then you can go back to the states you came from for this purpose after I am declared the winner. My 2nd resolution in congress will be to outlaw all Neftegnas and Neo-Gobenas to ever run for any public office here in the USA and make them pay the new Republic of Zangaro at least 500 billion in US dollars as reparations. My name is Emilia(as in Othello). I am the daughter of a former cattle rustler in Zangaro. I will donate one dollar to a charity I am gonna set up in 2023 from my salary of $174,000 as a congresswoman. Free Zangaro! Republic of Zangaro Now or bust!!!

  4. Right on….

    Today, I voted early in Virginia where the positions of Governor, Deputy Governors, and other key positions are up for election. For the first time in my voting history, I voted 100% Republican. All years I had voted 100% Democratic, but not this time because of Biden’s record of unqualified support for TPLF terrorists. After I was done voting, I stopped by representatives of the Democratic Party camped outside the voting station to cheer for democratic party candidates, and told them why I voted for the Republican candidates this time, as protest against Biden’s administration. Republican control of state offices could have significant impact in determining outcome of the 2024 Presidential Election, and I hammered that on the Democratic Party representatives. Pass the word, so others may also vote Democratic this time.

    Most Ethiopian immigrants traditionally vote Democratic, but democrats had consistently harmed Ethiopia’s interests. Democratic President Carter worked against Ethiopia in the 1970 when the then President of Somalia named Said Bare invaded Ethiopia. Biden is doing the same this time although under different circumstances.

    Vote for democratic now and in the next election cycle of 2024.

  5. The UN, WFP, foreign Ngos should be indighted! They are not humanitarian but anti humanity. They are orchestrating a war with Tplf against Ethiopia and Ethiopians. They have particiapted starvation against Wello people, they are transfering arms to Tplf against Ethiopian people, They are providing spy systems against Ethiopian people. Ethiopia should hire international lawyers against these agencies. The international organizations whose existance is to bring peace, true aid for the world is now engaged in war against poor nations. Don’t forget WHO has become anti humanity by installing Tedros Adanom who created genocide against Ethiopians.

  6. Why go to Mekele before removing TPLF from Wello and Afar regions? Why go to Mekelle instead of bombing TPLF in North and South Wollo Amhara region? TPLF is bombing and robbing innocent people in Wello? That is where TPLF needs to be bombed and stopped from carrying out atrocities .
    PM Abiy must free up and provide the Amhara force and Fano with advance weapons who are doing exertional job and sacrifice. The Ethiopian force are great fighters and ready to do their job but and politicians are interfering and becoming a tool for TPLF.
    It is a shame when the National army is equipped with superior weapons and skills how can coward TPLF who got ousted only by protest can put up an equal fight with such powerful army unless it is purposely done? This cannot and will not explain anything else unless PM Abiy is saying and doing different things…

  7. I forget to tell you this last time. I forgot to tell you that I have received enthusiastic endorsements from Zangaro Liberation Army leader the genius Field Marshal Kimba, Jean-Bédel Bokassa, Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd, Bugs Bunny and Speedy Gonzalez. This is as best endorsement any candidate can get. So my victory is signed, sealed and delivered.
    I also would like to inform you that my running for a seat in the US congress is just for a launching pad. Once my resolution is passed Zangaro is declared a republic, I’m gonna resign from US congress to be the first president of the new republic. See how professional I am? Genius!!! Wait a minute! What are those two guys in your crowd are yelling now? Aha! They are those Neftegnas and Neo-Gobenas. Security! Get’em out of here! Fascist Neftegnas and Neo-Gobenas!!!!! Boy, I hate those people!!!

    Again, this Emilia and make to punch Zangaro on the voting card on November 8, 2022.

  8. Welo, Welo’s people, culture, tradition, beautiful and authentic have been stolen by Eprp, Eplf, Tplf, Wahabists (Alamoudi) and Olf! The government and Amara must clean Welo’s enemies asap, it is not like other Amara region because its former beautiful diversity have been exploited by the above 5 group terrorists.

  9. It is funny, there is now Amara demonstration in DC. What do these people want? They want to be tools for the West just like Tplf to put pressure on the Ethiopian government. Shame on you! It is not new that Tplf for 30 years has set Amara enemy today, the so called Amara demonstraters aka Tplf agents are diverting from Ethiopia’s struggle to Amara. So Amara/Ethiopia today is winning at least by getting rid of its enemies Tplf. Did these demonstraters really know who is their enemies? Why are they now organizing pretending to be against tplf. what are they looking for is not giving a chance to current government to protect Ethiopians against tplf terrorists. it is evident that why Amara has been crushed by tplf for 30 years because of such people.

  10. hahaha, the lame Ethiopians thinks the West after all admit the Ethiopian government won and will eventuall support the governmet. I doubt it, it is going to be like Syria, the Tplf started the war in order to provoke Ethiopia so obviously Ethiopoia had to defend itself, however Tplf expanded the war, sent its children, women and elederly to make them human shield as well as to document the war in fact putting false videos as well, the reason? They are gathering the document in order to declare genocide to give West reason the Responsibility to Protect as well as to send Ethiopian government to ICC. They have done this strategy on Syria. Sudan is chaos, this will give West ample time to prep Egypt/Sudan for air strikes against Ethiopia so that Tplf can take over the Welkait that is on Sudan border. Once that happens, Tplf would declare independence for Tigray, this is the goal. keep yawning Ethiopoians thinking romanticism with West.


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