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Ethiopian PM Abiy removes two of his cabinet ministers 

Ethiopian PM _ appointment - removal
Shewit Shanka (left), Kassahun Gofe (middle) and Kejela Merdassa (right). Photo: FBC


Toronto – The Office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia on Wednesday announced three new appointments. 

Kejela Merdassa – the Minister for Culture and Sports – is removed from this position and assigned to an advisory position within the office of the Prime Minister. From past practices, appointment to the office of the Prime Minister is a sort of transitory position before total removal. Gedu Andargachew, who served as Minister for Foreign Affairs, was transferred to the office of the Prime Minister as security advisor to the Prime Minister and then he was removed from that post too. 

Kejela is not a member of the ruling Prosperity Party, He hails from one faction of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and was appointed as Minister for Culture and Sports – a position he held for about three years. 

Shewit Shanka is taking over his position as Minister. Shewit is from the ethnic Wolaita parts of Ethiopia and is a member of the House of People’s Representatives. Sources say that she has served at different levels of government including at the regional level. In the parliament,  she has been chairing the standing committee for Urban, Infrastructure, and Transport Affairs. 

The Prime Minister also removed Ethiopia’s Minister of Trade and Regional Integration, Gebremeskel Chala. He was appointed to the position in October 2021. The reason why he was removed from the position is undisclosed, as was the case with Kejela Merdassa. 

Gebremeskel is a member of the ruling party and is now assigned to the role of Deputy President of the newly formed South Ethiopia Regional State. Legally, the Federal government does not seem to have jurisdiction over appointing  officials to regional administrative positions. 

Kassahun Goffee is named as Minister for Trade and Regional Integration. He has been serving as State Minister in the same Ministry. Before that he has served in the Ministry of  Urban Development, Housing and Construction. 

In December 2023, Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed removed the State Minister for Peace, Taye Dendea, threw him to prison and appointed  Keyredin Tezera in his position. 

The Prime Minister is scheduled to appear in Parliament on Thursday. 


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