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Ethiopian Air Force reportedly attacked military targets in Mekelle

Ethiopian Air Force _ Air strike mekelle
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The Ethiopian Air Force reportedly attacked military targets in the rebel headquarters in Mekelle, Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

Getachew Reda, spokesperson of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF),  has confirmed it. However, the TPLF is claiming that civilians were targeted in the attack. 

Mr. Reda said in his Facebook update “Abiy Ahmed’s ‘Air Force’ sent its bomber jet to attack civilian targets in& outside Mekelle. Monday is market day in Mekelle & the intention is all too palpable. While they are losing big in what they dubbed as a final offensive against Tigray, they will obviously continue to target civilians in a desperate move to exact revenge on the people of Tigray. “

Furthermore, he claimed that planet hotel in Mekelle was targeted. But he did not specify if there was any damage. 

Ethiopian sources on social media, however, indicate that the targets were military training facilities in the outskirts of Mekelle near Mesobe Cement Factory and a military target near Planet Hotel. The Ethiopian Defense Force has not released any statement at this writing. 

This week TPLF forces made moves to control areas in South Wollo. On Sunday, they shelled civilian residential homes in Wuchale town, which is only 60 kilometers north of Dessie. At least thirty civilians were killed in the rebel attack. 

Latest citizen report, however, seems to suggest that Wuchale is already back in the hands of the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

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  1. I politely request that the borkena editorial board refrain from reporting such military operations regardless of it’s sources of information. The Western propaganda machines, the so called western medias are feeding from these sorts of reporting and enquire further to substantiate it and reporting in their own versions of propaganda to cause more problems to our country and convince public opinions.

    • That is the problem, so are those millions of Ethiopian media who are spreading misinformation so that they make money. I believe most of these sites and media are foreign funded.

  2. It is only the Terrorist TPLF crying out false information to its listening ears as usual. World media are purposely ignoring and not picking up news coming out of Ethiopia government. TPLF terrorist right now is enjoying to utilize the one sided source of coming out from Nairobi from TPLF paid journalists.
    If this story indeed is true it is a very important and long awaited step taken. TPLF is is known to attack Churches, hospitals, innocent people houses, raping women, child soldiers, and schools and neutral places. TPLF right now is using Mekelle university and other non-military structures for military trainings and purposes.

    TPLF terrorist has said many times that it is ready to kill any Amhara and Afar citizens and to do any evil and worse atrocities without mentioning any intention to work in peaceful manner.
    TPLF is evil and enemy of Ethiopia!! It must be removed as soon as possible!!!!

  3. This conflict is uglier by the day. Sending bomber jets to populated locations has unintended ramification: terrorizing innocent civilians including tender age children. This has to stop. Using comparable force is considered fair fight but this one is wrong. Jula, Bacha and the rest of the top brass have told with absolute certainty that they have been annihilating Debre’s forces on the ground. So why the need to use bomber jets? Somebody must have been telling us ‘stories’ on both sides of his mouth. Folks, there is no other way out of this mess except peaceful resolution.

  4. TPLF terrorists false news get exaggerated and full coverage by the main western media while ignoring the truth of the many horrible atrocities TPLF continues to commit to Afar and Amhara innocent people. At this point all European and western medias have lot credibility and value and Ethiopians should not be shocked to witness this bias done purposely. What matters the most is that Ethiopians are united behind the government and get the true news from Ethiopia. Western medias are sitting on the edge waiting for TPLF terrorist to throw them fake news and that is what shows when all of the silent media outlets sets suddenly on fire after missing to report the more to count crimes TPLF has been doing.

    Just so suddenly the Western media happens to shout when and only TPLF is punished for its cruel and terroristic attack on innocent people out side of Tigray that it violently invaded.

  5. I don’t see any strength in this. What it tells me is a sign of desperation with the conflict escalating into air assault. With total blindness of what is going on inside Tigray along with the absence of on the ground intelligence I am not sure how the sorties will hit pinpoint targets. I also do not know how such sorties by bomber jets will help Abiy’s regime in the propaganda warfare.

    Meanwhile, I want you to turn your attention to what is going on here where we live. A friend shot me an email this evening to tell me about the next election coming up in 2022. There are candidates who threw their lot on the platform of affairs in specific regions back in the old country. These candidates were avowed proponents of carving out territories as separate republics. They have been preaching about that since they were able to decipher what was written in English and making a cozy lifestyle from it(thru membership fees and fund raisings). When their years of yapping on this dangerous and reckless effort proved to be fruitless they are now trying a different route. They gonna take it all the way to The Capitol as elected congressmen/women. Then they will push for resolutions to ‘declare’ a republic of this or that. As crafty elites as they have been they are now feeding on the raw emotion of the gullible in their constituency to get enough votes and win the election. This is as dubious as they can be. So folks, be ready for ‘republic mongers’ deafening your ears from their podiums at the US Congress beginning 2022.

  6. Get this folks. Africa is good at getting well dressed up even when having problems feeding itself. The latest fighter jets, heavy tanks, missiles and APC’S you name will dazzle your eyes during parades held for no reasons. But when you go to their stadiums and try to relieve your bladder you will come out your nose badly clogged from stench in their restrooms. There are no lawns but carbon copy of wild savanna that took over the playing field. I don’t know if you can call that playing field. That was what CAF FOLKS saw this week. They have banned every stadium from holding any international games at those cesspool of pathogens.
    Black folks, we black folks! We don’t mow the grass in our yards, we let shrubs take over! We black folks are the same every where!!! We let that lawn mower languish in our garage while the grass and shrubs having good time out there!!! How about snow, you may ask! Forget about it!!! We black folks! It is in our DNA! We are allergic to mowing and landscaping! These two are like COVID-19 to us! I heard that toilets are clogged and overflowing with sewage streaming in the hallways. It is more than embarrassing. It is disgusting. Don’t you tell me there is labor shortage. Please don’t. With millions of youth unemployed? Don’t even think about it! Where are those mayors? Where have they been? I say fire their lazy tuchus us out of office. I called a friend to tell him about this shameful story he told me that they use sickles to cut down the grass and shrubs. This reminds me a story one of my friends told me years ago. He knew someone who took his new bride(originally from Europe) to the old country to show her how beautiful it is. Then one day they were walking over a bridge in the capital when she noticed a man way down there by the river. There was foul smell rushing upward from the river and she saw that man suddenly dropping his pants to answer nature calls. She got nauseated and they had to rush back to their hotel room. I was not sure how that relationship panned out after they came back. This is the same in all African and some Asian cities. It is just sheer laziness. I see Bahir Dar is right there by one of the largest fresh water lakes in Africa so water can not be an issue. Lazy bumps!!! Hey mayor! In my book, you’re fired, out, dégage!!! Good bye and come here and apply for political asylum claiming ‘Abiy brutality! Abiy brutality!’

  7. Air strike on TPLF weapon depots and terroristic training camps must continue. This attack is not a holy site for good purpose. Terrorist TPLF has been training and arming TPLF and OLF terrorists to attack innocent Amhara and Afar villagers, pregnant women, children and elders including sick and disabled people. In addition its targets are civil service institutions, including hospitals, schools, churches and mosques. Such action must be condemned and eliminated. Raping underage girls and women is very common TPLF practice.


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