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Fano Forces Report Military Gains Against Gov’t Forces In Shoa 

Fano Forces _ Shoa _ Ethiopian News
Fano Forces in Shewa (Photo : screenshot from EMS)


Toronto – Fano Forces operating in the Shoa area of the Amhara region of Ethiopia say they have achieved an important military victory from several battles they fought ( including ambush ones) in different locations in Shoa. 

Abdella Endris (Dr.), spokesperson of Shoa Fano, on Monday spoke to Ethiopian Media Services (EMS) on the phone. There were serious fighting in   Merabte, Debre Berhan and Bulga areas in the past few says, according to the source. 

What the Fano spokesperson described as well-armed government commando forces on Saturday were heading to Kormash from Merabete when a Fano division operating in the area suddenly arrived and engaged them in an ambush attack. Fano says dozens were killed in the attack, many more wounded and the remaining escaped. 

Fano forces did not say exact figures about the number of casualties. 

There were similar operations in Bulga and Debre Berhan, and the government forces reportedly suffered a devastating defeat. 

According to the source, Two different commands in Shewa, and there has been an ongoing conversation to unite the commands, and jointly undertake the operations in Shoa. 

The Defense Force has not remarked about Fano’s claim of military victory in Shoa. 

Other Ethiopian local news sources report that fighting between Fano and government forces. In Gondar, where the government declared a curfew last week despite the end of a state of emergency, government forces have suffered a loss. 

The fighting in Gojjam slowed in the past few weeks but more than 80 percent of it is under Fano forces. Districts are under Fano administration.  A series of video footages released this week purportedly show Fano forces in the region training a huge forces in different parts of Gojjam. 

Meanwhile, Weeks after the end of the extended state of emergency the government seems to be slowly learning that it can not do away with Fano forces. New narratives of “Peace” are now emerging from the government side but still, there is no action in that direction to make the necessary arrangements for it. 

“Peace conferences” have been organized in different towns in the region including Bahir Dar but it does not seem to be making a difference. 

Fano forces enjoy popular support in the region. 


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