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Dessie : Administration closes down Khat, Shisha places as security measure

Suspension of Khat and Shisha places will remain in place in Dessie until completion of law enforcement operation 

Dessie _ Ethiopia _ Khat
Dessie City ( Picture taken by borkena blogger in May 2019 )


Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) extensively employed psychological war through disseminating false and intimidating information in many of the places before military move to control them.  

Dessie, a city in north central Ethiopia, was in the course of being affected by it. Addictive “Recreation” places frequented by youth were among targets of TPLF infiltrator TPLF propagandists. 

On Wednesday, the city administration announced that it has passed decision to close down Khat and Shisha places effective as of September 1, 2021. A study released in 2017 linked about 16 percent of the population in Ethiopia to Khat consumption, highly addictive. 

Abebe  Gebremeskel told Voice of America Amharic service that Khat and Shisha places became places from where false propaganda about the ongoing operation against TPLF aggression  were distributed. And that it has become necessary to close them down. 

The decision came a day after the city administration had a consultative meeting with members of the business communities and residents. 

The closure will remain in place until the completion of the operation against the TPLF terrorist forces, the Mayor added. 

Police and other law enforcement authorities in the city are instructed to enforce it. 

“The residents of the city had been pushing the city administration to take measures against Khat and Shisha places for a long time now,” the mayor said. 

However, selling khat is not outlawed in Dessie even during the course of the law enforcement operation. 

The closest city that the TPLF forces have controlled, as things stand now, is Woldia which is only 120 kilometers north of Dessie.  Thousands of residents displaced from Woldia are residing in makeshift shelters in Dessie. 

The city has been under strict curfew as of August 10, 2020. Recently, over 200 infiltrators were arrested in the city.   

Thousands of militia forces have been trained as part of the preparation to reverse any possible TPLF attack. 

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  1. Indhee, khad has reached all the way to Desie,
    Addictive and destructive narco that’s should be banned from all of Ethiopia. It’s now causing mire harm to Ethiopians than the Somalis

  2. Imported Shisha and Khat is killing the youth. Instead of working and bein creative ir volunteering, the youth is taking khat abd posonius Shisha to affect their health and brain.

  3. Did I read in this article that Weldiya is in Debre’s hands? When did that happen? I just looked at the map and discovered that it is about 250 km from Mekele. About 200,000 people call it home there. I had seen that area when I passed through it on my way to Asmara in the 1960’s during summer vacation. It is in the middle of tough landscape. Good luck in dislodging a guerrilla army from such forbidding escarpment of the area. So Debre and his goons are playing mom and dad now for citizens of such a big town? Is that am I reading here? Then where are all these victories by Abiy forces happening? It is going to be like finding a snake biting and hiding in a mountain of a haystack. Again, good luck Abiy.

  4. I also looked at the map and located some of the places in the Amhara region we have heard news of heavy shelling by Debre’s forces and found out that they are not that far from the capital of that region . If they succeeded in overrunning the forces of that region and Abiy’s army forget about the dam. I could not believe my eyes.


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