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Drone attack targeting a school in Yifat Qewot district claimed three civilian lives 

Those killed in the drone attack are peasants. Another women is wounded 

Ethiopian News _ Amhara _ Drone attack
There have been several drone attacks in North Shoa in the past nine months . (Image : google map)


Toronto – The Ethiopian government forces have reportedly killed civilians in the latest drone attack conducted in Shoa, Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

In a report aired on Monday, Ethiopian Media Services (EMS) spoke to sources from the area. According to eyewitnesses, the drone strike took place on Sunday in Qewot district of Yifat, Yellen Kebelle. The target was Gulo school. It was said to be a one-time strike this time; it happened around 1:30 p.m. local time. 

Sintayehu Mohammed Bihonegne, PR of Fano forces operating in the area, spoke to EMS. He confirmed that civilians were killed. Three peasants who were near the area were reportedly killed as the school is said to be located on the roadside and a teacher (a female) who works at the school was severely wounded. It was unspecified if her condition is life-threatening. The source indicated that teachers live within the school premises. 

He added that the drone attack was a demonstration that the government was unable to defeat Fano forces in an infantry battle. 

Asked if there were Fano forces near the school and why the school was targeted, Sintayehu said “There was an aerial survey first and they dropped it on speculative grounds that Fano forces are residing in the school.” 

The Ethiopian government has not remarked on the alleged drone strike at the time of this writing. 

There have been recurring drone strikes in Shoe and other parts of the Amhara region of Ethiopia over the past nine months. Human Rights Organizations, in the country and abroad, have been reporting about targeted drone attacks against civilians. In February 2022, at least 30 civilians were killed in drone attacks in Mojana district, North Shoa. The civilians were killed as they were returning from Church baptism. 

The Amhara region has been under a state of emergency for the past nine months.  According to the Ethio News report, aired on Monday, the Abiy Ahmed Administration is planning to complete the war in the Amhara region within the next twenty days.  


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  1. complete the war in Amhara within the next 20 days???? this guy and his oromo entourage are becoming funnier all the time meanwhile don’t forget that using drones against your own people consttutes crime against humanity

  2. Mengistu used high altitude bombers and fighter jets to rain bombs on his fellow citizens right up to the last minute when he cut and ran like a rabbit. Now the new deadly choice of raining bombs are drones. I hope the folks at The Hague are aware of this. Nothing justifies bombing of civilians. This could amount to works of bigots. Such cruel acts will hinder the effort of those who work day and night to bring peace and stability to that country including the US Special Envoy H.E. Ambassador Michael Hammer. Now these bigots among us here in the Diaspora will use this tragic event to foment hate among communities. These demons thrive on it. They use such sad moments to line their pockets.


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