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National Rehabilitation Commissioner resigns for “personal reasons” 

Teshome Toga _ Ethiopian News
Teshome Toga (photo : file)


Teshome Toga has reportedly resigned as National Rehabilitation Commissioner effective March 3, 2024.  Reason for his resignation is described as “personal” but no further information was provided if the personal reason is related to health or something else. 

Local Ethiopian news sources said the Federal government has accepted his resignation. Temesgen Tilahun is appointed for the position as of March 21. 

Atintkut Mezegebu, the Commission’s Deputy Commissioner who is working in the Logistic and Administration Division of the Commission is also replaced by Tesfalem Yihedego.  

There seems to be skepticism that Teshome Toga’s resignation is rather imposed decision from above

In addition to changes to the deputy commissioner, a new board under the leadership of Gedion Timoteos, the Minister for Justice, is assigned – according to the sources. 

Teshome Toga has served as speaker of the House of Representatives between 2005 and 2010  under the now defunct Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). He has also served as Ethiopian Ambassador in several countries including in China. 

Since the end of the war between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and Abiy Ahmed’s government, he has been working to reintegrate TPLF fighters but it seems no significant result.  In October 2023, there was a report that the commission was working to reintegrate about 200,000 TPLF combatants to the society. But the Tigray regional administration recently unveiled that there are still as many as 270,000 armed combatants. 

Abiy Ahmed’s government and the Tigray region administration had an evaluative meeting last month to assess the progress of the implementation of the Pretoria Agreement  which ended the war in November 2022. White it was indicated at the time an agreement was reached, how Abiy Ahmed graded the works of the National Rehabilitation Commission in relation to the post war effort in Tigray was unspecified. 


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