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Ethiopia: Tigray Democratic Party facing repression not to reach out to people in the region

Tigray a difficult place in Ethiopia for opposition parties to operate. Opposition leaders talk about unprecedented repression in the region.

Tigray _ TPLF
Mulubirhan Haile (left) and Gidana Medhin (right). Photo credit : ENA

January 2, 2019

Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) says it is unable to present alternative political views to the public in the region.  The reason is that the organization that runs the region is not allowing that to happen, according to officials of TDP.

In a discussion organized by Ethiopian News Agency in the capital Addis Ababa, TDP leaders claimed that the People of Tigray is in unprecedented repression.

Mulubirhan Haile and Gidana Medhin, both among senior leaders of TDP, a party that Dr. Aregawi Berhe is leading, say that their party has reached the point where it can no longer present ideas to people in Tigray, as reported by Ethiopian News Agency (ENA).

Members of the party are labeled with all sorts of adjectives that lure hate mongering and shaming, the leaders said.  And the party is unable to explain itself to the public to refute the allegation because they are denied a chance to organize meetings freely.

Gidana said, “At this time, there is repression in Tigray…members of Arena party is still being arrested.” He called upon people in the region, especially the youth group, to stand up for their rights.

Mulubirhan Haile believes that the Federal government of Ethiopia should stand on the side of the people of Tigray in the struggle for democratic rights. Explaining it further, he said that the Federal government has to find a way to have a consultation with people in Tigray regarding what he called “false propaganda” by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Ethiopian News Agency said that an invitation was sent out to TPLF to take part in the discussion but it declined to attend it.

TPLF had organized two-days of public consultation in Mekelle last week. Chairman of the organization and acting president of Tigray region vowed that his administration will take measures against what it called “internal forces [apparently in Tigray] that are operating to disrupt peace and the unity of Tigray.”

He meant to make a reference to political forces operating in the Tigray region but different political views.

TPLF has announced that it will meet this week to make a final decision regarding the Prosperity Party, which was formed by three former members of EPRDF coalition and five other ally parties.

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  1. The complaint goes ‘the organization that runs the region is not allowing that to happen’. All I can say is whoop-de-doo!!! That is called ‘Peoples Democracy’, baby!!! Deacons of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Envar and Mao have been working on that region to perfection, ‘de facto’ police state. It is their last refuge, their last hideout and they will not give it that easily. It is like a North Korean complaining that he is not allowed to function as an opposition party to Kim inside the country. It ain’t gonna happen!!! My question to the TDP leaders is ‘why do you want to struggle for the region of Tigray only? Such policy has never worked. All it did or it is going to do is replacing one despot with another. It never worked even with those who managed to go all the way on their own. Just look around!!! In its essence what makes the aspirations and needs of the people of that region fundamentally different from that of the people in Oromia, Amhara, Afar, Somalia and all other regions? What is it?

  2. There is no oppression repression depression in Tigrai. Freedom of gatherings and freedom of speech is permitted fully in Tigrai as it is a free state that even let’s Eritrean foreigners hold political gatherings .

    • Honestly you would be a perfect example of a DUMB, it is amazing that Tigrai seems to produce more DUMB people like you indeed Atse Yohannes even acknowledged that “Tigray people are the dumbest ever to grace the earth” and here you are making me to side with him but worryless TPLF is going to be buried next to your POISON SPREADER the chiwawa akak Melles chenawi hope your turn will be the next day after we dispatch TPLF to under 7meter.

  3. የትግራይ ዴሞክራሲያዊ ፓርቲ ‘ለትግራይ ሕዝብ ያለኝን አማራጭ ሃሳብ እንዳላቀርብ ተቸገርኩ’ አለ
    It is a beautiful article bearing an attractivly misleading title .
    We, TPLF who liberated the old country like a knight in shining armor, are the one who privilege to the opposing political party a freedom to express thier political standing on a state TV in the entire Ethiopian History. Derge was killing anyone who stand against him including its intimate friends who payed a complete allegiance to him.

    Stop whining here and there . We will not put trust upon you sir !

    Viva TPLF that caused a splitting headache on his enemies regdardless of his geographocal proximity !!!!

  4. TPLF lead by mercenaries created an alternative reality taking out Tigreans history from Ethiopia’s history just for the sake of grabbing and holding power. The change alliance at will like prostitute just to keep their narattive to continue. The even practiced devilish deeds unthinkable to be done by the their ancestors who lived by strict Orthodox Christian beliefs. They even even invented their red and yellow flag borrowed from their times as maoist followers as the representation of the Tigrean people a people of paid big sacrifice for Ethiopia and the green , yellow and red flag against all sorts of invasions from recent Said Bar aggression to colonial Italians to Ottomans and Egyptians and majadists. Their denial of history and blinding of the majority of Tigrean people would not be possible with out the brainwashing of the new generations and this same generations are the ones that should drive their liberation’s from TPLF asking themselves on why they have been asked to throw a flag that defended their grandparents and are asked to carry around a maoist flag that was created in the minds of school drop outs instead? Only them can get out from the devilish alternate reality that TPLF have engulfed them for the last three decades.

  5. Subject: “Ethiopia: Tigray Democratic Party facing repression not to reach out to people in the region”, borkena, January 2, 2019

    Commentary, 4 Jan 2020
    I ask MYSELF ‘have you ever seen a DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY in Africa in your entire Life?’ I sheepishly answered to MYSELF >>> NO.

    And then I narrowed the question. Have you ever seen a democratic African Liberation Force in your entire Life? Being an African, through and through, I answered (embarrassingly) to my self, of course >>> NO.

    And then I asked: what makes any African think that a DEMOCRATIC AFRICAN PARTY would miraculously mushroom in the new year on the the first day of January 2020? I also foolishly and stupidly asked: what makes any African think that the Almighty Beloved God, way up in Heaven, would care for the ordinary down trodden African? I better STOP but definitely not without expressing heart-felt THANKS to https://www.borkena.com for the privilege of having a space to even make myself a FOOL.

  6. ethioforum.org website is under major legal battle since ethioforum.org got infiltrated by the Tigrai Democratic Party hate speech cadres.

    Personal advise to Borkena website


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