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300 Al Shabaab fighters killed in Somalia, says Ethiopian Defense Force 

Ethiopia News _ Al-Shababa- Huddur
Ethiopian Troops heading to Huddur, Somalia ( Photo : Defense Force)


The Ethiopian Defense Force on Thursday said that Ethiopian peacekeepers killed over three hundred Al-Shabab Fighters and many others were wounded in Somalia. It is making the claim four days after  the militant group claimed to have killed 167 Ethiopian soldiers. 

In a news update released on social media, the Defense Force claims that Al-Shabaab Forces are forced to retreat after sustaining fatalities without collecting the dead bodies of its fighters. 

What it called a miscalculated move on the part of Al-Shabab came at a time when the Ethiopian troops were heading on a mission to relieve forces. 

The attack was meant to be in the form of an ambush but it turned out to be disastrous for the militant group, according to the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

From the news update, the Al-Shabab force, in addition to ambush attempts, planned land mines along the way, and the land mines were cleared. 

Al-Shabab has deployed more than one thousand forces for the ambush in addition to three vehicles loaded with explosives and twelve suicide bombers. 

Al-Shabab _ Somalia
Some of the recovered fire arms from Al-Shabab fighters ( Photo : Defense Force)

Ethiopian Defense Force has shared a picture of some seized firearms from Al-Shabab fighters.

The Ethiopian Peacekeeping Force has arrived at Huddur – the mission place after reversing the attack from Al-Shabab. 

Earlier this week, Al-Shabab claimed that it attacked convoys carrying Ethiopian soldiers in the Bakool region of Somalia.  The group said that it had killed 167 Ethiopian soldiers, according to a Voice of America report, last Sunday, but the numbers were not independently verified.  On the other hand, Al-Shabab lost as many as 50 fighters from that attack. 

Al-Shabab has been attempting to launch from within Ethiopia. In August 2022, more than 800 Al-Shabab fighters were killed in the Somali region of Ethiopia. 


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  1. Subject: “300 Al Shabaab fighters killed in Somalia, says Ethiopian Defense Force, September 21, 2023”

    a) And VERY SADLY, Ethiopia is now turned into professional warrior, with extreme loss of its people and others.(*)
    b) What is the gain for Ethiopia?
    c) Where would that lead to Ethiopia
    c) What will be the answer of MODERN Ethiopian Leaders to the Gallant, Wise Individuals of Glorious Past.
    d) They have no answer!!!!!
    —————–THE END ——————

    (*) And tomorrow it will be the turn of the poor Ethiopian soldiers

  2. I just read report on AP about the arrest of an Ethiopian-American employee of the US State Department on espionage charges. From the details of the charges this person was making copies of highly sensitive material and taking them home. He had made unusually numerous trips to the old country and met with Ethiopian security officials at luxury hotel there in the capital. The FBI has noticed several money deposits this man made at various banks. They also have emails that corroborated the charges. These are serious charges. These are treasonous. He may face life and even death if found guilty. This is an example of how ‘life and the pursuit of happiness’ is abused. This is like stabbing a generous person in the back who gave you the opportunities you could never have in your country of birth. If he is found guilty and given life or death sentence I will shade no tears for him.

    I/we would appreciate it very much if the dear editors of this esteemed website shed some more lights on this news.


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