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Quality of life not defined by material success but spiritual success : Trump

borkena, viral video February 12,2017 Perhaps something that you would not expect from Donald Trump. In a speech, at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington,...

Trump and Mugabe comedy

borkena, video February 8,2017 Trump - Mugabe comedy. Source : Facebook page of Tracy Thompson

Meet Gaza’s fire barber

February 4, 2016 Are you comfortable to feel fire flames close to your hair when you get haircut? That's how a barber in Gaza,Palestine,...

Viral Video : Father and Daughter Duet From Seattle

borkena January 28,2017 Video embedded from ABC News YouTube channel ABC News says the above Father and Daughter Duet From Seattle was viewed more...

Fighter knocked out in just three seconds in MMA fight

January 9,2017 Perhaps unprecedented in the history of sport in the category. In the above mixed martial art fight video, a fighter is knocked...

French Air Force eagle demonstrates drone-hunting skill to Hollande (VIDEO)

RT January 8,2016 French Air Force eagle demonstrates drone-hunting skill to Hollande (VIDEO). Video credit : RT Cover photo : Screenshot from embedded RT video.

Must watch 1971 documentary on Fidel Castro

December 24,2016 Fidel Castro is known for many things. And one of the most outstanding quality of Fidel Castro is that he has conquered the...

Car ejects man for bad driving then parks itself perfectly

borkena December 12,2016 It happened in Russia,apparently. Car ejected bad driver and parked itself.

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