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Ethiopia’s Intelligence and National Security Council says TPLF must disarm 

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Abiy Ahmed leading the Ethiopia’s National Security Council meeting (Photo : PD)


Toronto – Ethiopia’s Intelligence and National Security Council on Wednesday released a lengthy statement lighting the state of the works of National Dialogue,  Transitional Justice Issue, and TPLF’s disarmament. 

On the issue of TPLF’s disarmament, the statement highlighted the principle of the monopoly of violence (legal use of force)  and said that TPLF’s militia should disarm as indicated in the Pretoria Cessation of Hostility Agreement.  “Identity question and administrative boundary question will be addressed by the directive put forward.  The government was linked to the latest TPLF’s control of the Alamata area. TPLF leaders openly said that the areas were controlled according to agreement with the Federal government. 

As to Transnational Justice, the government made claims that it is the only way to address recent problems and that a body is formed based on international norms and practices. It is to be noted that there are allegations of new rights abuse and deliberate  extrajudicial killings by government forces even after the formation of the body to handle transnational justice issues. The latest case of extrajudicial killing was in Debre Markos where this week  a female medical doctor was shot dead  on alleged grounds of support for Fano forces. 

Regarding the work of the National Dialogue, it said it is an opportunity that must be seized to resolve “Ethiopia’s fractures,” as it calls it, and that it should not be wasted. 

The statement also highlighted security challenges that the government has been facing in different parts of the country. 

It said the work that the government has been doing to reverse what it called armed groups and “terrorists” has been decisive “but not enough.”  It noted the inadequacy of government machinery to end it without public participation and support.  

It accused the armed groups, as it has in the past, of engaging in “robbery and criminal activity” under the cover of politically tainted cover. 

The armed group seems to accuse the public of supporting armed groups. “Supporting a group that is engaged in robbery and kidnapping on grounds of different reasons must end,”  it said. It called on the public to “cooperate with law enforcement bodies and help “enforce the rule of law.”  Political and administrative structures should not wait for and rely on , it said, other bodies and discharge their law enforcement responsibility.

The statement also highlighted challenges in connection with the circulation of information on social media. It called on the public to help reverse the war. 

Abiy Ahmed’s administration, through Ethiopia’s Intelligence and National Security Council, made claims that it is building “a new political culture” to ensure “lasting peace and prosperity.”   

It said, “As anyone knows, we are becoming pioneers in building an inclusive and democratic system.” Then again it says “government action only is not enough to make that happen” and that the public has to support the government.   

The statement closes by making an assertion that appears to have the intention to score a political point against Fano forces.  Without naming names, it accused them of having an intention to do things in the old way, “to topple the government by force and monopolize power.” 

The Fano forces say they are in an armed struggle to reverse existential threats against ethnic Amhara. As opposed to claims by the government of forming an “inclusive democratic system,” tens of thousands of ethnic Amharas were massacred in the Oromia region of Ethiopia and travelers from the Amhara region were – on many occasions – banned from entering the capital. 

On the issue of robbery and kidnapping, it is widely observed in the Oromia region. It started with the robbery of about 300 banking branches in different parts of the Oromia region. Kidnapping has become a recurring experience. Earlier this week alone, a bus full of passengers from the Amhara region was kidnapped near Gohatsion, and radical ethnic Oromo Nationalist Forces ( Oromo Liberation Army) are said to be behind it. 

So far, there is no credible report linking Fano forces to bank robbery or ransom kidnapping. However, Fanos accuses the government of organizing a thug under the name of Fano and that they are fighting them just like fighting Abiy Ahmed’s government forces. 


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  1. After five years of lawlessness, destruction. mayhem and stream of lies who would believe what Abiy’s regime has to say? Nothing apparently. It has already blew up its credibilty long ago and betrayed the goowill of the ethiopian masses. It is simply the boy who cries a wolf too many times.

  2. How did this happen? How in the dickens 50,000 or more civilians are forced to flee their homes when we are being told that the rebel group in Amhara region is full control of the countryside? Were we also told that TPLF was rendered impotent that could not even be able to defend itself? Such raid that caused the displacement of more than 50,000 civilians could not be carried with just a handful of AK47 carrying rag tags. Now this leads to think that there can be another assault on the ENDF that may force some of them to seek refuge in Eritrea but I don’t think our Eritrean brothers and sisters will have the initiative to whet their appetite to do 2020 Part Deux in coming to the aid of the ENDF. They will treat the wounded but not anything else like they did in 2020. Nobody thanked them for that anyway.
    So where was this rebel group in Amhara region when this took place? What’s up doc?

  3. “So where was this rebel group in Amhara region when this took place? What’s up doc?”

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Amhara pp, Amhara riot police were retained and paid extra money , up to a reported 16,000 birr per month to dismantle Fano. And you expect Fano to come and rescue them?????

    🙂 :). 🙂

    አይ 7ኛ ጨ!!!!! A boy- king whose own shenanigans and intrigue got so twisted that he is choking himself to death with his own suicidal Machiavellian pp death rope. Tighten the noose tin pot dictator, tighten the noose.


    Tom Paris:
    Ah! I give up!

    After only two minutes? Tuvok, how do you do it?

    I wait until his own illogic overwhelms him.


    The boy-king, the walking stick of contradictions is choking to death with his own lies, and overwhelmed with his own illogic.

    Here is a summary:

    Pretoria agreement: Mr. PM make sure TPLF disarms.

    Abiy: if I disarm TPLF, Amhara can attack me and steal my throne.

    Pretoria agreement: has TPLF disarmed.

    Abiy :Julia go to Amhara and disarm Fano in 7 days

    Julla: Fano you will disarm and also take off your pants.

    Fano: ha ha ha ha ha, we are a few hundred brave fighters with just old AK 47s

    Julla: dismantle Amhara regional force now,Fano I am gonna come and get you.

    Fano: ok general,we will be waiting for you.

    ****** Fano grows from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands*****

    Abiy: Fano is getting the newer black Klashes….. only my oromumma thugs are supposed to carry that. eeeeeee

    Julla: Fano where did you get all these weapons???

    Fano: from you sir 🙂 thank you Astateke Julla, also here are your mafia gang with their pants and underwears off

    Abiy: Julia eeeeee pp is disintegrating, need new Amhara regional force and Riot Police, pay them 16000 per month

    Julla: Here are your new weapons Amhara regional force and Riot Police, go get Fano

    Abiy: Julla, everything under control? Is Fano gone.

    Julla: no sir the new recruits are joining Fano

    Fano: hello 7ኛ ጨ, we want to shake your hand in Addis soon, here meet the new Tewdros Nahu Senaye

    Abiy: TPLFgo and attack Raya and Alamata, try to split Fano and divert attention

    Fano: 7ኛ ጨ, thanks for removing Amhara pp and riot police from Raya and Alamata via TPLF

    Abiy: oh no, now I have a militarized Amhara with hundreds of thousands Fano armed to the teeth and my eternal enemy TPLF armed to the teeth

    Abiy:TPLF must disarm, respect the Pretoria Agreement

    አይ 7ኛ ጨ 🙂 🙂 🙂


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