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Conflict Erupts Between Fano and Government Forces in Adet and Merawi Towns

Fano forces _ Adet _ merawi
Fano fighters (photo : SM)


Toronto – Fresh fighting between Fano and government forces reported in Gojjam, Amhara region of Ethiopia. Adet and Merawi town, both of them are near Bahir Dar City, are the places where the latest clash took place. 

Fano Marshet, spokesperson of Gojam Fano, said the 1st Division of Fano in Gojam, Asamenew Tsige brigade, had a military operation in Adet town that lasted for several hours. Government forces, anti-riot, and Militia were the targets of the operation. 

He said the fano forces have eliminated a contingent of government forces but the numbers are unspecified. Dozens of militia and Anti-riot forces have reportedly surrendered. 

Furthermore, the spokesperson said that 40 AK 57 guns were seized, 1 Bren Machine Gun, and 1 sniper. A sinotruck that reportedly carried government forces was also seized by the Fano forces. 

Similarly, Fano forces claim to have launched an operation in Merawi town, where government soldiers carried out horrifying extrajudicial killings in late January this year. It was the Tadesse Muluneh  Brigade of the Fano Division in the area that was given the mission to enter Merawi town for a specified military mission.  

Two militia forces who are said to have a role in the facilitation of government soldiers’ military operations in the area are eliminated. The spokesperson said the Fano forces have killed about six government soldiers in the town. 

About 35 kilometers from Merawi, the government was still conducting its “peace conference” in the capital Bahir Dar. The Federal government declared an open war on Fano in the Amhara region of Ethiopia in August 2023. Human Rights Organizations have reported multiple extrajudicial killings and drone attacks on civilians in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

The government plan to disarm Fano has failed and Defense Force leaders are now preoccupied with engaging the people in the region in public discussion. Senior Defense Force leaders are leading discussions with the public, the objective of which is believed to be denying Fano forces popular support in the region. 

The Ethiopian government has not remarked on the latest fighting and  losses in Gojjam area, Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

Earlier this week, Fano forces claimed major military victory in Shoa and there have been reported fighting in Gonder and Wollo as well.


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