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TPLF announces that it will control areas in “West Tigray” by end of June

Credible signs of impending war in North Ethiopia as TPLF mobilizes armed forces with the aim to control Welkait

TPLF _ Welkait _ Tigray _Ethiopian news
Tadesse Worede, Deputy President of Tigray Interim Administration (photo : PD)


Toronto – The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) on Wednesday made a new announcement saying that areas in what it calls “West Tigray” and “South” Tigray areas will be under the Tigray administration. 

Tadesse Worede, Commander of the “Tigray Defense Force” and now deputy president of the Tigray Interim administration, said there has been a meeting with the Ethiopian Defense Force and  Federal government authorities for the past two days regarding the “implementation of the Pretoria Agreement.” He said an agreement has been reached to clear current administrations in “South Tigray” by the end of May and administrations in “West Tigray” by the end of June.

The Ethiopian state media did not report that the Federal Government and Defense Force authorities were having a meeting with the TPLF leaders. Ethiopia’s National Security Council last week released a statement warning the TPLF “to disarm its forces.”  However, it did not disclose a timeline and a mechanism to enforce it if the TPLF is not complying with the Federal government order. The government order, as stated in the statement from the National Security Council, rather seems to be a tactical public relations stunt while it does not have the will to disarm TPLF.  Seyoum Teshome, pro-government blogger and activist, recently unveiled that the Federal government armed the TPLF forces after the Pretoria Agreement with the hope that they will fight against Eritrea. 

Tadesse Worede’s statement came at a time when credible local news sources are reporting that the TPLF has already mobilized a huge armed force consisting of five armies in the direction of Welkait and Tegede. The TPLF is also said to have thousands of armed forces posted within the borders of Sudan. 

Ethiopian Media Services (EMS) on Wednesday asked Chalachew Abay, Public Relation of Wolkait Tegede Lesane Gifuane), his remark about Tadesse Worede’s announcement. He insinuated that the move mean war. “People in the area have been preparing themselves for renewed war by TPLF,” he said. He also remarked that the war is going to define Ethiopia as different forces (external ones) will be involved in it. 

At this writing, the Federal government has not remarked whether it has reached an agreement with the TPLF, as Tadesse Worede claimed, regarding TPLF’s takeover of the area after the removal of current structures. 

Two weeks ago, the TPLF forces controlled at least four districts in the Raya Alamata triggering the displacement of at least 50,000 residents, as confirmed by OHCA, the UN body.


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  1. So basically this means a unilateral action taken by the TPLF while Abiy’s regime remains toothless and sitting duck? It couldn’t have happened to better guy.

  2. Let’s hope that it will not lead to another totally senseless and stupid destructive conflict. Being either under anyone should not be a reason to be up in arms as long as the administration is headed by:
    1) Ethiopians
    2) Every resident is treated fair and well regardless of ethnicity.

    We have to remember that there are tens of thousands of Ethiopians displaced from their domiciles after the last war of idiots erupted in that part of the country and have been living in abject poverty is horrible living conditions in places they never been before. Not a single young man or woman should lose his/her Allah blessed life on this with out merit issue.
    Some of you here among us have been fanning the flame of another stupid bloodshed from your comfy homes. You must be ashamed of yourselves. Who do you think a Tigrayan is? A Superpower wannabe Egyptian? Who do you think an Amharan is? A land grabbing bigot from Abruzzo? What I caution this official, Tadesse, is to be persuasive and not to treat citizens from other ethnic groups as outsiders. Those contested areas should ruled by diverse group of people. Confrontation should give way to conciliatory attitude. Grow up!!!!

  3. The GOD forsaken TPLF, who are driven by evil demons hallucinate and dreams of war, day and night, and terrorizing the people of Tigary, rather than finding solutions to continuous hunger and poverty. TPLF will never achieve anything substantive by virtue of war.

  4. TPLF should wake up from it’s nightmare and accept the truth. TPLF lies and drama no longer amusing. TPLF must start to accept the true Tigray region and centuries old province instead of the false and fabrication of 27 brutal years. Wishing and reality are two different things. The choice is to either live peacefully or accept reality that is impossible to keep lying and grabbing Amhara land and people by force or false narratives.

  5. Get this: it won’t happen. Only a fool will to tell you their secret plan ahead of time. Abiy is one fool; tplf is the other.


    a). Wow, Wow, Wow, ————————————————

    b). HOW DID THAT HAPPEN ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    c). Where were the Ethiopian heroes when their ancient free and independent
    country was going into historical gutter?!?!?!?!?

    d). OR — HEAVEN FORGIVES —- Ethiopians did it deliberately !?!?!?!?!? !?!?!?

    e). It is crazy thought — bordering madness in the ENTIRE country.

    f). It is UNIQUE phenomenon that has never been seen on the GLOBE.

    g). It will remain as a crazy example, on the entire Globe, for ever and ever, and
    ever, and ever ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

    h). The Ultimate Question: IS THIS THE END OF ETHIOPIA. FOR EVER AND EVER,
    AND EVER——?!?!?!?!

    ———– THE END !?!!?!?!?!?


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