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Ethiopia’s Prosperity Party kicks off unofficial election campaign

Abiy Ahmed’s Prosperity Party had a city wide forum to explain the programs and regulations of the party residents in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa

Prosperity Party _ Abiy Ahmed_ Ethiopia
Abiy Ahmed speaking to thousands of youth Addis Ababa. Photo credit : FBC

January 2, 2019

Although there does not seem to be certainty whether  Ethiopia’s next election will take place as planned as many opposition parties are considering it as undesirable under the existing circumstances in the country, the election board is sending signals that it will.

On the other hand, Prosperity Party, an offspring of former ruling coalition Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) but with a little attribute of the organization/s it evolved from, seems to be kicking off a sort of an informal campaign. Addis Ababa – a city that would never vote, according to some opposition parties, to the rebranded political party has become a focus for the party.

Party program and regulations of Prosperity Party, have been discussed across all sub-cities in the capital, and the closing forum was organized on Thursday at the Millennium Hall in the capital.

Prosperity Party _ Addis Ababa
Prosperity Party event at Millennium Hall in Addis Ababa. Credit : FBC

Over ten thousand youths from the city have attended it, according to the state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) report on Thursday.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, supposedly the leader of the new party, has attended it too. The city’s acting mayor, Takele Uma, was also in attendance.

Abiy said a popular phrase that is common during election times about his new party “Prosperity party works for a generation, not for an election.”

He seized his appearance as an opportunity to paint a picture of what his party stands for and also to paint a dark image of potential challengers in the city. 

In his speech, he hinted at the possibility of losing the election but he spoke differently about the invincibility of his party. “It is very difficult to beat the thoughts and practices of Prosperity Party in the next 50 or 60 years; whoever defeats me will find it difficult to administer Ethiopia even for a month without ‘prosperity thought’,” he said.

He spoke even with more precision to make a point about the veracity and definitiveness of the Prosperity Party. “The only way that works in Ethiopia hereafter is not accusing Prosperity [party] but by learning from it and improving it.”

Without naming names he insinuated that there are entities who intend to hold power by inciting killings, and that, he added, will not benefit Ethiopia, and the youth has to be aware of it. 

“If you like Prosperity Party [biltsigna in Amharic], vote for it. If you do not like it punish it with your votes but you will never give your life to anyone,” Abiy Ahmed told youths from the city gathered at the millennium hall.

The new party claims that it intends to build a strong and lasting institution, strike a balance between ethnic and national identity, and create a strong united political economy.

Based on the existing political landscape, two parties are believed to challenge Prosperity Party (PP) in the capital Addis Ababa. One is Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (EZEMA), whose leader is Berhanu Nega, – a party that expressed the conviction that the city needs to be administered by elected mayors not appointed one.

The other potential challenger in Addis Ababa is Eskinder Nega’s, formerly prominent Human Rights activist and prisoners of conscience, Baladera Council which is morphing into a political party.

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  1. Middle aged older Oromo business people pretending to be Addis Ababa’s youth, what a shame.

    Abiyot the son of Ahmed Ali insinuated without saying which entities ” there are entities that want to hold power by inciting killings” . I say there are entities that got to power by inciting killings and stayed in power by constantly inciting killings for the last 28 years that need to be amputated from power, I am insinuating Samora Yunus EPRDF PP.

    I have a suggestion to improve Prosperity Party or any other party interested , all political Parties should include in their programs the need to practice fairness towards all ethnic groups equally by allowing all ethnic groups including Dire Dawa people and Addis Ababa people to hold a referendum for their own statehood, if that is not possible abolish ethnic federalism until doing fairness is possible.

    So far Abiyot the son of Ahmed Ali , Takele Uma and alike didn’t help Addis Ababa youth as they helped the genocidal Querro, right away when Abiy got to power he arrested the Addis Ababa youth for no reason trying to intimidate them into agreeing Oromo owns Addis Ababa. I am half Oromo as Abiy is, but I don’t support this owning Addis Ababa idea by any ethnicity or nationality. Abiyot’s father Ahmed Ali had four wives and thirteen children he raised by intimidating others since he was Mengistu Hailemariam’s communism red terrorist.
    Abiyot son of Ahmed Ali was Samora Yunus’s chief radar operator during the 2005 election protest who got hundreds of women and children unsuspecting not-protest participants slaughtered in Addis Ababa , after that Abiyot son of Ahmed Ali always thought Addis Ababa youth were weak push overs he can easily coerce by intimidation so the first thing he did when he got to power was arrange for Addis Ababa youth to get sent to concentration camps. When Addis Ababa youth resisted his intimation now he devised another bribe tactic plan saying we work for the next generation bla bla bla bla by him intentionally raising cost of living so the people submit to his food for vote scheme . He even let locusts attack food farms so he can lead by starving his opponents and fertilizer debt bribes .

    How can anyone work trusting these shilimitmat Abiyor the son of Ahmed Ali who imprisoned Ermiyas Amelga for over a year without no charge same as many others who got arrested for just wanting to work for generations.

