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National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) spokesperson arrested

Dozens of National Movement of Amhara members reportedly arrested. The spokesperson himself, Christain Tadele, is arrested.

National Movement of Amhara

June 28, 2019

Three Council members of National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) are on Friday, reported DW Amharic Service.

They were arrested in West Gojjam zone, Sekela locality, where they went for a work-related trip, Chairman of the movement, Dr. Desalegn Change confirmed to DW Amharic service.

It is unclear whether it is regional authorities or Federal authorities who are involved in the arrest of the party’s spokesperson. What is known is that Federal security forces and the defense force is deployed to the region following the alleged coup d’etat in Bahir Dar which may Ethiopians say is a cover to crack down on NaMA and ethnic Amhara people in Ethiopia.

Reuters quoted chairman as saying “Our spokesman is arrested along with the other three members of the party, we are trying to communicate with the regional officials asking for their release.”

Christian Tadele , NaMA spokesperson

Among the leaders arrested are the party’s public relations head, Christian Tadele, Belayneh Getachew and Gezahegn, both of them are council members of the party.

The Ethiopian government has confirmed the arrest of hundreds of people in connection with what the government says is “failed coup attempt,” according to a report by Reuters on Friday.

On Thursday, the chairman of the party tweeted that about 39 NaMA members were arrested in the capital Addis Ababa and Asela. He also indicated that nearly 300 ethnic Amhara are arrested in Addis Ababa and a number of other towns including Sululta, Jima. Furi, Nazareth (Adama), Asela, Fiche, Legetafo, East Wollega, Bale Zone, Selale, Sebesta, and Assossa.

The arrest of NaMA members came as the party was undertaking public meetings in different parts of the region.

Meanwhile, Amhara region police commissioner, Abere Adamu, said over 300 individuals who are allegedly linked to in custody in connection with the “alleged coup d’état”, and they have already appeared before the court, according to a report by Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA)

The alleged coup d’état happened in Bahir Dar on June 22, 2019, around 5 p.m local time claimed the lives of the region’s president, Ambachew Mekonen, and two other top officials namely Migbaru Kebede and Ezez Wasse.  Four hours later, Chief of Staff of the Defense Force, General Seare Mekonnen, was killed in his residence, along with Brigadier General Gezai Abera, a retired general who was said to be visiting the Chief of staff. Government has linked the killings of the chief of staff with the alleged coup in Bahir Dar.

Based on reports on social media by activists, nearly 300 ethnic Amharas are arrested in different parts of Ethiopia and the government seems to exploit the alleged coup to mount a crackdown on ethnic Amharas and members of NaMA.

The development is generating criticism and skepticism towards Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration. In Germany, Ethiopians took to the street to condemn Abiy Ahmed’s government move to crack down on ethnic Amhara and ethnic Amhara party like NaMA.

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  1. There is nothing that will justify the killings of the officials both in the Amhara region and the capital. Nothing!!! But the incidence seems to rattle the faint of hearts. I am reading this news and other similar reports that officials seem to be reckless in the arrests they are making. Every arrest is going to trigger anger unless it is done with full cooperation and involvement of the local population. That country has been sitting on very volatile ethnic fault lines that were purposely laid down during the last 27 years or so. And that has become its Achilles heels leading nowhere but doom to oblivion. The sad fate would be that it may happen during its golden opportunity when giant economies are pondering on founding another ‘factory of the world’. Such opportunity does not come that often. Global investors seem eyeing the old country just for such purpose. But they require peace, security and stability. As I have said umpteen times in the past, unless that country is turned upside down industrially we may rather forget about it. Industrialization has far reaching dividends. It will help radically change citizens’ psyche in many ways. It will be able to answer the how and why questions that have been bedeviling every man and woman. Industrialization will create citizens capable of answering these questions themselves without the help of some smart aleck elites. It will not be easily cheated and it will not be that easy to be used as beasts of burden by rogue rulers. I have many countries to back it up. I had seen it myself when Taiwan was transformed. We all had witnessed Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and many other nations in Asia like South Korea being able to give bloody dictators doses of their own medicine. The same opportunity awaits the old country unless this chance of a lifetime is allowed to slip away. Otherwise there will be nothing but changes of faces who will occupy the big house in Addis/Finfine. I strongly believe that there are plenty of countrymen on location who have understood this and working 24-7 to let it happen.

    May The Almighty Our Creator Be With Them!!!! I wish them nothing but success in their
    taxing effort!!!!

  2. What a TRAGEDY!
    The definition of “ Modern Tragedy” as opposed to “Classical Tragedy, is very interesting. I am not a sociologist ; nor anthropologist >> nor archiologist, >> nor expert in any field of Humanities. I just clicked at google com and browsed through the definition of Classical TRAGEDY. I gave up in seven minutes. Needless to say, the subject is infinitely way above my head. But I preferred “Modern Tragedy” to have a faint of understanding of the situation of modern Ethiopia.

    The direction that modern Ethiopia is heading into is really sad. The fragmentation of an ancient country into nine-pieces (or more) based on tribalism, racism etc. cannot be explained by ordinary human beings in a rational refined reasoning manner. In the Ethiopian society [and in other societies for that matter] it is defined [at least, easier to do so] as a phenomenon of “curse” and leave it as such at the mercy of God in Heaven [or anywhere].

    With the above background, it frightfully seems to be an implication that the indigenous supremely educated scholars of the highest order, from top notch academic universities, around the Globe would be helpless to re-align the dangerous direction that the population of their beloved country is heading into, blindly. With that possible fatality, what else is there to say and do? May Ethiopia — the source of its own enviable ancient history — wake-up and find the answer to the question for its own survival. THE END

  3. ለማንኛውም strong conflict of interest ባህርዳር ላይ ወንድማማቾችን አሳስቶል ።ሌላው ጉዳዩ የቤት ጉዳይ ነው, ሌላው እንደአማራ ህዝብ አይጎዳም, ተመልካች ነህ ።በአንድ ጀኔራል የእሽቅድምድም ንዴት በለው ስህተት -በአንድ ሰው ስህተት አማራን ለመሸማቀቅ ያሰብክ ትኩስ ባህልተኛ ካለህ አማራን አታውቀውም ማለት ነው ።ሲጀምር አማራ (ሳዕረም የአማራው የይመር ነውና) ተበዳይ እንጂ በዳይ ሆኖ አልወጣም!!! አንባቸው ፓኪሲታናዊ ሆኖ አይደለም አማራ የተጎዳው


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