Of light and shade in Ethiopia

Stephen Scourfield, Travel Editor The West Australian (Yahoo News) It’s Sunday and people are out with their umbrellas. Through the wide, golden landscape of northern Ethiopia, terraced from countless generations of touch by human hand, they walk to the nearest town and to the nearest church. For some it might just be a big black […]

Ethiopia : Zenebu Tadesse Psychologically Tormented

Ethiopia : Zenebu Tadesse Psychologically Tormented

(Borkena) Zenebu Tadesse , Ethiopian Minister of Women, Children and Youth Affairs spoke again regarding news of her “Slamming Uganda for passing Anti-Gay law ” The news devastated her and her family is feeling the heat of social pressure. The minister claims that she was in Gonder and Bahir Dar , North Western Ethiopia, when […]

Ethiopian opposition holds rare protests

AFP, July 14,2013 Ethiopian opposition activists on Sunday demanded the release of journalists and political prisoners jailed under anti-terror legislation in demonstrations in two major towns. In rare public outpours of anger, people marched peacefully in the towns of Gondar and Dessie, chanting “freedom” and carrying pictures of jailed politicians and journalists. Government officials said […]

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