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Ethiopian Forces reportedly killed three key Al-Shabab leaders

At least 150 Al-Shabab forces are killed in the latest attempt according to state media 

Fu’ad Mohamed (also known as Sanqole), one of the top Al-Shabab leaders who were killed by Ethiopian Forces. US had announced a $5 million bounty for information leading to his capture or death (Photo : EBC)


Ethiopian forces reportedly killed three key Al-Shabab leaders in the latest operation in the South Eastern Part of the country bordering Somalia region. 

A joint Ethiopian Defense Force and Somali region special forces operation in Aato area, where Al-Shabab opened attack on Friday, after its fighters were wiped out in the in two villages earlier in the week, eliminated Fu’ad Mohamed (also known as Sanqole), who is said to be chief of coordination of Al-Shabab, AbdulAziz Abu Musa (Al-Shabaab spokesman), and Ubeda Nur Isse who is said to be head of Al-Shabaab forces along the Ethiopian border. 

BBC Amharic on Friday said a Somali region government official anonymously said that Al- Shabaab forces on Friday morning opened fire in Aato and there was an exchange of fire. 

Fu’ad Mohamed has a bounty on his head for the United States has announced a  $5 million  reward for information leading to his capture or his death. Fuad is said to have Swedish citizenship. 

Major General Tesfaye Ayalew, Head of deployment in the Ethiopian Defense Force and coordinator of Security Command Post, has confirmed to Ethiopian State media, Ethiopian News Agency, that the three Al-Shabab leaders are killed near the Ethiopian border. 

Apart from the killings of the leaders, the terrorist group lost hundreds of its forces as the Ethiopian Defense Force and Somali region special forces responded to its attack in two Somalia towns bordering Ethiopia – Aato and Yode.  Vehicles that the group used were destroyed, and fire arms sized, according to EBC. 

It is unclear if there were casualties from the Ethiopian forces. 

Last week, the terrorist forces were encircled and wiped out, and those who survived surrendered to the Ethiopian forces, according Ethiopian State media report. 

Al-Shabab attempted an operation on Friday for a third time in less than a week. More than 200 of its forces were wiped out in two different locations in the same part of Ethiopia, according to the Ethiopian government. 

Mustafa Mohammed, president of Somali regional State of Ethiopia, on Thursday warned that Al-Shabab might attempt to launch a new attack despite devastating defeat in the same week. 

Major General Tesfaye Ayalew is saying the same thing. He said the group might attempt another attack in the months to come. 

Al-Shabab has not yet remarked about the death of its three leaders. 


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  2. This is very dangerous and demonic group. It a terrorist group from hell that no one in his right mind be a muslims, christian or civilized or liberal in anywhere world want to hear or see . They are hell-bent and murderous enterprise. They are power thirsty extremists who want to control, rule, kill and terrorize at will anyone in their sight. They like to destroy every sign of civilization, human progress ,science , you name it. Note that the said evil terror group have heen operating on Somalia over 17 years killing and maiming innocents people, children and elderly without remorse. Their leaders are mostly foreigners and few bloodthirsty, somali locals thugs . They are also financed and bankrolled by hideous international actors and foreigner entities to stabilize the whole region and their governments. On the other hand, foot soldiers are brainwashed and poorly trained/educated children and teenagers abducted, sold,or solicited from streets or from their destitute families in the war and drought ravaged Somalia. The big question is why they are trying to cross the border now? They were mainly operating in Somalia and Kenya for long time. but rhey arely used to venturred into Ethiopian side. Also, many Ogden clan warlotds and politiciation such as Mohamed Madobe of Jubaland and Abdi Ilay, the former Somali president and notorious thug, and along with support of Woyane,s security apparatus, had hidden and long political interest and complcated ties with them. So now why and who is behind these recent operations . No doubt. they getting signals and strategic support from Shane group , but who else is behind the mobilization of this scale? This is large , bold military and political move that the group had attempted for while. There must be something extraordinary and dangerous afoot.

  3. Three in the bag and if the demons try again that could be the beginning of the real end of this satanic group. Right on Brother Mustafe, right on!!!!

  4. The Leader of the Somali Regional Government is said to be entertaining the possibility of creating a buffer zone along the borderline. Buffer zone may not be a bad idea if it has the full backing of the Somalia government and the inhabitants of the area. But I can see a fierce opposition already brewing to that idea. One of those who fiercely oppose this plan is allegedly the only expert native both Eastern Ethiopia and Somalia. He even called the leader of the Somali region, H.E. Mustafe’s idea ‘infentile’. I really don’t know what ‘infentile’ means. This person is also an expert on the ‘Oromo Highlands’. He is 100% sure that Al-Shabaab will be coming back again and again until it takes over the entire Eastern Oromia highlands. We, all of us, should believe what this expert is telling us. In fact I am gonna urge my Itu clan to leave their current domiciles and start running for their lives. This expert must have insider information from Al-Shabaab itself about its upcoming battle plan. I would like to see him come to this esteemed website and share his expertise with all of us. He just lectured my Oromos on what to do and what US must do as a policy in the Horn of Africa. He implies that USA should stop sending critical financial aid to ‘Ethiopia’. I think this man should replace Mustafe pronto and every Oromo must go to his palace to be educated first class. I will be the first one to be a Somali Abbo redux! My question is how come Abiy did not summon this peerless Somali and Oromo expert when he came here in 2019 and take him along? He should have been offered the leadership of both the Somali and Oromia regions. That was a big mistake and missed opportunity. This is a man who was sought out by US congressman just a few weeks after he arrived here as a refugee and working at a convenient store 41 years ago. Who was that congressman? I don’t know. He may be dead and gone. But the expert is not at liberty to tell us who that ‘big official’ was because of privacy. This unmatched expert must have been as such even before he left the Horn of Africa as a refugee. He was born, raised and educated in Jigjige. He must have been tortured by Mengistu. There is no better person to run the entire Somali region from Kismayu to Awash and from Baidoa to Moyale. Hey Abiy; how come you did not know about this number one expert and offered him the entire region? You erred on that one by a lot but it is not too late. Fire Mustafe and Shimelis and get this guy to run the entire region pronto! From what he told us Oromos recently, there is enough justification to fire the entire Committee on Foreign Relations and Foreign Affairs of both houses in the US Congress and replace them with this numero uno foreign policy expert on the Horn of Africa. According to this top expert these two committees did not know diddly squat about the Horn of Africa and have been messing it up since the dawn of history. Also this expert is ordering you to stop giving any financial aid to Ethiopia.

  5. The other new lesson I learned from this number one expert was that Mussolini and fascist cabals were laying the ground to liberate my Oromos and give them a Republic of Oromia just before their plan was sabotaged by Emperor Haile and the British in 1941. The fascist of those days were at the cusp of declaring a new Republic of Oromia. Having an Oromo heritage himself I don’t understand why Emperor Haile stood on the way. I can’t fathom why sabotaged the almost done deal. The expert did not tell us though who Mussolini picked as the leader/leaders of that republic. My Oromia could have been a republic in 1941. In fact it was already there right after the black shirts marched into Addis/Finfine in 1936. Them rascals British and Haile! They sabotaged the establishment of The Republic of Oromia under fascist Mussolini’s auspices and constitution. Who said those fascists and Nazis were bad people when they were people liberators. I have been lied to and so badly bamboozled folks and I’m mad now!!!


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