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Kiremu, Ethiopia : At least seven reportedly killed in an attack 

Four members of the same family members are among the victims in kiremu

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Toronto – At least seven are reportedly killed in the latest string of attack in Kiramu district of East Wollega, Oromia region of Ethiopia.

Residents and district authorities have confirmed the incident, according to a report by VOA Amharic. 

The militant Oromo Nationalist operating in the area ( it calls itself Oromo Liberation Army) and Fano forces are behind the attack, residents allege.  

However, the district administration is cited as saying that it is following up the issue. 

The incident happened last Monday in two kebeles of Kiremu District, according to a VOA Amharic reporter.

Mengo Gonfa, a resident of the Kebele that experienced the attack, reportedly told VOA Amharic that his spouse and three of his children were killed in the attack. 

Speaking in his mother tongue Oromiffa, Mano Gonfa said “claiming that they struggle for Oromo people, they killed my wife and three of my children around 9: 00 P.M.” 

One of the three children was only a baby girl toddler – still breastfeeding.  “They snatched her from her mother’s arm and killed her,” he said. Two of his son are Abdi Mengo and Becheo Meno were also killed. 

“My daughter is Feyise, and she is in grade five. I have not wronged them. Is this really how the Oromo will be liberated?,” Mr. Mengo said. 

Billi Mengo, his other daughter, was wounded and in Nekemte Hospital getting treatment 

The victims were buried together. 

Mengo also said he was displaced from his place for about eight months in connection with “Fano” activity and was returned recently.  “These forces do not represent Oromo or Amhara,” he remarked. 

Alshukusay Kebele administrator, Desalegne Fufa, confirmed the attack and linked it to the Oromo Liberation Army  in the area. “It is not by external forces, it is by those who look like us,” he added. 

Perpetrators of the attack are not yet captured. While noting serious security problems in the area, Desalegne said lack of adequate government security forces in the area has worsened the security situation.

In the same district, Chefe Gudina Kebele, three civilians were killed on June 6. Residents who confirmed the story declined to disclose their identity for security reasons. 

Over the past six years, there have been recurring attacks by armed groups – mainly by the group Oromo Liberation Front (OLA) –  in the district targeting ethnic Amhara civilians including those engaged in small-scale farming activities. 


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  1. Still, some folks call this ‘liberation’, I guess. You kill some one and tell his surviving loved ones he/she is liberated. Bigots, bigots, bigots and connivers!!! You good-for-nothing direct products of demonic commies of the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. You will burn in the eternal furnace.

  2. The African Union claims to have a program silencing the guns 2020 .. 2020 is over and beautiful African people are being killed and dying in Ethiopia while the earn moneys and enjoy themselves in Addis abeba . African Union is definitely useless because look at alshabaab in Somalia , Sunna in Mozambique, RSF in Sudan, Oromo Liberation Army has been out there for all there and now their own son is in charge irrespective of his defects , they must stop killing civilians and go and talk to him . Stop this killing demon .. and whoever is financing them should know that .. killing civilians will Never make ethiopia safe will never bring peace . Stop the war stop the power . What’s wrong with Africans we kill our own …in the name of liberation !stop the killing stop the war these civilians are victims . If you are good enough and real liberation whatever ??? walk into Addis and go to the royal palace ..these women and children , unarmed boys and men alone. I challenge the killers because when I fought against a white minority government we never killed civilians. If you call yourselves a liberation army respect human life and keep the commandments of God . Anybody killing civilians suffers from mental slavery is mentally disturbed and deserves to die in prison .


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