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Ethiopian PM Appoints New State Ministers for Peace

Dr. Keyredin Tezera and Cheru Geta Genene are replacing Taye Dendea and Dr. Seyoum Mesfin 

New Minister for Peace - Ethiopia
Dr. Keyredin Tezera (left) and Cherugeta Genene (right) ( Photo source : BBC Amharic )


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed  on Monday appointed two new state ministers for the Ministry of Peace. This decision came following the recent events where one minister was arrested, and another defected to the U.S. during a working visit to Rwanda last week.

According to a report by BBC Amharic Service on Wednesday, Dr. Keyredin Tezera and Cheru Geta Genene have now filled the vacant positions within the ministry.

The Ministry of Peace, theoretically one of the most powerful government ministries, experienced the departure of two state ministers within a short span of two weeks.

On December 11, Taye Dendea expressed his criticisms of the government’s decision to prohibit anti-war peaceful demonstrations in Addis Ababa through his social media platform. He went further to voice distrust in Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, accusing him of being a man who enjoys playing with the “blood of innocent people.” In response, PM Abiy Ahmed swiftly dismissed him from his position with a brief two-line letter. Subsequently, Taye Dendea, the State Minister, found himself in the custody of the Federal police within 24 hours of his dismissal. Additionally, his family was promptly evicted from government housing in the capital. As of now, Taye Dendea has not made a court appearance.

The other State Minister, Seyoum Mesfin, defected to the U.S. after departing Ethiopia for a meeting in East Africa representing the Ministry. Recently, from his social media platform based in the U.S., he issued an apology to Ethiopians for his involvement in Abiy Ahmed’s administration. He characterized Abiy Ahmed’s government as lacking essential characteristics of government qualities and accused ruling party politicians of engaging in conspiracy politics aimed at forming a new country after Ethiopia’s downfall.

BBC Amharic reported that both new state ministers received their appointment letters from the Prime Minister. Furthermore, the source mentioned that Keyredin has yet to settle into the government-provided residence and is yet to determined as to which wing of the Ministry of Peace he will oversee.

Dr. Keyredin, by profession an anthropologist and a member of parliament elected under the ruling Prosperity Party ticket in the sixth general election, previously chaired the Social Development, Culture, and Sports Affairs Standing Committee in the Ethiopian Parliament.

Cherugeta Genene, as reported by BBC Amharic, possesses an academic background in political science. He has prior experience serving in Ethiopia’s intelligence department (NISS) and the office of the Prime Minister.


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