    While all these happens TPLF is not facing Justice ( even in absentia ) for what it did to Addis Ababa and the rest of Ethiopia since Abiy is TPLF’s Samora Yunus’s son himself .
    Abiy continued till this day to snatch condos and snatching job opportunities by illegally giving IDs to Oromos, imagine what more crimes he will do if he stays another five years in power , he talks about material financial business growth while religion ethnic attacks mass displacement made Ethiopia one of the top three countries that is going to have enormous civil war due to his failed regimes lack of ability to work for now while wasting people’s time hallucinating about 50 years from now. What about the Universities students of other parts of Ethiopia that are in Co stant fear for their life who are dieing not because they incited killings but because EPRDF unfair ethnic policies . In this short period they got to 4 kilo Abiy Takele Uma and alike crimes against Addis Ababa people is endless starting from killing torturing murdering imprisoning looting and so on. They also stole prime key lands with their family members names and engaged in ethnic discrimination just as TPLF did. Prosperous by definition means successful in material terms,lourishing financially. Currently birr is about to be devalued even if he flourishes the people let’s say by doubling the people’s income hiring more people, the people will continue to suffer since cost of living is about to sky rocket as electricity is about to cost three times more right after the upcoming elections because Police and Querro robbed numerous transformers across the country while he gave a blind eye.

  2. Oromia will prosper and Tigrai will prosper since both states got self-will determination to do whatever it takes even if it means doing things that are against accepted civilized society’s norms.

    Amara region is under slow but full military assault starting from when Asaminew , Ambachew and the rest were ousted from power by military assault so it is highly unlikely any mentionable positive Prosperity will come to Amara except few industries that might that pop up following the GERD dam completion.

    The rest of Ethiopia is watching carefully every move the Pente PM protestant who protests against the present reality claiming to be interested in concentrating on decades in the future. In the meantime the suicide rate among the youth in Ethiopia had reached an all-time high in 2019 surpassing the 2006 record by hundreds.

  3. Abiy said a popular phrase that is common during election times about his new party “Prosperity party works for a generation, not for an election.”

    Nice verbiago signals that PP, peeping , I should say peeing in ethiipian TV screen is intending to maintain amhara led monarchy for generations to come not only for the upcoming quinquennial period of 2020-2024. .

    This is an heinous act committed by amhara even if you put the blame on TPLF or other . Let us say they are sent by TPLF, but still executed by amhara people. Donot try to brainwash your own people. I do know people who were accusing thier fellow amhara before TPLF officials to get some political and adminstrative position in those 27 years.

    Blame your own people , stop being obsessed in TPLF or other and try to change your country on your own. You told us TPLF is dead , why can’t you stand still and work for yourself other than demonizing others .

    It is all about hate , political propaganda making use of religion and pastors for political gain. Daniel Kibret was sent to LYbia to spy on muslims or other and he is still spying on muslims and other protesnt churches and any political party which stand against the party of Aby Ahmed, his master and god on Earth.
    We have demons like him in our church who want to have the best of the both worlds and who eat with a double-faced sword.

    Fake pastors who preach for thier belly in the guise of Christ-like laity.

    Drop dead mahibrekidusan and its banda preachers like Daniel kibret, and memire debtera who practice soreceries etc ….

  4. Abba Caala

    you nailed it sir. Calling myself after prosperity or whatever it doesn’t transform me or anyone into something transcendent or whatsoever§

    “Melketifun be sim yidegfu”amhara teret. I can’t make ugly amhara wife beautiful just beacuse she is dike birke , konjit etc after all she is teh dauther of donkey and metetam amhara

    For your info, Netflix is looking for witchers, witch doctors , metetamoch gannen sabiyoch , black majic experts .

    If you want you can tell to all gojames and gondere tebtabiwoch to apply for this vacancy. However, they will not qualify for it , since they are imps and little demons whose wings are broken and couldn’t fly : no adequate knowledge on how this giant company works and with its modern film making industry and its technology

  5. These guy tried. He at least tried to implement the democracy dream everyone seems to long for. Nonetheless, it is Africa. So it remains a dream.

    • Abeshaw

      Mengistu said I tried
      Tamrat Layne said I tried
      Meles said I tried. Hailemariam said I tried.
      At least Abiy didn’t say I tried , he is saying it is something he will try in the future.How far in the future? Noone got the slightest idea. Youth got notime to play around and wait.
      He tried many things but democracy Common. He is trying to delay it not the other way around.
      Maybe in his dream and your dream he is trying the other way around.
      I think even he himself will disagree with you when you say he tried to bring democracy.

  6. For an impoverished country like ours, the right party is not a peoples democratic party, united front party, peoples party, southern…party, o party, etc, but Prosperity Party. Unless and until the nation becomes prosperous by freeing itself from the yokes of poverty the madness will continue. So the right party is the Prosperity Party…May we all join in this war.


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