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Over 50 civilians killed in Kiramu district in Wollega 

Thousands fear genocide could happen against ethnic Amhara if government fails to act decisively

Google map of East Wollega and the region


Over 50 civilians were massacred in Kiramu district, East Wollega , in the latest string of massacres against ethnic Amharas. Apart from the killings, properties of the rural communities are looted and burned. 

DW Amharic report cited residents from the affected areas as saying “OLF Shane and the region’s special forces are behind the attack. 

Ethnic Oromo residents on the other hand blame what they call “FANO.” As reported by borkena earlier this week, what ethnic Oromo residents in the area refer to as “FANO” are rather government forces deployed to the area to reverse militant activity by the military wing of OLF, as it is widely believed, Shane. 

Residents in the area also explained, as highlighted in the DW Amharic report, the reference “FANO” is given to locals who are organized to defend themselves with recognition from government authorities. 

They also fear the conflict could escalate in a way that affects people-to-people relations unless the Ethiopian government deploys forces to the Kiramu area of East Wollega. 

Furthermore, ethnic Amhara residents in Kiramu have reportedly abandoned their homes to find themselves in the jungle to escape what they called Shane and Oromo region special forces joint attack. The elderly, women and children are among the victims. 

Over 60,000 people are reportedly displaced to Haro locality. 

The Ethiopian government has not yet released a statement regarding the latest security incidents that claimed hundreds of lives in the region. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has failed time and again to end ethnic-based violence in the Oromo region mostly targeting ethnic Amhara. Thousands of civilians have been killed since he became prime minister in April 2018.  And the security situation in the region has been deteriorating. 


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  1. Genocide against Amhara has intensified and Abiy Ahmed and his government is not a bit concerned or bothered let alone disturbed. Actually Abiy Ahmed is minimizing the death toll and suffering of Amharas in Oromia, Wollega as an exaggerated false news.

    This is all point to the Government’s involvement in the Genocide. Those coward lazy thieves who never like to work, Amhara blood suckers and mass murderers will never have felt so emboldened and encouraged to go on with a daily killing spree if it was not for the support and encouragements they receive from Oromo Parties and the government.

    Imprisoning Zemene Kassie while hugging and rewarding well known OLF Terrorist murderer with big house and cars speaks loud and clear for Abiy Ahmed, Shimeles Abdissa mission. Oromia wig wearing savage Terrorist and criminals are freely killing innocent Amhara while patriotic Fannos who saved lives and sacrificed for their lives for their country are imprisoned by the brutal government of Ethiopia.

    It is clear as crystal that the ethic apartheid Abiy Ahmed government is the enemy of Amhara just like TPLF. There are more than needed documentation and evidences for the Genocide on Amharas. Amharas must work from around the world 24/7 and must held massive Protests and Push the case to quicky bring Genocide Perpetrators and to stand trial.


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