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Fresh attack on ethnic Amhara in Wollega region of Ethiopia

Horo Gurduru zone in Wollega, Oromo region of Ethiopia, has reportedly seen another horrifying attack on ethnic Amhara civilians

Fresh attack _ Ethiopia Amhara _ Wollega
Horo Guduru zone indicated on google map


Fresh attack is reported on ethnic Amahra living in Botor Kebele of Horo Guduru zone in the Wollega region of Ethiopia. 

A report by Ahadu Radio and Television said civilians, including children and women, were killed when armed groups operating in the region opened fire on Tuesday in the evening. 

The source said that it spoke to eyewitnesses from the area but the number of victims from the latest round of attacks in the region is  unspecified. 

However, the eyewitnesses said that the attack targeted ethnic Amhara. They believe that it is aimed at displacing ethnic Amhara from the area and destroying their property. 

Apart from loss of lives, there was an organized looting, it was said. 

Continuity of the attacks in the region is an indication that there is a body that is aiding the armed groups, eyewitnesses told the source. 

They also claim  that the government deployed forces in the region, but some district authorities have been a problem that the measure against the armed groups is not reinforced. 

Moreover, they said health facilities in the area are not providing needed medical help to those wounded. It means that the targeted attack on ethnic Amhara is taking an institutional form. 

Ahadu Radio and Television said it reached out to the Oromia region’s police commissioner in cellular phone, but the call was not answered. 

It is the armed wing of the Oromo Liberation Front ( also known as Shane) that has been undertaking recurring massacres in the Wollega region of Ethiopia and other areas. 

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has not yet released a statement about the latest targeted killing against ethnic Amhara in Wollega region. 

Meanwhile, the Oromo regional state on Wednesday claimed that it has eliminated eight members of Oromo Liberation Front Shane gunmen in the Guji zone of the region. 

State media, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), cited the zone’s police crime prevention department head, Sergeant Gutema Safaye, as saying the measure against OLF gunmen was taken in two districts in the area as they were on the move to launch an attack. 

It is further claimed those who were not willing to surrender were eliminated while one gunman surrendered along with 4 AK 47 rifles. 

The Oromo regional state usually makes news headlines with claims of eliminating Shane group whenever there are targeted attacks on ethnic Amhara, and some tend to see that as a way to diffuse criticism that the regional government is not either doing enough or cooperating with the attackers. 

There have been recurring massacre targeting ethnic Amhara in different parts of Ethiopia including in Amhara region. Last month, there was a powerful demonstrations across the region demanding an end to Amhara massacre.

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  2. The Olf and Tplf learn very good from their masters, while attacking others, quickly they come out saying how they are opressed and are victimized. This strategy works all the time by increasing their voice. How to make themselves look like victims inirder to diverge their own attrocities

    Now, whrre would this lead to the continuous Amaras attack? The plan is so that to lure Amhara into ethnic enclave and forget about Ethiopa. When Amara is isolated, just like Tigray and Oromia under Tplf and Olf will be under the hands of foreigners. Yhen in each regions, foreigners will put their puppets, like Isayas fo that they can exploit the natural resources. For Amara, however, it will be much worse because of its residtance

  3. Savage murderers of TPLF and OLF kept on murdering innocent Amharas and children and looting hard earned properties from Amharas. This is not a work of opressed or marginalized people but a wicked savage murderers and lazy thieves who have descended into NOT believing in civilization, the rule of law and make their living by stealing. Of course foreigners kept on with the deceptive cry for the opressed only to get their hands on Ethiopia’s resources and make everyone their loyal servants.
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