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Ethiopian soldiers cross Somalia border pursuing Al-Shabab forces 

Ethiopian Soldiers  _ Somalia border crossing
Getty Images via BBC Amharic (file)


Toronto – The Ethiopian soldiers reportedly entered Somalia without authorization from the Somalia Federal government. 

According to a BBC Amharic report published on Sunday, which cited residents from the area,  thousands of heavily armed government soldiers crossed Hiran administrative zone via Mataban District. 

Residents from Mataban town have confirmed to BBC Somali service that they saw heavily armed Ethiopian troops in the town. 

Beshir Abderahiman, head of the town administration is cited as saying that the troops were Chasing Al-Shabab Forces crossing the border without Somali government permission but have returned to Ethiopia. He estimated the number of Ethiopian troops at about 3,000.  However, others estimate the number to be between 3,000 and 4,000.

The Ethiopian troops reportedly were posted at Ferfer, one of the border towns along the Ethiopia- Somalia border, crossing the border to Somalia on Friday. 

Regarding how the Ethiopian troops returned to Ethiopia, it was said that there was a conversation between Ethiopian troops, the Hiran Region Administration, and the Somali Federal government but no further detail was given. 

BBC noted that the Ethiopian government has not remarked about the border crossing of Ethiopian soldiers.  

The Ethiopian troops were chasing Al-Shabab fighters up to 70 kilometers inside the Somali border. 

Al-Shabab has repeatedly attempted to infiltrate its fighters into Ethiopia through the Somali region of Ethiopia but they were all foiled by Ethiopian forces.  In September 2023, the Ethiopian Defense Force said that it killed more than 300 Al-Shabaab fighters inside Somalia following an attack on Ethiopian troops. In July 2022, about 63 Al-Shabab forces were killed near the Ethiopian border. 

Ethiopia still has about 10,000 troops in Somalia under the African Union Peacekeeping mission. However, the Somali Federal government asked for their withdrawal following political tension between the two countries after Ethiopia signed a memorandum of understanding with Somaliland. 


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  1. This has been found to be another lie by those who hate the old country with passion. There are tens of thousands of Ethiopian troops inside Somalia under AU sanctioned and endorsed by the UN, ATMIS command. Those soldiers are not Oromos, Amhara or Tigres only but many of them are Ethiopian Somalis. They are from Issas, Hawiyes, Issaaqs, Darrods and of many Somali clans born within the Ethiopian borders but some of these so-called experts in the affairs of the Horn of Africa try to tell us as if an Oromo Army is invading Somalia, as if an Amhara army has just invaded Somalia and it will not be too long before they add Tigres to their counts. What is new with these ‘Ethiopia’ haters, right? The latest hints show these Ethiopia haters are so unhappy that the Somali Region of Ethiopia has been so peaceful so far where you can hear a pin drop that they are working 24-7 to pitch one Somali clan against another Somali clan within Ethiopia and they are bragging about it. Someone should remind that it against the law of their residence to plan and incite bloodshed inside a foreign country which is a staunch ally of The West against terrorism.


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