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Police reportedly arrested siblings of  deceased Ethiopian soccer player 

The late Aleligne Azene (Photo : Supersport)


Toronto – Arba Minch City Police have reportedly arrested the siblings of Alelign Azene, Ethiopia’s star soccer player who allegedly took his own life in the city a few days ago. 

Tikvah Ethiopia, a telegram  channel in Ethiopia with millions of followers, on Friday said it learnt that the player’s brother and sister are in police custody as police are investigating his death – which is apparently deemed suspicious. 

“Following his sudden and horrifying death, bodies who have close relationship with him are detained and being investigated,” Tikvah cited police as saying. 

Inspector Abraham Muhe, police commander of Abra Minch city, reportedly said “there were suspicious issues when the player’s death was heard. Police are undertaking activities to investigate them.” 

In addition to people close to the players, police have revealed that it is investigating phone conversations he had before he died. 

Apparently, there was information circulating on social media that his mother and his wife are arrested but police said for now it is only his sister and brother that are arrested. 

Arba Minch police has also said, according to the source, that it will disclose the outcome of the investigation as soon as it is completed. 

Alelegn Azene was playing for Bahir Dar Kenema and was also a member of Ethiopian National Team.  Those who follow the Ethiopian Premier League describe him as a talented midfielder. 

It is only weeks since he got married in the traditions of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church receiving holy communion. Initially his death was described as a “suicide.”  


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