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Amhara opposition candidate slain in Benishangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia

National Movement of Amhara said the killing of its Wombera district candidate politically motivated, and linked it to the government securities in Benishangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia 

Amhara Candidate _
Slain National Movement of Amhara candidate, Berihun Asferaw


As voter registration is underway for Ethiopia’s sixth general election, another opposition candidate is reportedly killed in the Benishangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia – the part of the country where there has been targeted massacre against ethnic Amhara. 

National Movement of Amhara (NaMA), an opposition party that was established only two years ago and now one of the leading opposition parties in the country, disclosed on Friday that its candidate for Wonbera district who was running  regional council was killed. 

Berihun Asferaw was killed in Karbar locality of the Meketel zone of the region, the party announced in a statement shared on social media. 

Belete Molla, chairman of the party tweeted on Friday, “#Benishangul-Gumuz hitting a new low! Berihun Asferaw, one of #NaMA’s registered candidates for Benishangul Regional Parliament, has’bn killed in Metekel by z region’s security personnel who’ve continued killing & displacing Amhara yet unquestioned.  

RIP You’ll never fade!” 

The party has fielded candidates in different parts of the country, but government cadres have been hassling, attacking and arresting our members, the National Movement of Amhara claimed. 

Furthermore, it was  said that in the Benishangul region the government henchmen have been trying to obstruct candidates registration. 

The party linked the killing of Berihun  Asferaw to government security forces. The government did not remark on the killing, and it is unclear at this writing if those behind the killing are in custody or not. 

However, the party demanded the government immediately investigate the killing, and bring the perpetrators to justice.  It also demanded protection for party candidates in the region.  

The party has been experiencing hostilities from radical ethnic Oromo nationalists – both in the government structure and outside it. It was condemned during pro-government rallies in the region too.

Amhara region of Ethiopia too seems to have made the political space a little uneasy based on the claim from the party.

According to NaMA statement, the killing is politically motivated with the intention to restrict the movement’s activity in the region.   

About two months ago, an active member of Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party was assassinated in Bishoftu, a city just about 44 kilometers south-east of Addis Ababa. Radical ethnic Oromo nationalists, who are said to have support from the regional government, are believed to be behind the killing. 


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  1. Humble Commentary, 9 April 2021
    When a country is divided by race it is a solid sign of disintigration
    Are there Ethiopians with wisdom to save the country?
    Are there mature Ethiopians ready to listen to the CRYING of the Country?
    TODAY is the DAY to SAVE Ethiopia; TOMORROW is too late >>> even if one pours ‘Blue Nile’ tears
    Classical TRAGEDY >>> falling off the cliff, knowingly the end !?!!?


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