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TPLF vows to take measure against “internal forces” disrupting peace, unity of Tigray

As TPLF concludes public conference in Mekelle in north Ethiopia, it vows to take measure against what it calls “internal forces” working to disrupt the “peace and unity of Tigray”

TPLF _ Tigray _ Ethiopia
Debretsion Gebremichael speaking during the conference. Photo credit : Tigray Region Communications Affairs Bureau

December 30, 2019

Tigray People’s Liberation Front has concluded two days long public conference in Mekelle. The conference was closed for journalists.

Participants of the conference have condemned the process that led to the end of the ruling coalition ruled Ethiopia for more than 28 years, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), as illegal – as reported by DW Amharic service.

TPLF’s public conference was attended by people from all walks of life in the region – both party members and non-members alike.

And participants vowed that they will struggle against the new party, Prosperity Party.

It was created after three former members’ parties of EPRDF and five other support political organizations agreed to merge to form a single political entity. As well, the new party has announced that it has abandoned revolutionary democracy ideology – which was promulgated by TPLF during its heyday as an architect and master of EPRDF.

TPLF chairman and acting president of the region vowed that his organization will take measures against those he described as “internal forces [apparently in Tigray] who are operating to disrupt peace and the unity of Tigray.”

The organization is now employing a dual approach and running the Tigray region of Ethiopia more like a de facto state.

On the one hand, it is engaged in a national mobilization against the newly formed political entity, Prosperity Party, by trying to form a political block which it calls “Federalist Forces.”

On the other hand, it is running Tigray virtually as an independent state and has repeatedly demonstrated that it is in a collision course with the Federal government. 

Sometime last week, an undisclosed high ranking government official reportedly prohibited a business delegation from Shanxi province of China from traveling to Mekelle region as relevant authorities in the region were waiting at Alula Aba Nega Airport in Mekelle to receive the delegates.   Dr. Abraham Tekesete, the region’s trade and investment office head, had to fly to Addis Ababa to meet with the delegation and sign an agreement. A top official in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs admitted that it happened but painted it as a sort of mistake within the airport security.

TPLF accused top EPRDF officials of betrayal for ending the existence of the coalition to form a new united party. The organization’s political elites argue what is now former EPRDF leadership did not have the political or legal right to end the coalition and merge it to form a single party for it run for power as EPRDF coalition during the last national election.   It also says the new party threatens the constitution and the federal order.

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  1. When you become so nervous as a despot and jittery about the things going around you near and afar, what do you do? You start bellowing threats at everyone including your own shadow! You huddle together with your hand picked ‘yes sir’s’ and cry for no reason behind closed doors! Why not? Dipping well honed grabbing fingers in the nation’s coffers at will once tasted good, man!!! That is missed sorely, man!!! ‘Against internal forces’? Excuse me!!! Say it again! I must have missed that!!! What? In that region of a devoutly religious and upright people, these deacons of Marx, Lenin and Mao are turning into tone deaf door knobs!!!! Hello!!! Is somebody/something gray stuff upstairs? ‘Against internal forces’? Keep playing that Sam!!!! That sounds music to my ears!!! Play it once Sam, for old time’s sake. Play it Sam. Play, ‘As time Goes By’.

    It will be a matter of time before those noble people of that region drop these unrepentant commies like a hot potato!!!!

    • Good point. These old timers are not willing to comprise. As long as they follow peaceful means, let them be. But we all know they are masterminds behind many of the college violence.

      • Abeshaw fetta gondera ; if not gojame

        you are insane, .You are telling to yourself TPLF is your enemy. Did you blame TPLF for that kind of large dung you left on the corner of finfine or the place where you piss and defecate and fart ?

        You are insane and possessed by a demon whose specilization is to hunt politically motivated thugs like you. One day he will lead you a violence where you could terminate your life . I am gonna cry and shed tears for you then.KIKIKI

  2. It doesn’t go the way you see.They are only warning thier traitors.They all think as Tigree 1st.Akka warra Ituu Ab.Fardaa wal hin bubusani.

  3. Getachew Assefa is intimidating Arena and other parties from holding campaigns for election , through his puppet
    mouthpiece Debretsion who is currently claiming his party is the only party that represents all the population of Tigray .


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