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Ethiopia’s election board recognized Prosperity Party

Election Board passed decision to recognize Prosperity Party

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December 25, 2019 

Ethiopia’s election board passed decision on Wednesday to issue Prosperity Party with certificate of recognition, State-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) reported. 

According to the source, the board was discussing on Wednesday questions regarding political parties registration and has passed other decisions too. 

The decision is passed in light of political parties registration and election proclamation 1162/2011. The election board is among reformed institution after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed became Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in April 2018.  

Prosperity Party submitted application to election board earlier this month seeking for recognition.  The Board requested additional documents after receiving the application before passing decisions. 

The way parties ended their own existence, and the agreements they made to merge themselves to form Prosperity Party is in line with legislative requirements, and the board has decided to cancel their individual party status and recognize them as Prosperity Party, the board announced. 

Three members of the ruling coalition, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Party (EPRDF), and five other ally parties reached an agreement to end their existence and form Prosperity party on December 1, 2019 – days before application for recognition was submitted. 

The parties that merged to form Prosperity Party as the following :  

Afar National Democratic Party (ANDP)
Benishangul-Gumuz Democratic Party (BDP)
Oromo Democratic Party (ODP)
Amhara Democratic Party (ADP)
Southern Ethiopian Peoples’ Democratic Movement (SEPDM)
Somali Democratic Party
Gambela Peoples Democratic Movement (GPDM)
Harari National League (HNL)

The party is required, as per legislation 1162/2011, to present audit report to the Election Board in six months time. 

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is the only member of what is soon to be former coalition party, EPRDF, that opposed the merger of the parties on alleged grounds it is legally and political wrong. 

TPLF’s position is that since the member parties of EPRDF won the last national election as EPRDF, those who opted for merging the party should resign as from government.

On the other hand, TPLF itself is mobilizing political forces to allegedly “rescue the constitution and the federal system.”  These political forces, which TPLF call “Federalists,” tend to see Prosperity Party as a move to end the Federal form of government which Prosperity Party say is a “baseless accusation.” 

Under existing circumstances, it seems the case that TPLF is running on its own in Tigray region in the next Federal election for which the Election Board has already started preparation. 

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  1. It is time to sue Tamrat Layne’s EPRDF for it’s crimes against humanity now .Meles Zenawi didn’t come up with this biased statehood awarding system with few ethnic groups being awarded their own states wile many other ethnic groups were left without their own states of administration , this was done by the then PM Tamrat Layne .

    Even Abiy Ahmed’s administration currently resembles the former PM Tamrat Layne’s administration in many ways since Abiy’s tendency to allow terrorism to flourish in Ethiopia is because of Abiy’s experience at an early age living under Tamrat Layne’s reign of terror, with no real accusations of terrorism going towards the former Prime Minister Tamrat Layne from human rights defenders until now.
    In the early half of 1990s the Ethiopian soldiers who were murdering innocent people for the simplest reasons with no questions asked. Since there was no anti terrorism law then the soldiers just did what the former PM Tamrat Layne reign of terror required them to do, by terrorizing the public until 1995, all that stopped when the Amara terrorist former PM Tamrat Layne was imprisoned . It is the Amara the then PM Tamrat Layne you need to sue for terrorism not Minase Aka ABA Dulla or definitely not Getachew Assefa and Meles Zenawi . The brave tplfs Meles and Getachew Assefa are the heroes that liberated Ethiopians from Tamrat Layne’s reign of terror.
    Also the Universiry terrors we see now in Ethiopia are the direct results of the then PM Tamrat Layne’s decision to fire the then University professors from their jobs in the early 1990s while he was in power.


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