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Ethiopia says it has arrested killers of popular singer Hachalu Hundessa

After 239 innocent civilians are massacred in the Oromo region of Ethiopia in connection with Hachalu Hundessa’s killing, Attorney General disclosed that two killers are arrested

Attorney General Adanech Abiebie. Photo : AG SM

July 10, 2020

Ethiopia announced on Friday that it has arrested killers of the popular Ethiopian singer who is known for his Oromo songs – Hachalu Hundessa.

In a press conference in the capital Addis Ababa, Attorney General Adanech Abiebie said that two suspects are arrested but one suspect is still at large.

The first suspect is identified as Tilahun Wami and the second suspect is Abdi Alemayehu – as disclosed by the AG.

Kebede Gemechu is the third suspect who is yet to be captured.

According to the Attorney General, the first suspect (Tilahun Wami) admitted that he shot dead the singer. The killer also admitted that the Oromo Liberation Front (Shane) gave him the mission to kill the singer.

He added that he received the mission to kill the singer whom he said were communicating with him in the Oromo language while they spoke Tigrigna among each other.

Based on the profile from the Attorney General the killer is ethnic Oromo.

Before the arrest of the assassins, the Ethiopian government has made several arrests in connection with the killing including the owner of Oromia Media Network (OMN), Jawar Mohammed, and Bekele Gerba, a senior leader in Oromo Federalist Congress opposition party.

Last week, the government implicated the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). 

Hachalu was killed in the capital Addis Ababa in Gelan Condominiums locality on Monday, June 29, around 9:30 p.m. local time inside his car.

Following the preliminary investigation into the killing,  security authorities claimed that the killing was planned and coordinated with an objective to bring about large-scale ethnic and religious-based violence in the country in a way to disintegrate Ethiopia.

Radical youth groups, Qeerroo, who claim to struggle for the rights of ethnic Oromo launched a savage attack in at least 40 districts in the Oromo region of Ethiopia against ethnic Amharas and ethnic Guraghe (among others) within hours after the news of Hachalu’s killing was heard.

As many as 239 innocent non-ethnic Oromos were massacred and nearly 300 wounded (according to an official report from security authorities in the Oromo region).

Hundreds of businesses and residential homes belonging to non-ethnic Oromo were destroyed in the region. Thousands of people are reduced to homelessness.

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  1. I hate to say this, but the story sounds a little off. How many Ethiopians you know speak both Afan Oromo and Tigrigna???? I bet the total number of those people in Ethiopia amount to a few thousand. Most of them tend to be from the farthest north of Ethiopia (near Raya), which is a highly diverse place. Diverse places create open-minded people. OLF-Shane folks are found deep within Oromia and come from radical families who could care less to learn Amharic, let alone Tigrigna.

    I can understand why TPLF could pay someone to assassinate Haachaalu. But I find the story of those assassins to be not plausible.

  2. There are hundreds of thousands of citizens of that country who speak multiple languages. I had relatives who spoke and still speak fluent Oromifaa, Afar and Somal. There are those too many counts in the northern part of the country who speak both Tigrayan and Oromifaa or Amhara and Tigrayan. Am I wrong? I had seen it myself during one of my vacations in the 1960’s. My Middle East classmate and I were coming back to Addis/Finfine when our bus had a mechanical problem at a small town just before the Nile River. I noticed people who were speaking to each other in Oromifaa. I approached them and had lengthy conversation while having lunch. They came to that small town from another village on the other side of the Nile River. They gave me an education that jolted me to my core. I said to myself ‘Somebody had been telling me lies’ They told me how men from their village travel to this side of the river and marry girls who were Gojjam(Amhara) and the men on this side of the river go to the other side and marry girls who are mainly Oromos. I was not a stranger to such intermarriage which was somewhat common in those railway stations in Western Hararghe where I was born and spent my formative years. But what they were doing for centuries in that part of the country was on a grand scale. Well, the Prime Minister is also fluent in Amharic, Oromifaa and Tigrayan. Right? So I am not taken back if these murderers speak more than one medium. They are hereby in the clutches of that fire spitting patriotic daughter/sister of ours, H.E. Adanech bint Abiebie. Now they have begun to spill the beans. More please!!!!!

  3. Now the murderers and some of their accomplices are identified and apprehended to be in police custody, the trial should start after a thorough investigation is conducted. That may and understandably take months to make sure there will be air tight indictments with indisputable evidences and guilty verdict in the court of law. We have seen how such high profile crimes are handled here the West. AG’s and their chief prosecutors do not rush the case. We all remember formal indictment of the surviving Boston Marathon Bomber was brought against him two years after the day the crime was committed. He was found guilty two years to the date of the commission of the crime. So the job must be thorough. These demons should not let go off the hook for this or that legal issues. The severity of punishment depends on their behavior while in custody. Cooperation with the prosecutors by spilling every bean in their pockets may fetch them leniency from the judges. Personally I am not a big fan of the death penalty. Let them rot in jail without the possibility of parole. Also, I am not sure if that country still has the death penalty in its penal code. Our men/women of letters can clarify that.

  4. It is all official now. A new Republic of Oromia has just been declared by the leaders of ‘liberation’ front living in Minnesota. The have said that everything has been tried to live with the ‘colonizer’ but it all failed. The ‘empire’ led by PM Abiy has just murdered hundreds of Oromos and jailed tens of thousands. All those killed following the assassination of our freedom fighter Hachalu Hundesa were all Oromos. Abiy must go!!! We hereby ‘Declare The Republic of Oromia Here On Location In The Great State of Minnesota!!! That was the declaration adored with a new state flag of the republic. Hey Antonio Guterres!!! Do you have the seat ready? BTW, can somebody tell me where I can apply for a passport of the new republic? What? Minnesota? That is a state in the USA, dummy!!!

  5. So little is talked about the woman who was sitting with Hachalu in his car when he got assassinated . I would expect if these were professional assassins commiting a pre meditated murder, they would also kill her too just to not leave any witness behind but she was left unharmed, the suspicion is she was an accomplice who led the killers to the whereabouts of Hachalu . If I was the prosecutor I would investigate the woman Lamrot Kemal who was friend of Hachalu named Lamrot Kemal sitting in a married man’s car at that hour of the night.

  6. The mass arrest of over 4700 people in the killing of Hachalu is absurd to say the least. How could this number of people involve to kill one person? Abiy administration is using Hachalu death to arrest his opponents.

    Abiy abd PP will not have a chance to get re-elected and his medemer dogma is finished – ashes to ashes, dust to dust, no more love, peace and come together. Unless, his comrade Isaias Afeworki will come to rescue him stay in power.


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