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Death toll from attack on ethnic non-Oromo in the region reached 239

Shashemene Mayor and the Security Chief in the city are arrested over failure to protect civilians and destruction of their property.

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July 8, 2020

The death toll from what is said to be an orchestrated attack on non-ethnic Oromos living in Oromo region of Ethiopia has reportedly reached 239.

Extremists Oromo nationalists who covered their faces and armed with machetes, among other weapons, unleashed an attack in 40 districts in the region under the guise of protesting the death of Ethiopian singer Hachalu Hundessa. 

In Arsi, where there was an attack based on ethnicity and religion, about three family members were brutally killed.

In a statement on Tuesday evening, the Oromia region police commission has confirmed that the number of people killed is 239 – as reported by Deutsche Welle Amharic service.

Properties estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of birr and belonging to non-ethnic Oromos had been destroyed in towns like Shashemene and Ziway, among others.

Hundreds of residents have been displaced following the attack.

The region’s police disclosed that it has started to identifying security authorities in the region who failed to dispense their responsibility by way of protecting the loss of lives and destruction of properties. Oromo regional state has hundreds of thousands of special police force in addition to the regular police force.

As many as 3500 suspects linked to the killings of 239 innocent non-ethnic Oromos are arrested, according to the DW Amharic service report.

Eyewitnesses from Shashemene liken the magnitude of the destruction in the city to the destruction of the Syrian cities. At least 20 buildings and 200 businesses were destroyed completely as the attackers set fire on them.

Mayor of the city, Temam Hussien, and Head of the city’s security and peace head, Nadew Ambo, are reportedly arrested for not stopping the attack on non-ethnic Oromos and their properties in the days following the killing of Hachalu Hundessa.

Ethnic-Oromo activists are calling for stay-at-home protest in oromo region of Ethiopia but they have not condemned the killing of ethnic non-Oromos in the region.

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