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Over 800 Al-Shabab fighters including 24 top leaders killed : gov’t 

Ethiopian government authorities did not say that Al-Shabab is fully cleared from Ethiopia. Security and people in the Somali region coordinated during operation to foil the terrorist groups’ plan against Ethiopia

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Some of the captured Al-Shabab forces from the operation launched this week by the Ethiopian Defense Force and the Somali region special forces. (Photo : FBC)


The Ethiopian government on Friday said that over 800 Al-Shabab fighters including 24 top leaders in the latest operation in the South Eastern part of the country. 

Major General Tesfaye Ayalew and Commissioner Mohammed Ahmed, Somali region special forces commander, are cited as saying that Al-Shabab forces have been attempting an incursion into Ethiopia since July 21 this year. 

“It is foiled with a coordinated measures from the public and the security forces,” they said, as reported by the sate media. 

The Ethiopian authorities are also claimed that they have seized individual and groups assault firearms. 

Captured group and individual combat firearms (Photo credit : FBC)

As many as 100 fighters are said have been captured during the operation. 

Mustafa Mohammed, president of the Somali region of Ethiopia, on Friday Twitted : 

“With >800 killed and ~100 captured, AlShabab’s misadventure into 🇪🇹 ended with a rout of the terrorists. The task of ensuring it never dares to get close to the border is underway.”


Earlier in the week, Ethiopia said it has killed top Al-Shabab leader , Fu’ad Mohamed (also known as Sanqole).

For the first time in the history of Al-Shabab, the group managed to enter Ethiopia to execute terrorist attack. Other sources reported earlier that it entered the country up to 150 kilometers. 

The plan was, as Ethiopian government authorities claim, to cross to the Oromo region of Ethiopia to coordinate with the militant wing of radical ethnic Oromo nationalist group which the Ethiopian government call as “shane” – a group that is responsible for the massacre of thousands of ethnic Amhara civilians in the Wollega region. 

The latest Al-Shabab attempt against Ethiopia is being portrayed as, by Ethiopian Authorities, a mission organized by the enemies of Ethiopia after failures in Western Ethiopia. 

From domestic forces, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), a designated terrorist group that seems to continue to getting diplomatic and political support from western powers is linked to the latest attack in South Eastern part of Ethiopia. 

For the Ethiopian authorities, the Somali based terrorist group Al-Shabab miscalculated that Ethiopia was weakened. 


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  1. Right on Dear Mustafe! Right on brother!!! This demonic group has finally met its masters in the field! Although this Somali and Oromo expert here among us does not believe this story. He is encouraging Al-Shabaab to come back again and again. In fact he is 100% sure that this group of savages will come back again and again until it takes over the entire adjacent ‘Oromo highlands’. Who said ‘Somali Woyne’ will never happen and it is impossible? This expert among us knows everything more than anyone and is ‘planning’ that ‘Greater’ thing of Af-Wayne.


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